Sunday, March 13, 2011

Super Computer: China bckt to own high-end chips

The fastest supercomputer in the world is in China - and is powered by chips of American manufacturers. Chinese researchers are working longer hours to make their own high-speed processors. For so far, processors from Intel and nVidia are used. That should change by the end of the year.

After the storm came the calm. Analysis and weekly specials

We lined up the last hours of the week with a summary of our analysis and weekly specials. A quiet week in general. Can see that you have spent some of the most important fairs of the year, as CES or CeBIT MWC, and we expect few big presentations over the next months. However, in Tech Buzz News have not stopped - you know our schedule 24 / 7 - and then find the most important of these last seven days.

IPad specifications 2, we discover a flying GPU

In making the iPad the official sale of 2 (U.S.) have not been slow in coming, as usual, the first thorough analysis of your specifications. Since the removal to expose all their inner detail, speed tests to corroborate the blessings of the chip A5. Of course, comparisons with the rest of the market has marked tablets interesting figures.

So we met with 512 MB RAM, 200 MHz bus and A5 at 1 GHz (although as discussed in Applesfera, dynamically adjusts the speed to contain consumption), but which seems to make a big difference is the graphics chipset. PowerVR GPU with a dual-core SG543MP2 flies. Enough to yield a notable difference with other tablets, such as the Motorola Xoom.

Here comes Internet Explorer 9 to make war on Google

Users of Windows 7 and Windows Vista can now download the new version of Internet Explorer software for browsing the Internet from Microsoft. IE9 comes on the market two years after Explorer 8 with the specific objective of recovering the lost ground compared with competing products, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox in the first place.

While it is always the most used browser in the world, loses years Explorer users. According to data from NetApplications is now used by 56.7 per cent of the sailors: two years ago was 70 percent, almost three years ago to 80. And since the browser, thanks to the spread of so-called Web applications, is the key to access to software and services of the future, it is important to those who compete with software and services is focusing most of its business (like Google).

How online gaming will colonize Real Tech News Buzz and save the planet

Hackers cause losses to Microsoft for $ 1.2 million

The computing giant Microsoft U.S. has announced last weekend that it has taken with the fraudulent website offering secret codes for Xbox Live. A group of hackers after achieving decoding algorithm that generates random codes for purchases of Microsoft Points and other benefits of Xbox Live gaming portal began to market these services through a website.

Among the maneuvers that page are allowed to carry the load of points and acquisition of Gold Membership. According to Bill Gates's company legal department has already taken action on the matter and illegally acquired products have been invalidated; Microsoft also evaluates impose a punishment for those users who have made use of this site.

PlayStation Suite will be available for smartphones with Tegra 2

The announcement made by nVidia's official website confirmed that only a few hours ago was a mere rumor, Sony made its PlayStation Suite compatible with smartphones and other gadgets that use Android and the new dual-core integrated nVidia. The news will be happy to several of those who prefer to invest our money in a tablet or a fully functional smartphone instead of a handheld like 3DS or NGP future.