Friday, March 11, 2011

Lenovo launches new school notebook

The signature technology manufacturer Lenovo has introduced its new model of laptops for school and academic purposes, it is the Lenovo Classmate +, a simple but comprehensive notebook and resilient. Lenovo Classmate + has features very simple with a design that includes a 10.1-inch screen, features an Intel Atom humble, 250 GB hard drive with optional SSD, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, 1.3 megapixel camera and several ports USB 2.0.

The Nintendo 3DS arrives this March

Through an official announcement from Nintendo Europe have been able to confirm the launch of the eagerly awaited successor to Nintendo DS, Nitendo 3DS is the first console that offers 3D glasses, an excellent experience I must admit. The Nintendo 3DS since its announcement has generated a lot of expectation and has been one of the most anticipated consoles this year, from their presentations at fairs that have not been more approvals for its fantastic 3D display without glasses.

Sony introduces three new speakers

The firm Sony has announced three new speakers to hit the market within a month, there are three simple and economic systems but with some very powerful options. On the one hand throws the SRS-A3, a line of small Alvoco classic design with 5w of power. The most interesting of the notice are the new models in the SRS D presented their models and SRS SRS-D4-D5, two very different speakers that have good bass and more power.

Verbatim has a mini keyboard and mouse wireless notebook spirit

Verbatim is known for its products such as storage media, peripherals but also be strong, but it seems that dares also an interesting concept peripherals. This is a pairing of mini keyboard and mouse wireless notebook with a clear mind, at least in terms of design concept. This keyboard and mouse Verbatim Mini Wireless Slim, with a very small main attraction.

In classic black keyboard reminiscent of a laptop in its design, which includes multimedia controls. It seems very complete and makes good combination with the mouse to play USB connection as a minimum. I said, size does matter and here Verbatim has endeavored to reduce it to users who require maximum comfort during transport.

Visual Interactive - What happened to the download services?

Amazon is the only way to deal with iPad 2, according to Forrester

Amazon, the online store par excellence, can change the landscape of the world of tablets. Could launch their own tablet over the next months, or at least this is the latest rumor circulating through the network. In fact it is said that Amazon itself is the only one who can hurt Apple and its iPad 2.

This statement comes from Forrester, a U.S. company dedicated to conducting market research to all areas and levels. Have studied the world of tablets and have determined that Xoom, Galaxy Tab 10.1 and company can not cope with the Apple ecosystem, where it meets the physical distribution with stores located throughout the world, and an excellent shop with dozens of applications of thousands of programs available to the user.

Blog - "Odyssey" gameplay elements

The Homefront Korea becomes superpower, the U.S. fears

The United States on their knees to the unchecked rise in oil prices, which they attach together the two Koreas, Japan and become the first Asian power, the failure of the UN and the economic collapse of Europe. These are some of the events that make up the fictional prologue Homefront, shooter games out March 15 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, in which a former pilot joins the resistance in America invaded Korea.

Unreal Engine 4 arrives with the new consoles Xbox720 and PS4

Recently there has been much talk about the new implementation of DirectX 11 in Unreal Engine 3 technology demo and thanks to the disclosed appreciated everything, but there comes a news release about the future of 'Unreal Engine 4, which is said to be released only with advent of new consoles Xbox720 and PS4.

The news comes directly from Mark Rein, vice president of Epic Games, who said: The new features mentioned by Mack Rein, are referred to Teck Demo "Samaritan", which was disclosed a few days ago, and that takes advantage of the new engine with DirecX 11. The demo has greatly impressed those who saw it, it was not possible that in future product is a game inspired by the demo.

BitMate the "BitTorrent in developing countries"

Umar Saif, Associate Professor at the University of Lahore, Pakistan, has BitMate a BitTorrent client that has the particularity to be accessible with low-speed Internet connections. Why did you decide to develop a P2P [peer-to-peer] to developing countries? The peer-to-peer (P2P) represents almost 70% of the total traffic on the Internet, against 10% in developing countries.

The reason is that this protocol provides a platform very robust and scalable for large data transfers, electronic books to videos via patches computer. The problem is that the architecture of P2P clients like BitTorrent, is that the performance deteriorates much when using low-speed connections.

Why reuse of public data for commercial purposes must be free

The association LiberTIC Nantes, in France an indispensable source on the issue of open government data, released last week a note explaining why the reuse of public data for commercial purposes must remain free. This position argued, based on a conviction and vision, is not so easy to take, especially since the City of Nantes has just announced a different decision.

Everyone is free to test the model of choice, but we must measure the proponents of the economic equation in progress, as we said a few years ago already read the report on the intangible economy. LibertTIC arguments deserve in any case be heard with attention, particularly because they advance the debate.

