Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wikileaks is auctioning a lunch with its founder

Wikileaks, which specializes in the publication of secret documents, has auctioned a lunch with the founder Julian Assange to raise funds for the activities of its website. Eight seats are at stake since this Monday for lunch in "one of the best restaurants in London," the U.S. platform for eBay auctions.

Yesterday morning, the main auction was 700 euros (1,000 dollars), eBay promised that all sales would end at Wikileaks. The luncheon will be held from 12:00 to 3:00 p.m. Saturday, July 2 and will be followed by a public discussion between Julian Assange and the Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek on the impact of Wikileaks.

Tunisia blocks pornographic websites

The Tunisian Internet Agency (ATI) announced Tuesday that it would enforce a court decision ordering it to block access to pornographic sites pending a trial on the merits. ATI said it would respect the decision of a judge of the Court of Appeal, which refused to accept a suspension of the measures ordered by the Court of First Instance in Tunis.

"Technical teams from ATI today begin a plan to implement the filtering equipment," the agency said adding that this could be done gradually, as its filtering equipment were not updated since the revolution of Tunisia and the flight of former President Zine El-Ali AbidineBen, January 14.

Firefox: a virus comes from a fake Windows Update

In the last few hours, a new virus is spreading through a fake Windows Update page, users are most at risk appear to be those that use the Firefox browser, which is presented with a Windows Update page that detects fake updates.

Google presents the search for voice and image on your desktop

AMD APU Llano available!

AMD yesterday has made available the new APU Llano, for notebook platforms that integrate medium-high internally CPU and GPU. The processor has dual or quad core architecture, while the GPU is derived from the Radeon HD 6000 with support for DirectX 11.

Microsoft will introduce the new Xbox at E3 2012?

After a few days after the close of E3 2011 is already beginning to talk about what could be presented next year for this anticipated event and one of the favorite topics is the new console from Microsoft, which some sources see it ready for E3 2012 .

Mobile phones: the race for 4G is officially open

The start of the call for applications for frequency allocation mobile fourth generation (4G) in France has been given, Wednesday, June 15, with the publication in the Official Journal (OJ) orders which set conditions. "The 4G represents a new stage of the digital revolution and will help to multiply by 50 the speed of mobile Internet", stressed in a statement the ministers of economy and industry, Christine Lagarde and Eric Besson.

SMEs on the Internet, "a market to evangelize"

The Internet is a source of growth for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Today, nearly three-quarters of Internet users buying online. Yet few small businesses create a Web site. Companies that have engaged in often derive financial gain, and invest in online commerce. The gap is widening as companies with more "traditional," the barometer 2011 "e-Commerce for Small Business", conducted for The Post and Priceminiser by Opinion and published Wednesday, June 15 According to this study, the number of SMEs active on the Internet remains stable between 2010 and 2011: 35% of companies with fewer than 50 employees have a site.

The Pandora music service goes public

The online music service Pandora, which should go public in the United States on Wednesday, noted on Tuesday, the price of its shares over 40%. Originally designed a range of 7 to $ 9 per share, the service has risen as the price to 16 dollars. The new price values the company at more than $ 2.5 billion (1.7 billion euros).

The IPO should enable it to raise more than $ 230 million (160 million) by selling 14.7 million shares. This development raises a number of questions, so that the service has not achieved profitability. In 2010, despite a turnover of 95 million and claimed 90 million users, the company posted 1.2 million euros in losses.

Google provides "instant results" in Chrome

The search engine Google has unveiled Tuesday night, a new feature to its Chrome browser, which displays Web pages almost instantly when searching. Called "instant pages", this feature is based on the load in anticipation of the first search results. Starting to download the front pages of results for a query, the browser may display in the second pages that are most likely those that search the Internet.