Thursday, April 14, 2011

Liberty Tab, tablet, Packard Bell, coming in June

Among laptops, monitors, desktop computers and hard drives, Packard Bell has been presented in Madrid their tablet with Android. Coming in June in the only version with wifi connection. A month later will do it with a 3G module. The device will come in three colors: red, white or black, but according to Luca Rossi, CEO of the company, they will be gradually adding more colors.

The tablet, weighing a little high, 1.3 kilos, kept the classic 10-inch format with a resolution of 1280 by 800 pixels. Unlike most of its competitors, the front camera, which is used for video conferencing, is 2 megapixels. The back for photos and videos in high definition is 5. As usual, it connects via wifi and Bluetooth to share files.

USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt for the "people"

Today we have an interesting news on the hardware level by Intel on its processors next year. The company has introduced new standards for its upcoming processors, including I can confirm that all will have a native USB 3.0. The lack of the third generation of USB in the range of Intel Core is something every geek community has been criticized in recent time.

During the presentation of Intel in Europe that took place here in our country we have been able to talk with officials from the company about the matter. When inquiring as to why it had taken so we replied that it was because at the time the USB 3.0 was still "something green" and preferred to wait and see its evolution, in my opinion this is what we call "not to project market trend, "which in my opinion clearly indicated the mass of this technology.

Dell Streak came to Europe

So friends, the new tablet of the American manufacturer Dell has stepped once and for all the old continent. This is the new Dell Streak, but unfortunately is not yet in Spain. Today we have learned that the new Dell Streak 7 is available in several European countries including France, Britain and Germany.

The new Dell Streak 7 has multi-touch screen 7-inch LCD, GPS function, integrated webcam 1.3 MP, 16 GB of internal storage and Wi-Fi connectivity. As for the Android operating system uses 2.2 with some improvements to Flash support own 10.1. This leaves a bit to be desired is the cost, we buy our Dell Streak 7 for approximately 379 euros, a price similar to Apple products, we'll see at what cost comes to Spain and thus evaluate with more certainty.

Android has "control"

A while now the number of new devices with Android, the Google mobile operating system, is overwhelming. Day by day they are announced new tablets, smartphones, other devices, but once primeva see Android on a remote control. This is the new Andi-One, a universal remote that will allow us to interact with virtually any kind of device.

It is surprising that computer technology is applied to a system as good as Android 2.1 for something as simple as a universal control, a function that could be found even in the old PDAs. The new control design has a peculiar but pleasant enough and even though it looks like it's not a mobile phone.

Amazon negotiate with the record label to extend its service in the cloud

Amazon launched its U.S. service shelter of files in the Internet cloud and the record companies threatened to take to court for not paying license. The store has sent a letter to them in reaffirming that has the right to create this service for free licenses to the music industry. Furthermore, he argues that since he is active your digital store sales of MP3 files in the store have increased.

Spotify cuts its free music service

Spotify, the free music download service (via streaming) reduces the time to listen to Internet users free access to the same mode. As announced in his blog, starting next month, Internet users registered before November 1 last year will hear the same theme as five times. To enjoy more views of the same subject to be paid to the payment service.

Who were enrolled in the free service after November last year will have six-month grace period until they apply the new regime. On the other hand, the time to listen free monthly passes to 20 hours to 10. Spotify has opened negotiations with U.S. record companies to enter this country.

The Kinect SDK for Windows is almost ready

Microsoft a few months ago he mentioned something about the development of a Kinect SDK for Windows, which at present is in beta and will be released in the spring of p, but only for developers, while a commercial version will come later. Both developers passionate about these new technologies, will delight in creating software capable of interaggire with users through voice and body movements, in fact with the tools available you can use the four microphones Kinect, equipped with technology for the removal of noise and echo, data on the depth of field and tracking of movements "skeletal tracking.

Microsoft patch day of April, 17 updates download

As usual monthly Microsoft releases new updates for their products, which are close to the various bugs discovered more or less critical to system security and this time many are well over 17 months ago. Noteworthy in particular are the patch: In addition to these updates have been released the new version of the Malicious Software Removal Tool a few weeks and there is also Internet Explorer 9, which proposes to upgrade to those who use Explorer 8 on Windows Vista Windows 7.

