Tuesday, May 31, 2011

European patent: Appeal of Italy to the Court of Justice of the EU

Italy attacked, Tuesday, May 31, the decision of 25 member states of the European Union to create a European patent, without his consent or that of Spain, by filing an action in Luxembourg, said the ministry Foreign in a statement. Faced with opposition from Rome and Madrid to the terms of translating the patent, the other 25 member states decided to go through "enhanced cooperation" procedure of last resort introduced by the Treaty of Lisbon which a group of countries go forward on an issue where agreement is impossible to 27.

"With this action, Italy intends to act to defend the values and objectives of the Union against the attempt to define a hierarchy of values and powers in violation of the principles of equal dignity and respect for linguistic diversity and cultural Member States, "the ministry said. PATENT EXTENDED According to Rome, the choice of going through "enhanced cooperation" to start the patent "is contrary to the spirit of the single market" and will "harm" to Italian companies.

With the terms of this project on 13 April by the European Commission, European patent applications may be filed in any language, but with a full translation in English, French or German and a summary in two of these three languages that were not selected for the full translation. This patent will protect a single invention in all countries that recognize and cut approximately 80% the cost of protecting inventions in Europe.

Today, steps are needed in every country, significant cost and often insurmountable for small businesses.

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