Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sony compensate players

On the website of PlayStation Network (PSN), Sony announced that they are evaluating "the way to show gratitude" for the "remarkable patience" of the members of the platform is still blocked after detecting an intrusion. Sony does not give more details, but since the registration is free platform is possible that the reward is financial.

The company says it is working to restore service, some of whose functions could rebound next week. Sony says it will restore it so that no loss of situations where the players were before the crash and historical downloads, lists of friends or trophies won. The scope of data leakage of 77 million members of the platform remains the main concern.

Intel is working to optimize Thunderbolt

Thunderbolt has only recently reached the mainstream, made little models of laptops or computers have included this technology in 2011, but it is certainly the next step in relaying information. Thunderbolt technology gives us a jump as surprising as it was the USB at the time and is emerging as the next standard in the computer industry.

This is something that Intel is very clear and it is working to squeeze the most potential of this technology. As reported by the famous maker of chipsets Thunderbolt could achieve a transfer rate of 50 Gbps in a range of 100 meters in the next 4 years and has asserted Jeff Demain a technology convention in New York.

The secret of GPS, so it helps the police data used to place the camera

The apology begins with self-defense: "We always ask permission from our customers before collecting data through their browsers." The Dutch TomTom, which for years has dominated the field of GPS devices, thus seeks to mitigate its incredible lightness. Last in a series committed by the giants of technology related to the use unorthodox and sensitive information on consumer habits.

The facts: the newspaper Algemeen Dagblad found that the Dutch police is using the data provided by TomTom to the government to place the camera there, where speed limits are frequently violated. And this, of course, has angered motorists. Why is information that they themselves have provided so unknowingly using the TomTom Navigator and then strives to give customers a real-time picture of traffic conditions.

iPad survive falls from 150 meters Extreme Sleeve

Extreme Sleeve is the latest in accessories iPad G-Form, this is a protective case specially made to withstand extreme shock, a drop of 150 meters, for example. It's hard to believe that a iPad survive a free fall over 150 feet high, and the G-Form not know why they have shared this video where we can appreciate the good health enjoyed by the Apple tablet after such a wallop.

The Extreme Form G-Sleeve is made from a special material called PORON XRD which is specially designed to withstand impacts. Despite its great strength the material is very flexible and lightweight. The most interesting of this new case for iPad is that you can use with other types of tablets, not just Apple, and it is not very expensive, the can buy in Spain next month for $ 59.95, considering the cost iPad certainly a worthwhile investment.

Friday, April 29, 2011

New MSI GX780 Steelseries

MSI has introduced a new member of its range of laptops for gaming, this is the new MSI GX780 Steelseries which as its name implies, brings a most special keyboard. All gamers, like me, know the famous Steelseries keyboards, a manufacturer that specializes in the design and manufacture of keyboard optimized for gaming.

This time MSI has reached an agreement with SteelSeries to include one of their keyboards in their latest portable gamer. The new MSI GX780 Steelseries Steelseries keyboard has the most particular. In addition to the classic design of the key functional buttons aside so as not to interrupt our game by accident, this keyboard has a system as embodied retroluminación of colorful.

Acer Aspire G3100 Predator renewing the range design

Acer has introduced its new desktop computer line dedicated exclusively to the Aspire Predator gaming. This is the new Acer Aspire G3100 Predator not only surprises us with its design, so does your technology. The next installment in the Acer line gamers surprising in several respects. Starting with the new design gives us a cabinet G3100 far less aggressive than on previous occasions, more linear and much less llativo.

PlayStation, sold two million online credit card

The news, if confirmed, is likely to provoke further anger against the worldwide network of users of the PlayStation and Sony: the onslaught of players online computer network to the console would not only lead to the removal of personal data of users, but also approximately 2 million 200 thousand credit card numbers used to pay the connection to the network itself and for the purchase of film and video.

3D printing accessible to everyone?

In his novel The Diamond Age, the science fiction author Neal Stephenson describes a future where every street corner, machinery synthesize the objects of your choice, thanks to advanced nanotechnology. The technology is not yet complete, but 3D printing, or creating objects to the request from a computer file, saw the past two years accelerated development.

Very expensive and reserved for a clientele of professionals, the three-dimensional printing is gradually democratized. In theory, this technology can create objects on demand is simple: it is based on the operating system of conventional printers with a trolley that makes round trips to submit a drawing point by point on a map paper.

Movistar offers an exclusive low-cost tablet

The wait to get the first tablets Android 3.0, an operating system for these devices, and the high price of the iPad, an open space like the tablet from the May 1 and Movistar offer Chinese manufacturer ZTE. The tablet Light Pro, seven inches and 400 grams of weight, wants to reach a wider audience with a very low price.

From 119 to 0 euros depending on the type of contract data connection you choose, with a commitment to stay for 18 months. The device works with the same software as the most advanced phones, Android 2.2. It has front and rear camera. The first videoconference, the second, three megapixels, can shoot movies and take pictures.

The burgeoning market of Internet censorship

Xavier de la Porte, producer of the show place of the Web on France Culture, produces a weekly reading an article in the news as part of his show. Reading week is titled "The booming business of Internet censorship" is "the growing market of Internet censorship". This is a summary of a report written by Jillani York and a colleague named Helmi Noman.

Jillian York working at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at the Law School of HarvardGlobal Voices and sign the summary for Al-Jazeera. In almost all the Middle East and North Africa, Internet censorship is the norm, begins Jillian York. The level of censorship varies: in Morocco, only a handful of sites concerning Western Sahara, as well as Google Earth and Livejournal are considered subversive enough to be censored, while other countries - Bahrain, Yemen, Syria - cheerfully censor both the content sites and social policies.

Copyright: YouTube won a legal victory in France

The League of Producers of Phonograms France (SPPF) has been dismissed, Thursday, April 28, the complaint against YouTube by the Tribunal de Grande Instance (TGI) of Paris. Founded in 1986, the SPPF, which represents the interests of independent producers, was attacked in May 2009, the platform of videos from Google for infringement of copyright.

The agency alleges that YouTube does not have prevented the delivery of certain online videos infringing copyright. The SPPF asking 11 million euros in compensation. In May 2008, the Civil Society of Producers of Phonograms had sent a letter to YouTube requesting that 233 videos as part of his repertoire are withdrawn.

Hacking at Sony: the CNIL will launch an investigation

The National Commission on Informatics and Liberties (CNIL) will launch "in coming days" an investigation into the theft of data from the PlayStation Network Japanese group Sony said (chargeable item) president Alex Türk in the daily Les Echos , Friday, April 29. "We will bring us closer to Sony for analyzing different elements: how many people are affected in France, What is the nature of the data? What was the exact security flaw? Data were they sufficiently encrypted? What information were sent to victims? ", he told the business newspaper.

Microsoft profit jumps 31%, but passes behind the Apple

The U.S. computer group Microsoft has published Thursday, April 28, net income up 31% to 5.23 billion dollars (3.52 billion euros) for the third quarter of fiscal offset. The turnover shown up 10% to 16.43 billion (11.07 billion euros). Despite these findings, Microsoft has now overtaken by Apple, not only in terms of turnover - which was already the case for six months - but also in terms of net profit for the first time in twenty years, several commentators .