New smartphone: HTC's sensational boots from Nokia's Anna

Bad timing: Mobile phone maker Nokia will shine with two "Firsts". The new smartphones E6 and X7 are all able to have it all. But the glory was short-lived - for a few hours later showed competitor HTC a cell phone that outdoes the Nokia's loose. The manager had Nokia's probably differently. With two new smartphones, the E6 and the X7, the group wanted to show that the Symbian OS in Nokia phones is in spite of competition from Apple and Google very much alive.

Confirming the compatibility of AMD processors with Socket AM3 Bulldozer

Over the past several months have followed news about the compatibility of the new AMD Socket AM3 Bulldozer with the old, as we have seen in previous news houses prodruttrici motherboards have confirmed compatibility with the update of the bios of some products and AMD recently confirmed that the new processor will be compatible.

The Bulldozer CPU was not compatible because of an extra pin that made it unusable on mechanically Socket AM3, AMD to address the problem at least temporarily eliminated the pin for the first series of CPUs in order to extend the compatibility, this pin very probably will serve to abvilitare new features like the Core 2 Turbo and additional features to save energy and certainly will be reinstated with the next generation.

No Internet filtering law without prior, according to the Advocate General of the European Court of Justice

A national court can not compel an ISP to filter all Internet communications to block those violating copyright, says Advocate-General of the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg, Thursday, April 14. Such a blocking measure is only admissible if it is based "on a legal basis for national, accessible, clear and predictable," the Court stated in its press release (.

Pdf). The opinion of Advocate General, Pedro Cruz Villalon, is not binding, but it is followed by eight in ten by the Luxembourg judges when they make their decision. This time they are entered by the Court of Appeal of Brussels, who asked an opinion before deciding a dispute between the Belgian supplier of Internet access, Scarlet, the Belgian society of copyright management, the Sabam.

Spotify severely limits its free music service

Spotify, a broadcasting services streamed music the most popular, announced on Thursday significant limitations in its free version, which no longer allow users a limited number of plays. New users of the free version of the program will not listen to them more than one song five times, and their total playing time per month will be capped at ten beyond the first six months of registration.

Until now, plays on Spotify were not limited, and the playing time per month was twofold. The free formula is funded by advertising, while offering with subscription offers unlimited plays and without advertising. DIFFICULTIES OF A MODEL-time earned by artists and music publishers as a solution to the crisis of the disc and a cure for illegal downloading, streaming sites are increasingly the subject of criticism from artists who believe that revenues generated by these sites are very low.

ÜberMedia plans to launch a competitor to Twitter

ÜberMedia, the creator of several customers for the micro-Twitter posts, could launch its own competitor to Twitter, says CNN. The company, which publishes such Echofon or Twidroyd, is also under discussion with Tweetdeck, another Twitter client publishers, plans to buy it. But if the software ÜberMedia are used to send more than one tweet out of ten, according to figures from the firm Sysomos, the company's relationship with Twitter have been strained in recent months.

France Telecom fined EUR 10 million in Numericable

The operator France Telecom has been fined 10 million euros in the French cable operator Numericable for anti-competitive behavior on the Internet access market in 2001-2002, according to information published by La Tribune, Thursday 14 April. This behavior was sanctioned by the European Commission in 2003 had condemned France Telecom was fined 10.35 million euros, without indemnify operators (Free, Neuf Cegetel, Alice, Club Internet ...) victims of these practices, said the newspaper.

Apple wants to limit targeted advertising on Safari

The next version of Safari, Apple's browser, will have a system to prevent against targeted advertising ("do not track"), reports the Wall Street Journal, Thursday, April 14. With such a device, the user indicates that the site visit he does not want to be tracked. But such a system is not binding: the sites are free to follow or reject the will of the user who does not want to be tracked by online advertisers.

A large network of zombie computers dismantled

U.S. authorities announced Wednesday they had neutralized a network of zombie computers, or botnet, infected with the virus Coreflood ("Flood of the heart") that would have allowed its creators to capture passwords and banking information. Thirteen people, including several in Russia, continued in this investigation.

According to court documents released Wednesday, 2.34 million computers in Tech News Buzz were infected with the virus Coreflood in February 2010, including 1.85 million in the United States. Five servers and 29 Internet domain names have been seized in this operation, described by the Department of Justice as "the most comprehensive ever conducted by U.S.