Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The United Kingdom is developing a force of cyber

The United Kingdom is working to develop its military capabilities in cyber attack, not only defensively but also offensively. For the first time, the Department of Defense has acknowledged the existence of specialized units in the creation and use of cyber weapons. For the British army, the Internet is part of the battlefield of the future "and should be considered like any other theater.

"Cyberspace is a new battlefield, but the rules and norms, logic and standards that apply in other areas have their equivalent in cyberspace," said Nick Harvey, the Defence Minister, The Guardian. The nature of these offensive capabilities and cases in which they could be used, however, remain secret.

PARADIGM SHIFT Juqu'à now, almost all countries claimed to have only defensive capabilities online, but during May, the United States and China have suggested a hint that they had prepared some offensive weapons . In presenting his plan to fight against cybercrime, U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton announced that the U.S.

reserved the right to use their military power to respond to a cyberattack. A week ago, Beijing has in turn acknowledged the existence of a unit specializing in cyber attacks, dubbed "Cyber Blue Team". Asked about the possible involvement of this unit, presented as defensive, attacks, a spokesman for the Ministry of Defence said that network security was "an international issue."

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