Samsung profit down 30% in first quarter

The South Korean giant Samsung Electronics posted a net profit of 2,780 billion won (1.75 billion euros) in the first quarter 2011, down 30% over one year, he said, Friday, April 29. Samsung Electronics, world's largest producer of memory chips and flat panel televisions, attributed the decline in net income to lower prices for memory chips and lower profitability crystal displays (LCD) and positions television.

"Ransomware", the malware alarm scam websites by phone

ROME - At any moment could find yourself held hostage by pirates, on your computer unexpectedly blocked. And it can be unlocked only by calling a toll number, salty. Serving malware - lets you know the National Crime Computer Centre for the Protection of Critical Infrastructures of Postal and Communications Police Service - which is called "ransomware", a Trojan known to many network users (only those who use their computers Windows operating system) to hit them since 2006.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The ML Designo Asus reach Spain

Asus has officially announced that next May will go on sale here in Spain of its new range of high-definition LED displays Designo Asus ML, which certainly have some freak prices. ML designate the new Asus has an excellent technology and enviable image quality. Its tasteful design called considerable attention, especially the lower base with two "rings" adjustable to adjust the position.

The new range come in sizes ML Designo 21.5 inches, 23 inches and 24 inches. As for its specifications have a cup 50.000.000:1 contrast, viewing angle of 178 degrees and full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, the 24 "model has an IPS panel, while the other two with a VA type. The most interesting of these beauties is its price, as reported by the 23-inch Asus arrive in Spain for 253 euros, while the 24 will do it for 268 euros.

TomTom makes money on user information

As many know TomTom is one of the leading manufacturers of GPS technology and the world famous with Garmin a top seller in the world, at least so far. The Dutch newspaper AD published in the past few hours article unveiled as TomTom sold positional data recorded by its users to police in the Netherlands.

We all know that GPS sales are in free fall, more and more smart phones or other gadgets that offer this system and obviously are displacing traditional GPS. TomTom obviously saw an opportunity to make easy money, though no doubt it could cost you many customers. According to a press release in which the manufacturer apologizes to its user, clearly because they have been caught, TomTom says that the information will be used by the Dutch government to strategically place the radar speed.

Hacker steals data of 77 users online milionidi Sony

Names, birth dates, addresses, zip codes, passwords, e-mail, bill payment history and perhaps credit card numbers. These are the personal details of 77 million customers of the services of the Sony Playstation Network Qriocity and ended up in the hands of a hacker. 'S why the company has suspended all activities since 19 April, making it known, however, only yesterday the extent of the theft.

ZTE and Movistar launch a tablet for all audiences

The long wait for the first tablets Android 3.0, the version known as Honeycomb and the one that Google recommended as suitable for tablets, is alleviating tablets like the one just presented Movistar and Chinese manufacturer ZTE. The tablet Light Pro, seven inches, has everything you would expect from iPad competitors who want to reach a wider audience without having to go beyond the border of 300 euros.

Panasonic fir 40,000 workers in two years

The giant Japanese consumer electronics, Panasonic, lay off 40,000 workers in two years in an attempt to improve their competitiveness against Asian rivals, according to Reuters. The company employs 380,000 people and invest over a billion dollars in restructuring the company. Analysts believe that this is a great movement to modernize.

The information has not been confirmed by the company. The Japanese electronics industry, a pioneer in this sector, is facing increasing competition from Korean manufacturers (like Samsung or LG) and Chinese. Panasonic is trying to redirect the focus of its production by paying more attention to energy saving with, for example, rechargeable batteries, robotics, solar panels ...

AMD Catalyst 4.11 Drivers

AMD has released a new version of Catalyst driver, came to release 11.4, compatible with video cards from the Radeon HD 2000. The improvements this time are mainly concentrated on the AMD VISION Engine Control Center and ATI's Catalyst Control Center. As far as performance improvements are most obvious series cards Radeon HD 6800 and 6900, both with single card in CrossFire.

Here you will notice the issue: Highlights of the AMD Catalyst ™ 4.11 Windows release include: Enhancements to the AMD VISION Engine Control Center / AMD Catalyst Control Center enhancements GPU Compute: The OpenCL runtime (included in AMD Catalyst 11.4) includes performance enhancements supporting zero- copy on APUS and Increased performance for PCIe transfers Between a discrete GPU and CPU.

YouTube's founders bought Delicious

Yahoo has announced that the founders of YouTube, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, has acquired the service Delicious. The company has not specified the terms of the agreement and is limited to ensure that the new owners intend to continue and improve service. Delicious to share an Internet favorite with other members of the network.

The sale of Delicious by Yahoo! was announced since the company said it wanted to focus on the search business and away from other strategies. Delicious was created by Joshua Schachter in 2003, Yahoo bought it in 2005 with an investment of 20 million dollars, but the site just evolved since then.

Microsoft warns of a problem of 'phishing' on Xbox

Bad Times for consoles. While survive the problems in the PlayStation Network, Microsoft has issued a warning of a problem in the Xbox platform. It is a conflict of much lower intensity than the Sony. According to Microsoft, the Modern Warfare 2 players can be the subject of a phishing campaign (e-mail that attempts to obtain information by deception).

The company says in his message that they are aware of the problem and working to resolve it, they regret the inconvenience and appreciate the patience of the players. The problem seems to be focused in that game during multiplayer sessions. Microsoft opened this weekend its platform multiplayer free on Xbox in the middle of the disaster of his colleague Sony.

Nicolas Sarkozy announced the beginning of the end of Hadopi

T he official website of Elysium held to deliver the correct interpretation of the remarks had kept Nicolas Sarkozy, Wednesday, April 27, during installation of the National Council of the digital (CNN). "The president wishes to reiterate its full support for Internet Piracy," as the mail Elysian. "Neither the merits of the action of Internet Piracy, or the need for a determined fight against piracy have been questioned by the president, who never reported, unlike terms used by some media, a questioning of this device, "she says.

Royal wedding: no "tweets" during the ceremony

The 1,900 guests at the wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William will not send tweets from Westminster Abbey in London. A filtering device, called by the royal family, according to a blog specializing Yahoo! Will be set up by British police. An officer explained, Wednesday, April 27, the locking system of mobile communications will come into force as of Friday morning, will remain active until the end of the ceremony.

Blog - ICT, social networks and power: limitations and hazards

Besides the undeniable contributions of social networks Arab Spring, which does not fall into a soothing idealism must also take into account their limitations and even the risk that all this represents.

South Korea's LG on the road to recovery

Tokyo Correspondence - The takeover of the activities of LG Electronics by Koo Bon-joon, head appointed on 1 October 2010, seems to give its first results. Admittedly, according to data released April 27, the giant South Korean consumer electronics ended the first quarter 2011 net loss of 15.7 billion won (9.9 million), cons 674.6 billion won (425 million euros) net profit a year earlier, and sales have declined slightly from 0.4% to record the first three months of 2010, 13 160 000 000 000 won (8.3 billion euros).

eBay reported income up 20% in first quarter

The retail group posted online eBay (. Pdf) Wednesday, April 27, a net profit of 475.87 million dollars (320.64 million euros) for the first quarter, up 20% and just above expectations. Turnover, up 16% to $ 2.55 billion (1.72 billion dollars), also slightly above expectations. "In the first quarter, (a subsidiary of online payment) PayPal has continued to draw strong global growth, and eBay has significantly accelerated its growth in the U.S.," said CEO John Donahoe said in a statement.

