Monday, May 23, 2011

DVD and CD-R production falls by 50%

Digitimes is reporting on the fall production of optical media, DVD and CD-R, the last year that touches the 50% less than in previous years, except for Blu-Ray. The problem seems to be mostly due to the increasing lack of optical readers and writers on laptop, which has prompted people to turn to other formats such as USB dongles and external hard drives to store their data.

The confirmation of this news comes directly from the home of Taiwan production of optical formats, and where production last year has seen a decline of 50%. Although larger companies such as CMC Magnetics and Ritek are moving on the production of Blu-Ray, the data are not as rosy and very different from those obtained in the past, as many small and medium-sized businesses prefer to quit rather than switch to the production the new format.

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