Monday, May 23, 2011

New data on the tablet from Amazon

As summer gets closer and more rumors about Amazon's new tablet can be found through the web. To catch up with some of the highlights of the tablet you we will detail some of the data that have been released in recent days. Starting at the screen we have learned that Amazon has finally ruled out the use of new hybrid screens.

While the company was interested would be impossible to launch the product before 2012. Therefore we can almost confirm the presence of IPS LCD screens as we have seen in other devices 7 and 10 inches. As for the rest of the technology is still hearing the name for Tegra processors. According to the latest projections by the new tablets come with Tegra Amazon 2 for 7-inch model with Tegra 3 (four cores) for 10-inch version.

Another interesting fact that has been released in recent days gives us an idea of both tablet will cost to hit the market this summer. According to the rumo 7-inch version will cost less than $ 350, while 10-inch version will be priced below $ 450, prices certainly make them excellent choices for gadgets, especially if they have the new range of nVidia's Tegra processors.

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