Delicious sold to the founders of YouTube

The Web portal Yahoo announced Wednesday, April 27, he had sold the service to Delicious YouTube founders, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen. "They plan to continue the service and even better," assured a spokesman Yahoo! in a statement. However, the transaction amount was not specified. The service Delicious, launched in 2003 and bought by Yahoo two years later, keeps its online favorite web pages and rank them with keywords.

Apple denies iPhone users track

The computer maker Apple has denied, Wednesday, April 27, the information that it would record the location of iPhone owners, while announcing it would broadcast a future software update reducing data storage. "In the coming weeks, Apple will launch a free upgrade of the operating system iOS," the manufacturer said in a statement.

This update should include reducing the storage location data and allow to disable the collection of this data. Eventually, Apple also plans to encrypt this database to prevent it from being intercepted by unscrupulous. The announcement comes a week after the publication of a study that reveals that Apple has included in the latest version of its operating system for iPhone and iPad a function that keeps a folder unprotected track the movements of its users.

iPhone, the defense of Jobs' We do not follow no one "

NEW YORK - Apple did not intend to keep the data on the movements of millions of iPhone users. Word of Steve Jobs. The number one company's Cupertino, absent for three months from illness, personal reply to the controversy sparked by news that the iPhone kept in memory all the movements of mobile phones.

"We do not follow anyone. The files found in phones, as we have explained, was essentially created through anonymous information that we collect from tens of millions of iPhone," Jobs said in a telephone interview to "Mobilized", the tech blog site All Things Digital news information. And the Wall Street Journal states that when collecting data on users of the iPhone to ensure a range of services such as the maps, Apple never transmits the precise location of the phone.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

S 4G Nexus launches in May

The U.S. mobile telephone operator Sprint has officially announced that it reached an agreement with Samsung technology manufacturer to exclusively market the new smartphone Nexus S 4G. The Nexus S 4G is basically a new version of the Samsung Nexus S, exclusively from T-Mobile, but with 4G connectivity.

Super AMOLED display has 4 inch, 1 GHz processor speed, 16 GB of storage, 5 megapixel camera with autofocus and LED flash, camera for video calls, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS. The phone will come equipped with the latest version of Android smartphones (Android Gingerbread 2.3.3). The new Samsung Nexus S 4G reach the U.S.

Casio has a new smartphone SUV

Casio has introduced a new smartphone all-terrain capable of withstanding the harshest environments, it is the new G'zOne Commando and has a long list of MIL-STD. The new Casio G'zOne can withstand Commando virtually everything falls, moisture, dust, immersion, pressure, heat and cold, among others. The device is evaluated by standard military rules of U.S.

military (MIL-STD). Unlike other off-road the new Casio G'zOne Commando has excellent technology. Gorilla has a glass screen 3.6 inch, 512 RAM, 1 GB of ROM, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, microSD slot for up to 32 GB and 5 megapixel camera. As if all this were not enough phone with Android operating system 2.2 with some proprietary applications.

Nero changes the DVD by the multimedia edition

Nero is associated with CDs and DVDs. The German company created the popular software to 'burn' the contents of computer disks quickly and easily. Tablets or netbooks or less bring reader and writer of this format. The same happens with mobile phones, more and more advanced multimedia capabilities. However, according to the German company, the user still wants to carry their content in different formats.

Nokia cut its workforce by 7,000 people by 2012

The recent agreement between Nokia and Microsoft has led to the largest mobile phone maker in the world has to outsource the production and development of the Symbian operating system, now run by Accenture. This decision will affect about 3,000 people currently on staff at Nokia, also has confirmed 4,000 redundancies from here until the end of 2012 within its restructuring plan to face the future hand in hand with Bill Gates.

The U.S. Congress is investigating the capture of data from mobile telephone

U.S. Congressmen have invited executives from Google and Apple at a hearing devoted to the preservation of privacy. The subpoena comes after revelations that the mobile phone store, and in some cases, the manufacturer transmits geolocation data. At the same time, the Energy and Commerce Committee has sent subpoenas to Google, Microsoft, Nokia, Research in Motion and Hewlett-Packard to ask their managers about whether these companies get or share information on the movements of their mobile customers.

Sony admits that the PlayStation network may have suffered a massive data theft

The closure since last Wednesday of the PlayStation Network that allows online play to its 70 million members already have an explanation from Sony. The company has admitted that an "unauthorized person" may have obtained sensitive information from its users. In a note posted on the company blog does not rule out that the intruder has obtained names, addresses, passwords, purchase history.

Test Portal 2, PC

More than three years after his arrival as a bonus gift in the inevitable Orange Box from Valve Software, Portal coming back for a second episode now emancipated and ready to stand on its own. On paper, the program and the cast have not changed much since 2007, although this second episode is not without a few surprises.

The goals have not changed since the first episode: we are always asked to go from point A to point B by exploiting the capabilities of the famous gun interdimensional portals, allowing you to open an interdimensional entry left click, and an output of a right click. Portal 2 still far away from the infancy narrative architecture of its predecessor.

Hadopi: Nicolas Sarkozy makes his self-criticism

The president Nicolas Sarkozy said Wednesday, April 27, ready for an overhaul of the web laws on Internet piracy, recognizing a part of government's error in the genesis of this device has generated strong opposition from professionals. "We said, 'Are you ready for a Hadopi 3?" Of course I'm ready, "said Sarkozy during a speech on the occasion of the inauguration of the Council's national digital forum for dialogue between industry players and government.

Nokia announces 4000 job cuts and outsourcing 3000

The Finnish mobile phone giant Nokia announced on Wednesday, April 27, plans to cut four thousand jobs and outsource other three miles to the consulting group Accenture by the end of 2012. Nokia intends to outsource its work on the Symbian operating system of its smartphones. Three thousand employees of Nokia that are associated with this activity in Finland, China, India, Britain and the United States will become employees of U.S.

Goodbye PC. The future of tablet

Your death, vita mea. The death of the PC, life for the iPad. When you read the data on sales of electronic products in the United States and elsewhere, it seems that personal computers are intended to sunset, while it seems to dawn light for the tablets of Apple (and other manufacturers, as we shall see).

In the first three months of 2011, worldwide PC sales were down by 1, 1% from last year. Industry experts had hoped instead to grow by 3%. In the U.S., the negative figure is even more pronounced reduction of the PC market was 6.1%. The phenomenon seems linked to the "fever for the tablet, the tablets increasingly common in metropolitan New York, where they are taking the place of newspapers, and offices in Manhattan, where they could replace computers, especially laptops.

News Corp. expects $ 100 million sale of MySpace

The News Corporation of Rupert Murdoch expects little more than $ 100 million (68 million euros) from the sale of Myspace, he bought $ 580 million (395 million euros) in 2005, says, Tuesday, April 26, the Wall Street Journal (paid access) clarifying that purchase proposals were expected in the week. The newspaper, citing people familiar with the case, "a half-dozen funds and companies should submit proposals," whose funds Criterion Capital, which bought the site similar to AOL Bebo in June 2010.

SMS boom is at risk of extinction IM

Sms at risk of extinction. Mobile phone users do not like most text messages which have dedicated mobile phones. The old SMS you prefer instant messaging, more free and easy. That's why over the next generation of text messages may become extinct forever. To predict the "death" is a study commissioned by broadband provider TalkTalk, from the British newspaper Daily Mail reported.

