Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bitcoin the currency of the CIA and hacker scare banks

BERLIN - Even the call of the Wikileaks currencies is critical for a project that can destabilize markets and the global economy and overthrow governments, but his fans will see a decisive step towards the independence of consumers and ordinary citizens of the world by banks and authorities. It 's a new digital currency, created by groups of hackers and is already being used to buy mobile phones on online auctions or DVD, or gambling on the net.

This new virtual currency called Bitcoin and bitcoins the plural. It affects everyone, is alarming, the CIA, other intelligence agencies and probably the major central banks and gives hope for millions and millions of Web users. Spiegel Online spoke in an extensive article by my colleague Christian Stoecker.

THE VIDEO: HERE'S HOW IT WORKS bitcoins are money hackers. The idea came from the circles of the open source movement and is based on ancient techniques (adapted electronics and the web) encryption and encryption key. Bitcoin I have an absolute advantage over other currencies, ensure its supporters: it is safe from any attempt to counterfeit because once you change in euro bitcoin - buying them in their network against hackers and groups that sell it as a bank - or them uses for online transactions, each bitcoin brings its codes, its electronic memory.

So is the promise of the movement of hacker money, it is not possible for any counterfeiter to create bitcoins false. The new virtual currency already spread, its circulation is growing. Organizations such as the Free Software Foundation or the Electronic Frontier Foundation already accepted, trading platforms also provide exchange rates for dollars, euro, sterling or other currencies real big.

"Piles of money from taking a computer," joked the web edition of the German weekly. The platform has made Mt GOX last month bitcoin transactions from the dollar worth about six million dollars. The 'miners' (miners), that foreign exchange operators and players of virtual currency, often have become rich from nothing: a single one of them, which of course is not to be mentioned by name, has made a fortune of 2.4 million current dollars.

The value of bitcoin in the intentions of its inventors, hackers will have to become stable, a guarantee as a strong real currency. But when you have created a bitcoin was worth between 20 and 30 cents on the dollar, while on Friday the odds were online on the eight dollars per bitcoin.

"In the future it may be a stable currency," he told Spiegel Online Professor Gerhard Roesl, an expert on currency matters Institute of Regensburg. The creators of bitcoin insist: the security of electronic codes makes bitcoin much less risky than traditional forgery against currencies.

Objections from critics in bitcoin anonymous electronic transactions can be used by everyone around the world, but also for illegal transactions, international terrorism to organized crime. A defect that bitcoin shares with the real cash money. In mid-June Gavin Andresen, who seems to be one of the inventors of bitcoin, it should explain everything about the virtual currency of hackers, a guest at a conference of the American CIA, "even to dispel any myth or conspiracy theory."

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