Monday, April 18, 2011

Australian scientists are able to transmit information instantly

A team of Australian researchers from the University of New South Wales in Canberra, together with scientists from the University of Tokyo, Japan, have managed to instantly transmit information through quantum photons. The experiment consists of transmitting information from point A to point B in the space through the use of photons, yet the communication is not instant but it is moving at light speed, but it's certainly a big step.

NEC introduces N-06C

The NEC technology manufacturing company has introduced its new smartphone will go on sale this year, it is the NEC N-06C according to a new ad that will be submerged. It turns out that the Japanese firm NEC has officially announced some of the technical characteristics of the new smartphone that will be released this year.

The N-06C has a very good technology but the main point is the ability to dive into the water to a depth meter shot by IPX5 and IPX7 standards. Other features will find that the N-06C is powered by a 1 GHz processor, has 4-inch touch screen with a maximum resolution of 480 x 854, 1 GB of ROM, 512 RAM, Wi-Fi and 3G .

Nikon announces a new target

One of the leading companies in Photography Nikon has announced the launch of a new target for digital cameras, it is the new AF-S NIKKOR 50mm F/1.8G. Nikon and took a big step earlier this year to incorporate autofocus cameras in all its semi-professional line, especially in the Nikon Nikon Nikon D5100 and D3100, but now has returned to anticipate filing a new target represents an improvement very interesting for photographers who do not want to invest in the technology of a professional camera.

Cloud computing, are the rules the user wants a "cloud" safe

Cloud computing requires new laws to protect users and guide companies. To avoid the "Wild West" and to support the development of a market now estimated at 16.5 billion dollars in the world, but with a potential 55 billion in 2014 (according to IDC research observatory). And 'the theme, more political than technical, addressed today in Rome 4 Cloud Skills event, organized by Microsoft at the headquarters of the European Parliament in Italy, with a comparison between the political, institutional and business sector.

Chrome translates to dictation

Improvement, for now, only works in the latest version of Google browser, Chrome 11. The voice recognition system Google translator is installed in the browser, which is already permitted in the Android phones. Simply enter the cover of Translate and choose English (the language together in the works for now.) An icon resembling a microphone.

From that moment, the words that the user is speaking your language, go on to become English words and vice versa.

Point of View GeForce GTX 590 introduces the Beast Edition

Point of View "a leading provider of Nvidia graphics cards, today introduced the Point of View GeForce GTX 590 Beast Edition, carsatterizzata system liquid cooling Water Block Aquagrafx, which guarantees the maximum of the efficiency. The board is equipped with 2 GF110 GPU overclocked to 691MHz, 1382MHz and to the shared memory to 3701MHz. compared with standard frequencies are 607MHz for the GPU. The cooling system is provided, should guarantee at least 30 degrees less than the air cooling.

Google videos iewing service closes

Internet users have until May 13 to remove videos that were hosted on Google Video, a service created in 2005 that became meaningless for the company after the acquisition of YouTube. In fact, since last year and did not allow Google Videos new parts and 29 April and can not see its content. Google lets you download content through the inclusion of a specific button for it.

Users who do not remove the content can not access them again. The company recommends transferring the videos to YouTube. Engadget plays the company statement, which states: "We always thought the best thing about Google Video is the possibility it offers users to browse videos from all over the web, whatever page you are staying .

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European children very active on social networks

Children are increasingly present on online social networks like Facebook, but always be aware of the risks they take into revealing private information, warned on Monday 18 April the European Commission. "A growing number of children on social networking sites, but many do not take all necessary steps to protect themselves," said the Commissioner for new technologies, Neelie Kroes.

According to a survey of 25 000 young people from 25 European countries published by Brussels, 38% of 9-12 year olds have a profile on a social networking site. For the age group 13-16 years, the figure rises to 77%. According to Commission data, young French Internet users, between 9 and 12, are below the European average (25%), but the French are 13-16 years for their part above the average ( 82% of respondents).

Music, video and data in the "cloud telematics" War on the Google-Apple mobile phone of the future

It's called "digital cloud," and is a space on the Internet where you can put songs and images available anywhere. Hence the image of a cloud with our files, that follows us everywhere. The idea has been revived in recent days from Amazon, which has long been cultivated for Apple (MobileMe), and Google is also the match with Gmail, Google Docs, Google eBooks.

The Apple of Steve Jobs, in fact, it might be bitten by the two competitors, because Amazon and Google have formed a strategic alliance by launching more advanced services than the Apple. First things first. In late March, Amazon introduced Cloud Drive, where you can store up to five gigabytes of music, photos and video.

Blog - The application that references the crime in your neighborhood

In Britain, a social network allows everyone to raise the nature and number of crimes committed in his neighborhood. The purpose of the application is scientific.

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The major online poker sites U.S. accused of money laundering

The founders of the three largest online poker sites operating in the United States were charged with bank fraud and money laundering, announced Friday, April 15 American justice. They are accused of having concealed the income from gambling on the internet, banned in this country. Although online gambling are prohibited in the United States since 2006, poker sites on the Internet accumulate billions of dollars by circumventing the law, notably by relocating abroad.

The sites xxx officially launched

After more than ten years of heated debate, the first sites. xxx domain name for pornographic sites were launched this weekend. The new domain was added Friday to the root of the Internet, one month after approval. xxx by Icann, the agency that manages the network. According to ICM, the company responsible for managing the .xxx, nearly 600,000 domain names have already been reserved. Almost all of the addresses do not host currently no sites, the most emblematic of them, sex. xxx, for example, is used by ICM. Much criticized, both by anti-pornography groups who are motivated, but also by industry professionals, who fear that this area is blocked in some countries .xxx has been a long debate.

HTC plans to launch a mobile 16-megapixel camera

A new spot introduced through Youtube to take shape the rumor that the mobile manufacturer HTC is considering launching a mobile 16-megapixel camera. The rumor suggests that HTC is working on a new smartphone which camera is the main attraction comes alive with the launch of a spot quite striking. We do not spot has been confirmed to be official, but more and more sites that refer to the news.