In particular, experts predict that the amount of texts sent in the next two years will decrease by 20 percent in countries like Britain - but also Indonesia, South Africa and Brazil - where instant messaging applications like BlackBerry Messenger are now more widespread. The study found that for 51 percent of Britons, 15 to 20 years of age, e-mail is the preferred tool.

The National Council of digital set Wednesday

The National Council of digital (CNN) must be installed on Wednesday 27 April by President Nicolas Sarkozy. This organization's stated objective to avoid future failures in the management of specific issues related to Internet by the government, through dialogue with the sector. Eighteen persons should sit on this advisory body, the daily La Tribune.

These are mainly representatives of telecom operators, e-commerce, software publishers and companies like Deezer, Yellow Pages or auFeminin. com. CNN, which should meet directly with the president three to four times a year, will meet for the first time on Wednesday, including its president elect.

1st quarter: profits fall but sales rise for Amazon

The American group of online distribution Amazon surprised the market, Tuesday, April 26, with a plunge of 33% of net income in first quarter to 201 million dollars (137 million), against $ 299 million (204 million euros) a year earlier. But Amazon, however, recorded a turnover better than expected, to 9.86 billion dollars (6.72 billion euros), up 38%.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon's president, said the number of new launches have taken place over the past three months: Kindle electronic reading lights matching advertising to lower the purchase cost of new applications for Android and Windows 7 Phone, or Services computing cloud (cloud) of its subsidiary Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Personal data on pirated PlayStation Network

The Japanese group Sony said Tuesday that personal data, including passwords, were intercepted by hackers, which led him to suspend the April 20 PlayStation Network, which connects its gaming consoles to the Internet. Patrick Seybold, Sony spokesman, said the interactive portal connects the PlayStation 3 (PS3) games or movies in line had been targeted by pirates, who seized data belonging to users, including their dates of birth and password.

Sony Announces New VAIO ultraportables to its range

In the last hours the Japanese technology manufacturer Sony made a major announcement that caught the attention of the whole geek scene and shook many of its competitors, it is releasing two new VAIO family members, these new Ultimate Mobile PC Sony and Sony Free Hybrid PC. Both models were presented by the company during an exclusive press conference in which Sony said some of the trends for this year.

Incredible HTC S is available in free-form Spain

The Phone House has officially announced that it has posted a new HTC Incredible S, successor of the successful HTC Incredible. The Spanish company selling mobile is offering the new smartphone from HTC's completely free. We remind you that until now was only available by phone allowance of mobile telephone operators in our country.

From now on we can buy the phone on our own but it will not be cheap, the HTC Incredible Free S has a cost of 558 euros, certainly not everyone is willing to invest so much on a mobile. Along with the new HTC Incredible S arrived in Spain the new HTC Desire S, also part of the second generation of smartphones HTC HTC and successor of Desire, but unfortunately the latter do not have the costs available to facilitate you.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hackers have stolen the data of 77 million users Playstation

SAN FRANCISCO - The blocking of the network of those who play online with the Playstation was only the symptom of a bigger problem. Sony has revealed tonight that hackers have stolen the personal data of 77 million subscribers to the network. According to the company have been stolen, Japan, in addition to user names, addresses, emails, dates of birth, username and password.

They seem to have escaped the looting only credit cards.

Sharp introduces new Apple touch screens and is interested

The Japanese manufacturer Sharp has announced a few weeks ago a new technology for the manufacture of touch screens that allow the development of much thinner displays and efficient, Apple has already shown interest to use are screens on your mobile product line. According to Japanese newspaper Nikkan Kogyo science and technology Shimbun Steve Jobs's company has been interested by the new ultra-thin touch screen by Sharp.

2010, "year of catch-up" for Tech News Digital Buzz

Digital markets rebounded moderately in 2010, says the Institute of Audiovisual and telecommunications in Europe (IDATE) in its annual global report. Tech Buzz News Digital, which includes the markets of telecommunications, media and information technology, has returned to growth in 2010 with an increase of 3.3% to just over 2 750 billion, according to this report Published Tuesday, April 26.

Facebook, another button next to "like" appears "send"

New, small-big step for Facebook towards complete "verification" of the interests and intentions of its users. From today, but only for developers and for those who have their own Web pages, you can combine the "like" another button which, in the English version is called "send." What is it? It 'easy to understand: the "like" distinguishes our choice and makes it known to all our contacts on Facebook.

iPad competitor: Sony's Tablet collapses

Two iPad competitors: Sony has announced two tablet computers, which are intended to accommodate flat with Apple's computers. One looks like so many other tablets too - in other Sony experimented with two touch screens, a hinge and case suitability. Hamburg - Sony will be the next big hardware manufacturers into the business with tablet computers.

Two devices with the new Google Android operating system in the variant "Honeycomb" to come in the second half of the market, announced the Japanese electronics group to Tuesday. One - working name S1 - is to get a touch-sensitive screen iPad in almost the same size as Apple's (9.4 inches).

'Facebook Send' button to share the group

Just one year after launching the "I like" Facebook is limiting the manner in which information is shared within the network. Elliot Lynde announced at the company blog of Palo Alto how this option will gradually appear in the profiles and group pages. In October 2010 had the opportunity to create groups of friends, so you can differentiate between co-workers, family and football team, for example.

Sony is committed to the design in their tablets

Sony has officially submitted its proposal for a tablet. And it does so twice. The main novelty lies not in the operating system, which will be Android (Honeycomb), if not in design. One of them has a dual screen and the other is particularly designed for easy handling with a bulge in the tarsier. This, with the code name S1, have a 9.4 inch screen, two cameras and Tegra processor 2 and have an infrared port that allows it to use as remote.

Google and Apple are in a hurry to launch its free music download service

Google and Apple are moving to launch its own music service without downloading (streaming). And no rush, after the Amazon are brought forward with his music store in the Internet cloud. Google is in talks with Spotify for a joint operation and Apple seems to have reached agreement Warner for his service.

But they are not alone, another big HP is planning its own music service to the launch of their tablets based on the Palm operating system. Google has renewed its contacts with the Swedish music service Spotify for a possible joint venture in the United States. Spotify still could not get in this country because it has yet to close their negotiations with record companies reluctant to license their music to the listener service without discharge.

The Optimus mobile, dual-kernel

The dual-core processors are the new demand of the handset manufacturers. HTC has announced the mobile Sensation with this technology, but only Optimus 2X LG is already on the market. When turned on it shows the power. In a few seconds to pass the screen of Android to the desktop settings. It does not have the latest version of the OS, but LG promises a future update.

The dual core is not noticed as much when you open a program like when doing several actions at once. We do not occur in any iPhone or Android. The screen is 4 inches and 139 grams of weight are light when taking into account the dual camera, front and rear, 2 and 8 megapixels. The second records video at 1,080 pixels.

Blog - The iPhone, a phone at your disposal? What a surprise!

Blog - "Playtime Hits': Rails between light and shadow; beat'em all school T-Sue in flagrante delicto

Copyright: China blames Baidu

The Chinese authorities will take action against 14 Web sites accused of violating copyright and promoted illegal downloading of music, says Xinhua, Monday, April 25. Among these sites contained Baidu, the first search engine in China. The agency did not specify what sanctions will be taken against these sites.

