Monday, May 23, 2011

New data on the tablet from Amazon

As summer gets closer and more rumors about Amazon's new tablet can be found through the web. To catch up with some of the highlights of the tablet you we will detail some of the data that have been released in recent days. Starting at the screen we have learned that Amazon has finally ruled out the use of new hybrid screens.

While the company was interested would be impossible to launch the product before 2012. Therefore we can almost confirm the presence of IPS LCD screens as we have seen in other devices 7 and 10 inches. As for the rest of the technology is still hearing the name for Tegra processors. According to the latest projections by the new tablets come with Tegra Amazon 2 for 7-inch model with Tegra 3 (four cores) for 10-inch version.

The new Dell XPS and priceless 15z

According to a paper presented at the U.S. business newspaper Wall Street Journal the new Dell XPS 15z be submitted to the U.S. public tomorrow and arrive in stores at a cost of U $ S 999. The new Dell XPS 15z is a very powerful laptop with a stylish design that we really reminds me of the line MacBook Pro from Apple.

In addition to taste the new design is really compact and once it hits the market will become the portable "world's thinnest." As for the new Dell XPS technology 15z processors will be powered by Intel Core line i5 and i7. It also has an LED display 15-inch FullHD come equipped with USB 3.0 ports.

"4 64 GB iPhone?

More and more rumors circulating on the web regarding the future version of iPhone, Apple's smartphone. In the last hours we have learned through the U.S. telephone operator Verizon iPhone 4 will come in a version with capacity of 64 GB. The marketing department at Verizon you could have played a trick on Steve Jobs and his family after he published information on the future version of iPhone.

e-G8: the "civilized Internet" Internet "growth factor"

"You can not imagine what it represented as a force of conviction to convince eight heads of state and government to discuss the issue of the Internet. There were those who were passionate about the Internet but asked, 'if we talk, they will think we want to regulate them ". When details, April 27, his project "G8 of the Internet" or "e-G8," Nicolas Sarkozy does not think so right.

The summit, held in Paris, Tuesday 24 and Wednesday, May 25, provoked an outcry. Among the thousand guests are expected including the CEOs of the largest Web companies: Facebook, Google, Capgemini, or the ministers Christine Lagarde, Eric Besson, Frédéric Mitterrand, and Nicolas Sarkozy himself.

DVD and CD-R production falls by 50%

Digitimes is reporting on the fall production of optical media, DVD and CD-R, the last year that touches the 50% less than in previous years, except for Blu-Ray. The problem seems to be mostly due to the increasing lack of optical readers and writers on laptop, which has prompted people to turn to other formats such as USB dongles and external hard drives to store their data.

The confirmation of this news comes directly from the home of Taiwan production of optical formats, and where production last year has seen a decline of 50%. Although larger companies such as CMC Magnetics and Ritek are moving on the production of Blu-Ray, the data are not as rosy and very different from those obtained in the past, as many small and medium-sized businesses prefer to quit rather than switch to the production the new format.

New low-end Intel CPU with Sandy Bridge architecture

Intel has added to list seven new low-end processors, four and three Cofre family Pentium family, all based on Sandy Bridge architecture. The Pentium processors have the technical characteristics of the CPU Core i3, with the exception of the lack of HyperThreading technology and with prices ranging from $ 64 up to $ 86 and maximum TDP of 65 watts, with the exception represented by 35 Watt Pentium G620T model.

Malware attacks Mac OS X

The Mac OS X operating system, begins to be affected by malware developers, in fact almost a month, the system from Apple is the victim of an attack type scareware, which essentially makes you believe to be a security risk and download is a fake antivirus called MACDefender or Mac Security. The fake anti-virus is running through a javascript code found in certain web pages, which in turn download a zip file and if the browser is set to extract the files, the infection begins and malicious program requires name and password for administration installed.

Google abandons the newspaper digitalizacin

Google has decided to abandon its plan to digitize the archive of newspapers. This is a project launched in 2008 and who were involved in some two thousand newspapers. In a statement to SearchEngineLand, the company explained that the consultation remains easily accessible archive of digitized headers but will not expand its content.

Google News Archive The program planned to make accessible online the content of newspapers and periodicals missing or newspapers in circulation. In your database, for example, publications such as London Advertiser, 1895. Google announces it will no longer accept or files to scan microfilm.

Three dead in an explosion at the factory Foxconn

Three days after an explosion at a Foxconn plant in Chengdu (China), the death of a third worker was confirmed, and the operator of the plant where the accident occurred has announced the closure of some shops for security checks. The workshop where the explosion occurred was used for polishing shells iPad tablet from Apple.

Foxconn, the largest subcontractor of electronics manufacturers, including working for Apple, Sony or Hewlett-Packard. On Friday, an explosion attributed to dust chemical had killed two people and injured sixteen others. A third victim died from his injuries over the weekend, and nine people remain hospitalized.

In the company of social networking revolution and 'the moment of Weconomy

LONDON - Facebook, Skype, Youtube: at work no time for distraction, but rather tools that are revolutionizing the positive relationships between colleagues and between companies, encouraging collaboration and transparency. E 'shown by a survey that will be presented May 24 in Milan, at the Weconomy Day, organized by Logotel and the Center of the Tertiary Education Management (CFMT).

According to the survey, carried out by CFMT, and involved a sample of over 1,000 services firms and trade, 20% of Italian companies in the service sector uses the social network platforms. The company is most widely used in Skype (48%), followed by Linkedin (36.8%), Facebook (29.8%), YouTube (26.4%), and finally by the wiki platforms (19%) and blogs (17.3%).

Sony expects 2.3 billion euros of losses

The Japanese electronics giant Sony announced on Monday that he now thought to have ended the financial year to April 2010 to March 2011 on a heavy net loss, revenue shortfalls and losses due to the earthquake in Japan 's adding a special charge for taxes. Sony claims to have suffered a net loss of 260 billion yen (2.3 billion euros) over the past year, whereas previously it expected a profit of 70 billion yen and a net deficit had complained of 40.8 billion a year earlier.

The Post became virtual mobile operator

Post opened to the public on Monday, its mobile phone service for individuals. Using the SFR network, leased, Post joins other mobile virtual operators (MVNOs), these companies do not have a license but who purchase wholesale bandwidth and airtime for other operators to offer their services. And to do this, Vodafone and the Post have created a joint venture owned 51% by La Poste.

The group hopes to gain from 1.5 to 2,000,000 subscribers in four years, building on its strong network throughout the country. To differentiate itself from other operators, the Post Office offers special rates slightly lower than the incumbents. Especially, the Post played on one of the weaknesses of traditional offerings, the renewal of mobile and fixed.

Mark Zuckerberg wants Facebook to open under 13

The creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, said in an interview on CNN that locks prohibiting legal age of 13 to register on social networks should be removed, for educational purposes. "Because of these limitations, the learning process [the use of social networks for education] has not started," said he.

"If they were lifted, we could begin to learn what works. We would take every precaution to ensure that more young people are protected," said the CEO of Facebook. United States, the law prohibits the registration of personal data on children under 13 years. For children over 13 years, the consent of parents or legal guardian is required.

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