The Ministry of Culture attacking particularly the portal Baidu MP3 search engine that provides direct access to music. "Despite repeated requests the authorities, the content in question were not withdrawn," said Xinhua. Reuters quoted a Baidu spokesman said however that the group will act quickly to remove infringing content copyright.

Blog - Interest Crusaders Obama and Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg's company has intensified its lobbying in Washington. The U.S. president has him on the social network for his campaign.

Facebook is launching a competitor Groupon

The social network Facebook has launched Tuesday, April 26, his service to obtain combined purchase discounts on products once a certain number of buyers have expressed interest. These "cheap" is currently available only to U.S. cities of Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, San Diego and San Francisco. The procurement sector increasingly interested in Web players.

Launched in November 2008, Groupon, which claims 60 million subscribers in 45 countries, opened the door. The Chicago company has even refused to fall, a bid at $ 6 billion (4.3 billion euros) from Google. But tailgating is now Groupon LivingSocial, supported by giant Amazon e-commerce.

Sony launches two digital tablets

The Japanese electronics giant Sony launches, Tuesday, April 26, in the market for digital tablets. Sony introduced two devices that will work with version 3 operating system from Google Android (called Honeycomb) said Kunimasa Suzuki, deputy chairman of the consumer product division and group services.

These tablets should be available in the fall. Model S1 has a screen about 10 inches (about 25 cm) diagonally, two cameras, and compatible with Wi-Fi Larger than a smartphone but more like a tablet iPad, the S2 has its part of two touch screens. With these devices, Sony wants to try to take advantage of a market increasingly competitive.

Nintendo Wii renewed in 2012 at the grave each sales

With the 3DS is not enough. Nintendo's reign in the mini-console does not replace the drop in profits in general, and the Wii in particular, which is becoming less attractive to the Kinect of Microsoft Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 from Sony. So the CEO of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, has announced that in 2012 there will be a new Wii on the international market.

A prototype will be presented at E3 Los Angeles, held in June, and there be known the first details of the machine, as Iwata did not pass. The announcement coincides with the presentation of the economic performance of the company that for the second consecutive year, declining sales and profits.

Reader Photos: Thus, the pinhole camera for DSLR

Back to basics: With a little trick makes the hundreds € expensive digital camera to a simple pinhole camera, the photos as it was 150 years ago. One of our readers has tried it - they see its results. We asked our readers to retro photos - and get more than 100 letters. Among many snapshots that are created by using apps on the smartphone, but also more complex experiments.

Particularly impressed us the photos by Jens Hoesel from Leipzig. He has used his shots a Canon digital camera, but it omitted the lens. Instead, he put the cover of the camera housing on the lens thread, in which he had previously drilled a tiny hole. This turns the DSLR a pinhole camera, according to a principle that Aristotle and Euclid in the fourth century before Christ known.

AutoCAD available on Android MOBILE

Autodesk has made available to Android users of the application of one of its most popular programs, AutoCAD. Users may edit, display and transport DWG files. The application is available for smartphones and tablets with Android. AutoCAD is a design program for creating drawings and plans in two and three dimensions.

This is one of the most widely used software for professional image development projects, prototypes or drawings. In late March the company unveiled new versions of its software. Now Autodesk Launches for Android users. Editing on a smartphone can be challenging but not impossible, but the output of new tablets with Android can convert this existing practice.

Steve Jobs: "We do not track anyone"

South Korea has requested an explanation from Apple on the collection of geographical data owners iPad iPhones and tablets, which are stored in a hidden file as last week unveiled two researchers at the Where 2.0 conference, held in Santa Clara (California, USA). The telecommunications regulator wants to find out why South Korean stored data and how often is done to determine if it is a violation of user privacy.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Acer will focus on the tablets

Acer has gone through many problems lately dirigencial level, almost lost its CEO a few weeks ago and their investments are not yielding the expected results. Apparently the company has decided to end this period of uncertainty and focus its efforts on the production of tablets and netbook not a smart idea at first glance.

Netbooks are disappearing, the tablets are absorbing the market so far seems most logical. In recent weeks, Acer made a total of half a million 10.1-inch touch screen to speed up production of its new A500 Acer Iconia Tab, despite the impressiveness of the figure is lower than the company expected .

ZTE ZTE and present Movistar Pro Light

This Thursday at an event to be held in the city of Madrid Movistar with ZTE will present the new tablet exclusive Spanish operator and technology provider in China. This is the new ZTE Light Pro, a tablet-end "media" with Android 2.2 will seek to find their niche among the Chinese tablets and $ 100 giants like Apple.

The new tablet comes with a relatively archaic processor (Qualcomm MSM7227 ARM6) but enough for the features of the gadget. It has a 7-inch resistive screen with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels, 512 RAM, 512 ROM, up to 32 GB of storage via SD / SDHC, Wi-Fi, 3G and 3 megapixel camera. The ZTE Light Pro is the first tablet of the company in China and will be funded by Movistar, it is clear that the subsidy will vary by plan selected.

Nintendo confirms Wii 2 "in 2012

The Japanese video game giant Nintendo has confirmed via a press release of the second generation of its home console Nintendo Wii. Wii console is the world's best selling table and since its launch has produced great benefits for the firm but it was time for renewal. The new project is low codenamed "Project Cafe" and will be officially presented at the next E3, the famous video game trade show to be held the first days of June.

Nintendo Wii 2 and it is up to 'the time of the super console

"Our next console? Maybe it will be very complex and powerful, in fact just the opposite of the Wii." Shigeru Miyamoto, father of Super Mario and Nintendo's mind two years ago so he joked about next-generation video game machine that his company was already developing. But apparently it was a joke only in appearance: Café Project, code name for the new console, it seems it will have nothing to envy in terms of computing power to both the Xbox 360 of Microsoft and the PlayStation 3 from Sony.

From the web to the media and return Storify "organizes" the news

The organization of information flows, but in the increasingly close relationship between non-coded "citizen journalism" (the information generated and disseminated by users on the web via social networks, blogs, etc.) and traditional media, is a new tool and ally . It's called Storify, a web startup that now opens to the public in order to help professional journalists, citizen journalists and users of information users to collect, organize, use and share information about individual events that would otherwise drown in the sea magnum of the network.

Online music, new battlefield between Apple and Google

The battle music will be played on Internet as the "cloud". According to Reuters, Apple, Google, but Amazon, in turn want to offer music services in the cloud, providing access to its music tracks from any Internet-connected device. Apple, creator of the iPod and iPhone, has signed new licenses with repertoire owners, before its online service was launched, specify the anonymous sources cited by Reuters.

Iran said the target of a new computer virus

Iran is currently the target of another attack of some of its computer systems by a virus called "Stars", said, Monday, April 25, a senior Iranian military official quoted by the Mehr news agency. This virus enters computers "under color of official records, and he originally produced only limited damage," said General Gholam Reza Jalali, commander of the Iranian civil defense.

Iranian experts are trying to evaluate its goals and its actual capacity for harm. General Jalali gave no other details about the targets of this virus nor its effects, or the terms or the date of its discovery. STUXNET ATTACK IN 2010 Iran was the victim in 2010 of another computer virus called "Stuxnet", apparently intended to disrupt some Iranian nuclear facilities.

Twitter is still in San Francisco

Twitter will finally keep its headquarters in the heart of San Francisco, one of the capitals of technology the U.S. west coast, the group announced on Friday 22 April. "The town where we grew up and started our next house will remain," said Sean Garrett, the head of communications, the official blog on Twitter.

Mr. Garrett said that moving the building's historic Market Square was scheduled for mid-2012. Earlier this year the company had threatened to "relocate" its employees and its headquarters in Brisbane, a few miles south. In his note to blog, Twitter thank several city officials, including Mayor Ed Lee, who has promised tax incentives to encourage the site to stay micromessages located in the city.

Nintendo profits decline, announces a new console

Nintendo has reported (. Pdf) Monday, April 25, a drop of more than half of its profits for the year 2010-2011. Operating earnings of Japanese video game giant has fallen from 52% to 171.1 billion yen (1.43 billion euros) during the year ended in March, against 356.8 billion yen (2.98 billion euros) last year.

Between April 2010 and March 2011, Nintendo has also accumulated on a turnover of 014.35 billion yen (8.47 billion euros), a plunge of 29.3% over the year, adding to a drop of 22% the previous year. During the past year, Nintendo has sold 21.13 million DS consoles, a figure below its expectations.

The "PlayStation Network" remains unavailable

The online service from Sony, PlayStation Network, is still inaccessible, Monday, April 25. When a player tries to connect to it from its console PlaySstation 3, a message "under maintenance" appears. According to the Japanese group, the problem has been going on Wednesday, April 20. The player can not access the games online, download games and content on Sony's online store.

The causes of failure remain uncertain. On its official blog, Sony talks about a "intrusion from outside, which affected the system." Then Saturday, the Japanese group said work to strengthen "the network infrastructure." ANONYMOUS DO NOT BE INSURED INVOLVED In early April, the online service from Sony and a number of company sites like playstation.

Happy Birthday, "Like" button that makes rich Facebook

COSI 'small, so easy, so powerful. The button "I like" Facebook does these days a year to live on the web. There are no official figures but it is reasonable to estimate that each day is clicked a billion times by more than 500 million members of the most popular social network in the world. A huge amount for a button that you tap the bottom of instinct but quietly outlines our tastes and keeps them in mind.

Sony manager Norio Ohga: Mr. Silver disc is dead

Ohga led the group in the years 1982 to 1995. In that time, the trained leader, the company for its commitment in the sectors of music, movies and electronic games. Ohga originally wanted to be an opera singer. In Tokyo, studied the Mozart fan music, singing in Germany. He also took courses in conducting, composition, harmony and counterpoint.

After he had complained in a letter about the poor quality of tape recorders from Sony, but was recruited by the founders Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita. While he studied, he was adviser to Sony in 1953. Six years later he was hired. The music he did not give up completely: with Tokyo Philharmonic led the Sony head of Wagner works, supported by 170 singers from its workforce.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sony Ericsson W8, Adro and join Sony Walkman

The mobile phone maker Sony Ericsson has officially announced the launch of its new Sony Ericsson Walkman W8 series, a very interesting smartphone will be equipped with the successful Android 2.1. The Sony Ericsson Walkman series is certainly the most famous product lines of the company, owned the mobile market for young music lovers, thanks to things like helmets and very good excellent multimedia interfaces has managed to stay in it .

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Location data: iPhones save more than Google phones

Apple's iPhone will automatically save motion profiles of its users, as Google keeps about privacy? According to initial findings of the developers also put Android phones to standard protocols - but only if the cell phone owner's consent. Logged my Google phone also where I've stopped me? This was the first thought of the Swedish software developer Magnus Eriksson when he invest and for locating the unencrypted data banks read that Apple's iPhone by default.

The PlayStation Online service, victim of a "intrusin"

The PlayStation Network, the online service Sony console that allows items on the Web, is out of service since Wednesday. What initially was attributed to maintenance, now it is the product of an intrusion of third parties as an official of the company's blog. "An external intrusion into our system has hit PlayStation Network services and Qriocity" the statement said.

For security reasons, goes on to explain, were disconnected on Wednesday. The company says it is trying to resolve the issue and appreciates the patience of users. Upon learning that the source of conflict is an external attack, many have claimed responsibility for Anonymous, a group that had announced action against Sony in response to their persecution of hacker GeoHot.

AMD Radeon HD 6770 and 6750, we take a first peek

AMD has released some information on the two video cards that should go to make up for the lack of cards in the mainstream market, thus adding to the catalog of products that are a little closer to the Radeon HD 6790. The new Radeon HD 6770 codenamed Radeon HD 6750 Turks and Caicos code name, according to the Sirto Expreview says, should be placed on the market April 28.

The Radeon HD 6770 features 800 stream processors, 40 texture units and 16 ROPs and produced 40-nanometer, but when you do not know the amount of memory and the operating frequencies. The Radeon HD 6750 features instead of 720 stream processors, 36 texture units and 16 ROPs, and also this card does not have any other information.

Google: convert YouTube videos, WebMate has begun!

After the announcement of the closure of Google Video, the boys from Mountain View announced that the conversion of videos on Youtube started and that was already converted 30% of the movies on the portal. For the uninitiated WebMate is a project developed by Google to support high-resolution video, commonly known as HD, using the VP8 video codec and Vorbis audio codec, all contained in a Matroska container-based and completely free.

Be sure to mortify the holidays. Maybe on Facebook

You know the game that the trout had been invented on Facebook? Bossi, Jr., as a digression from a rejection of maturity examination and the other had given birth to a curious pastime on the popular social network, from the clandestine titoloRimbalza. By clicking with the mouse near the barges crammed with immigrants who reached the Italian coast, the navigator had to try to reject them at sea by pressing a variable number of times before they disappeared from the monitor.

Sony, the Playstation Network under attack

ROME - After almost two days of silence, Sony has finally confirmed that the 'black out' of its network for video game consoles, PS3 and PSP depends on the attack by hackers and are not explained that access to the Playstation Network, to which they are registered 70 million users, will continue to be suspended until security problems are solved.

In the message appeared on the blog in the last hours of the Japanese giant, Sony says it is doing everything possible to restore services as soon as possible of the network and "sorry for the inconvenience", stating that the suspension of service may result in the suspension user's account.

Razer Hydra, a kind of Wiimote for PC

It is a fact that Nintendo Entertainment set a new trend in gaming that refers to the year 2006 with the launch of its Nitendo Wii console, the first with control of movement, as brands such as Sony or Microsoft had to renew their "standards". Asus already taken this technology to the desktop and the public did not comply as expected but now Razer Hydra try to give a second shot.

Razer Hydra is a kind of Wiimote for desktop computers, in fact the design is very similar reminding early versions of the Wiimote. This device is specifically designed to enhance gameplay in video games or action shooter and certainly the game experience obtained is much higher. The new Razer Hydra is compatible with over 125 current titles and more deliveries are added to list daily.

Alienware may launch its own tablet

Last week at the launch of the new Alienware M14X and M18X, laptops already had their chapter and look like they are serious, the company took to make the announcement that does not rule out the possibility of launching its own gaming tablet soon. The announcement was well received in the sector, we must remember that according to several studies this year the main use of the tablets is entertainment with a percentage close to 90%.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Samsung replies to Apple with a lawsuit for patent Violation

Samsung has not been slow to replicate Apple's complaint for violation of patents and has filed another against the manufacturer of iPhone for the same reasons. Samsung specifically alleges that Apple violates his 10 patents in the field of mobile communications and requires you to stop and compensation.

In a statement, the Korean company says responding to lawsuits brought against him to "protect our intellectual property" and to pursue innovation and growth in the communications sector. Among the patents that Samsung quoted the need to affect battery consumption, the reduction of errors during communications and wireless systems.

Online poker is changing the profile of players

One Monday night at the club Cadet in the 9th arrondissement of Paris. The sound of chips and cards as the only background sound. Concentrated, dark glasses on his nose or headphones in the ears, each player is in a bubble. Upstairs, a man in a black overcoat, quarantine, faces a young man of twenty years.

Wrapped up in his blue sweatshirt, he looks at his opponent with a sly look. "If you got a set, you're safe! Otherwise, you're lost!" YOUNGER PLAYERS Nion Rudolph, 27, knows the circle Cadet. A year ago, he won the annual fee in a competition organized by the club. "I played that night and I won 800 euros.

Video - Retro & Magic, "Cannon Fodder"

Catelli, Wikipedia and the "common judge"

Getting Ready: Even Wikipedia has become the ground of political struggle. The encyclopedia "written by users", founded ten years ago, it was pulled to coat, so blatant, last Monday on television. By Lucia Annunziata, the transmission power, six episodes in the late evening on Rai Tre, we talk about the judiciary: guests the former justice minister Roberto Castelli, historical face - and television - the Northern League, and the magistrate Armando Spataro, the Milan prosecutor , formerly known anti-Mafia judge.

It confirms the Nokia-Microsoft alliance

Much has been made the subject in recent months, various rumors were predicting the death of Symbian and the rise of Windows 7 in Mobile Phone Nokia, they were not so wrong. The alliance was officially confirmed at a press conference where we could see Stephen Elop and Ballmer in a handshake after announcing the partnership of both companies.

"We have entered into a relationship of partners, at the highest level, in which everyone wins," said Stephen Elop, "The complementary nature of our assets and the overall competitiveness of the combined offering is the foundation of our relationship," he said. Along with the announcement confirmed that next year could begin to get the first Windows Mobile Phone with 7 and the company says these projects are very advanced, so they could come even before.

Can a robot learn knows?

Back on the relationship between humans and robots, on the occasion of the first edition of InnoRobo, lounge robotics, and conferences Robolift associated with it. "A robot can learn as a child?" asks Pierre-Yves Oudeyer, researcher at INRIA, and Laboratory Director Flowers, a research laboratory specializing in social robotics (presentation.

pdf). In other words, artificial intelligence being acquired conditions can it? "We imagine a future where robots would be in our homes to help: set the table, placing the dishes, motivate the elders tinker ... It involves a lot of intelligence and knowledge (including emotional). The robots must be able perform elaborate reasoning "...

Google launches rival Groupon

The Google Group presented Thursday, April 21, its own sites of coupons on services and local businesses. Called "Google offers", this competitor Groupon, site specializes in bulk purchases, is at present available in beta in the U.S., in the city of Portland, Oregon. But Google's service would then spread to New York and San Francisco.

The launch comes as the Mountain View company is positioned in the local trade. According to Bloomberg, Google is experimenting with contactless payment technology ("near field communications" or "NFC") with mobile terminals, and fund the installation of thousands of terminals at merchants in New York and San Francisco.

Blog - Video game: "Vampire smile" or the art of cutting

Problems datacenter Amazon affect multiple websites

Several Web sites visited often, as the geolocation service Foursquare site Q & Quora and Reddit, social network information, are experiencing significant technical difficulties since Thursday. "Our hosting datacenter Amazon usually great, has some problems this morning, which affects us as well as several other sites that use its services," said Foursquare, inviting its users to the patient.

Samsung has filed a lawsuit against Apple

The South Korean Samsung Electronics said Friday 22 April, he filed suit against Apple. The California group was asked last week to open a case against Samsung, which it accuses of having "slavishly" copy the models of iPhone and iPad. Samsung said it had filed its complaint on Thursday at a Seoul court, arguing that the U.S.

manufacturer had infringed its patents. Other suits were filed in Tokyo and Mannheim (Germany), the company said in a statement. The patents involved include a reduction of energy consumption during data transmission or 3G technology to reduce errors during the transmission. "Samsung will actively respond to the lawsuit against [him] to protect its intellectual property and ensure its continued innovation and growth in the mobile sector," said Samsung.

Android phones with stalking as their users

The phones with the Android operating system Google keep track of movements of their users, like Apple's iPhone, say the daily Wall Street Journal and The Guardian in its edition of Friday, April 22. Both newspapers said they obtained this information from computer experts who analyzed the data to arrive at this conclusion.

The Wall Street Journalcite American Samy Kamkar, a former hacker who had become known by disabling the site MySpace in 2005, while The Guardian quoted the Swede Magnus Eriksson. STORAGE LIMITED Android phones only stores the last half of mobile phone antennas and the 200 last wave of the Internet networks (Wi-Fi) approached, unlike Apple phones that record and store all trips for one year.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

It confirms the Nokia-Microsoft alliance

Much has been made the subject in recent months, various rumors were predicting the death of Symbian and the rise of Windows 7 in Mobile Phone Nokia, they were not so wrong. The alliance was officially confirmed at a press conference where we could see Stephen Elop and Ballmer in a handshake after announcing the partnership of both companies.

"We have entered into a relationship of partners, at the highest level, in which everyone wins," said Stephen Elop, "The complementary nature of our assets and the overall competitiveness of the combined offering is the foundation of our relationship," he said. Along with the announcement confirmed that next year could begin to get the first Windows Mobile Phone with 7 and the company says these projects are very advanced, so they could come even before.

Sandisk continues to innovate

During the last CES 2011, the famous technology trade fair, Sandisk introduced its "freshly baked" reports of three bits per cell, and now has unveiled a new release. This is the new and long-awaited memoirs of 19 nanometers. It happened a long time since the introduction of 24-nanometer NAND Sandisk and industry for some time required more compact components, the current reduction to 19 nanometers is a great relief for manufacturers of gadgets.

Toshiba launches new HD camera waterproof

In the market for cameras Toshiba had its setbacks, many models disappointed but after a few attempts managed to release an HD camera efficiently. This time the company shows that it is willing to go much further in the camera market and has introduced the new Camileo BW10. The new Camileo BW10 has a technology acceptable, a resolution photos up to 5 megapixel (2592 x 1944) video recording Full HD (1080p).

Wikileaks: Bradley Manning, an inmate who embarrasses the United States

To co-founded Wikileaks, Julian Assange, it is "a hero like no other" and "political prisoner America's most important." To his detractors, he is a traitor. For most observers, it is primarily a computer buff badly in his skin that has landed in the Army by chance and eventually shake the U.S. administration.

Incarcerated since July 29, 2010, Bradley Manning, 23 years old U.S. soldier suspected of having sent thousands of American diplomatic cables to the Wikileaks site, is officially the only person concerned by the justice in this case. For months, the issue of prison conditions, unacceptable to its supporters, interested Americans.

Privacy: Google Street View in the viewfinder of the Belgian justice

Google is being investigated by the Belgian courts for collecting private data with its "Street View" said, Thursday, April 21, the federal prosecution. "We received a complaint from the committee for protection of privacy and we opened an investigation," he told Agence France-Presse, a spokesman for the prosecutor, Eric Van der Sijpt, confirming a report in the Flemish daily De Morgen.

Launched in 2007, Google Street View provides panoramic views of streets, allowing users to virtually move around, but this service has triggered a series of controversies in several countries, including France, the Netherlands and Germany. In May 2010, Google revealed that the cars through the streets to take pictures had inadvertently collected personal data (emails and videos, etc.) transmitted by Wi-Fi in the street.

In Mexico, the president invited his ministers to connect on Twitter

Mexico, Correspondence - "My congratulations to the armed forces for the capture of El Kilo 'and his band' Zetas' perpetrators of the slaughter of migrants," wrote April 18 Mexican President Felipe Calderon on his Twitter account, with reference to Mass graves discovered in north-eastern Mexico. The Head of State has asked its 19 ministers to follow his example by being present on all this social network.

Blog - Handhelds: PSP stops go

Amazon failure leaves FourSquare service

If the tag fails, fall services. This is what is happening to the Amazon department store, through its Internet data service EC2, has left no connections to sites such as Foursquare, Reddit or Quran. The failure is also affecting European sites that have contracted with Amazon their Internet data services.

All pages warn that there is a glitch, while Amazon has issued a statement explaining the incidence and promises it is working to fix it soon. But many companies do not have to affect you.

PowerColor HD 6850 Single Slot Edition

PowerColor is introducing the new video card PowerColor HD 6850 Single Slot Edition, which as you can imagine the name, is a solution that occupies only one slot on the motherboard, thanks to a sink and a length slightly greater than the reference board. The card is equipped with an HDMI 1.4a port, a DVI and two DisplayPort 1.2, the power connector is 6 pin while the core and memory frequencies are standard: 775 and 4000 MHz and the amount of memory is 1GB GDDR5 .

Obama participates in the first rally through Facebook

For the first time a U.S. president has gone on Wednesday to participate in a rally through Facebook. However, little had to see the largest Internet social network, which already has 600 million users in a debate rather was an interview with its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, to Barack Obama. Facebook is merely put its director, its offices and logos, and Obama was devoted to repeating the arguments he has already shelled repeatedly avoided public appearances since the federal government shutdown with a budget deal with Republicans, the past eight April.

Nokia: net profit down slightly in first quarter

The world's leading mobile phones, Nokia, announced on Thursday, April 21, earnings declined slightly. In the first three months of the year, Nokia posted a net profit of 344 million euros, or 1.4% less than last year (349 million). But this result is well above the consensus reached by Dow Jones Newswires, which projected 279 million.

In the same period, sales rose 9.2% to 10.39 billion, according to the quarterly report of the Finnish group. These figures are the first published by Nokia since the new CEO, Canadian Stephen Elop said in February that the group was facing stiff competition from the iPhone, Blackberry and Google in the lucrative niche of the smartphone.

The iPhone track users? The controversy exploded on the Web

ROME - The case has opened an article by O'Reilly, and is one that a few seconds ago around the web. According to the researchers Alasdair Allan and Pete Warden, from version 4 on the OS of the iPhone and iPad (3G version) keeps track of positions and movements of the user, and data are saved in a hidden file that is resistant to the formatting of the apparatus.

The two have since made an application that allows you to graphically display this data on a geographical map, and although the findings are different from the user community of IOS are also several cases of people who complain about the failure. We are being spied on? The controversy on whether Apple is able to collect these data has exploded immediately.

The "G8 of the Internet" will be held late May in Paris

The "G8 of the Internet" will bring together 800 to 1000 guests in Paris on May 24 and 25, announced Thursday, April 21, the event organizer, Maurice Levy. This international forum, also called "e-G8" will be held at the Tuileries Gardens, confirmed the chief executive of Publicis Group, mandated by Nicolas Sarkozy to implement it.

The French president has decided to organize a forum with private players in the Internet a few days before the G8 to be held on May 26 and 27 in Deauville. For the first time, the question of the Internet will be on the agenda of the Summit of Heads of State and Government. "ACCELERATING GROWTH" The forum's aim is "to see how the Internet, digital and mobile communication can accelerate growth in developed countries," said the boss of Publicis.

IPhone collect the movement history of users

Two researchers have revealed, Wednesday, April 20, the Apple mobile devices have a system to monitor and keep track of the movement of their users. According to security experts Alasdair Allan and Pete Warden, information such as latitude and longitude of the users of iPhone 3G or iPad, associated with time information, are recorded on a file.

"The most immediate problem is that these data are stored in an easily readable on your device," they said. Almost a year INFORMATION COLLECTED Unlike location-based services, such as Foursquare, users can not disable it. The two researchers have even developed a program for visualizing geospatial data in mobile devices from Apple.

The conditions of detention are still controversial Bradley Manning

Bradley Manning, the American soldier suspected of supplying classified documents to Wikileaks, has changed in prison Wednesday, April 20. Detained since July 2010 at the military prison at Quantico (Virginia), near Washington, he was transferred to another military detention center in Kansas, in the central United States.

The conditions of detention of a former intelligence analyst, who faces jail for life, caused considerable controversy in recent months, the young soldier providing isolated and bullied. Bradley Manning, whose lawyer filed a complaint against prison conditions, said the military authorities in charge of his case have abused their authority by classifying it as a detainee at risk, likely to endanger their physical integrity and requesting conditions of "maximum security".

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Apple blasts Samsung

The U.S. technology manufacturer Apple has filed a lawsuit against Samsung for concept of plagiarism it focuses specifically on Samsung S Galaxy Galaxy Samsung 4G and Tab. Steve Jobs and his never dismiss the possibility of weakening the competition, so Apple has already begun campaigning against Samsung in the courts.

According to Apple the overlaps between between Samsung 4G Galaxy and S 3G/3GS iPhone is "indisputable", to equal that in the case of the new Galaxy Tab and the iPad. No doubt both tablets and mobile phones look alike, but the "like" plagiarism is a long way. Both devices have a simple design and little stylized disernir plagiarism in a very basic model is very complicated.

Toshiba launches portable 3D glasses

Nintendo 3DS pioneered but today the 3D glasses has become a fancy for many. Toshiba has joined this trend and has introduced its first portable 3D glasses but with a special addition, simultaneous 2D and 3D. What do we mean by simultaneous 2D and 3D? As the new Toshiba Dynabook Qosmio T851/D8CR plus 3D glasses design allows us to split the screen into zones and determine which one will or not 3D.

LCP-670, an extremely compact desktop computer

The Stealth technology manufacturer has introduced a new mini-desktop with powerful features that will really have to talk, it is the new LCP-670 and has configurations with the latest Intel. The new LCP-670 is powered by Intel Core ranges i3, i5 i7 or very powerful, with the range i5 already have 2.4 GHz processors capable of supporting large amounts of computer processing.

Also we will choose SSDs up to 750 gigabytes of storage and up to 8 GB of DDR3 RAM. In terms of design we must also note their size, no doubt we are facing one of the most compact PC market with measures of 16.6 × 15.7 × 4.8 cm. As for the price nothing is known yet but will keep you informed.