Blog - The "censorship" of LOPPSI2? Surgery "cosmetic"

The Constitutional Council has not censored the Loppsi2 13 articles, but 13 passages of 142 articles. The nuance is significant. And even a cosmetic surgery can erase some lackluster details without fundamentally changing the actual state of the person effected, censorship carried out by the Sages did not fundamentally change the scope of this 42nd security law since 2002.

Video - "Compile": devices

The 15-24 year-olds watch TV on any screen at any time

The kids are watching more television on their computer or smartphone. That is the conclusion drawn by the bi-annual study, called "Global TV" plubliée Médiamétrie Thursday, March 10. According to the survey, contestants from the TV capture more and more attention for 15-24 years, a new category named by the Institute of audience measurement, the "Atawad.

They want to consume television Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device, that is to say anytime, anywhere on any screen. Now, nearly one in four young people, consumes TV programs anywhere, anytime, regardless of medium. In adults, these new behaviors are however a small minority. Only 8% aged 15 and older engage in these three approaches.

Virtual drug traffickers in Ciudad Juarez dislike Mexican authorities

A virtual world, real controversy ... While the French publisher Ubisoft announced video game for the summer of 2011, the worldwide release of "Call of Juarez: the Cartel," the legislators of the State of Chihuahua have demanded an end February to ban the sale of the game on Mexican territory. Third installment in the series "Call of Juarez", he plays by local authorities on the violent reputation of Ciudad Juarez, a city of 1.5 million inhabitants, located on the US-Mexico border.

"Brain", the first computer virus was born 25 years ago in Pakistan

Discovered in 1986, the first PC viruses contained references of its authors in Pakistan. 25 years later, in February, Mikko Hypponen, Manager of Research Laboratories of F-Secure, he went to Lahore to meet them. The creators of the virus are the brothers Basit and Amjad Farooq Alvi Farooq Alvi today, along with third brother Shahid Farooq Alvi, lead a successful Internet Service Provider, called the videointerview Brain Telecommunication Ltd Brain - Searching for the Virus is the first PC title of the video reportage of the journey, lasting 10 minutes, made by F-Secure.

Rovio, the inventor of 'Angry Birds', raises $ 42 million

The Finnish software developer Rovio, inventor of the famous game for mobile phones Angry Birds, announced Thursday, March 10, he had raised $ 42 million (30.5 million euros) to finance its expansion. "We will strengthen Rovio position and continue to extend our franchises in games, merchandising and media ", welcomed the chief and cofounder of Rovio, Mikael Hed, in a statement.

These funds were raised by the Intermediate Corporate venture capital firm Accel Partners and Atomico Ventures, with participation of Felicis Ventures. The small company Rovio has gained worldwide recognition a year ago by Angry Birds, a game for smartphones in which players catapult Bird cartoon strongholds held by pigs green egg thieves.

iPhone 5 could be done this way?

Rumors about the new iPhone 5 now follows each other almost every week. The latest rumor comes from Chinese site idealschina. com, a manufacturer of covers and accessories for iPhone, which shows some drawings. From the photos show it would seem that the new iPhone will not change much on aesthetics, except the screen size increases.

These rumors are to clash with the background that they assumed a restyling of the new iPhone with a curvature of the back cover made of aluminum and a lot of similarity with iPad 2.

Firefox RC1 arrives 4

Mozilla after many delays and 12 beta, was able to release the RC1 release candidate 4 of its Firefox browser, fixing bugs well 8 million in 8 months of testing and throwing out the interface and the Gecko engine and the JavaScript 2 . Firefox 4 as many of you know has changed is the interface is inside, where there is a renewed version of the Gecko 2.0 engine, revisited in every detail and a new JavaScript engine much faster and able to take advantage of hardware acceleration video cards.

Google introduces a button to block sites

Google has announced on its official blog that will introduce a new button in your list of search results. With those who can go to the cached version or similar sites will see a third party. Google explained that sometimes the surfer finds a place in the results presented as pornographic, offensive or of poor quality.

In these cases, and if the surfer have an account at Google, you can press the button so you will not be presented in future searches. When you click the button above, Internet users receive a message confirming the blocking or waived. The next time you perform a search in the browser shows sites rejected by the internet, will not appear on the list.

Special keyboard to Facebook

Facebook has 600 million members and is a figure powerful enough for third think about products aimed directly at them. A sample is Snake. This is a computer keyboard designed for use by the community social network Facebook. In addition to traditional keys, displays, side, 19 buttons to give direct orders and accurate various steps that can be made within Facebook.

On the left side, show 11 buttons to view messages, view alerts, edit your profile, join new groups, go to help adjust your privacy settings or return to the home page, among others. On the right side, eight buttons are dedicated, among other things, to send photos, videos, add Facebook to the website of the Internet ...

Dutch Justice annuls the seizure of 300 000 PlayStation 3

Sony will be able to repossess the 300,000 PlayStation 3 seized by Dutch customs in the wake of its legal battle with the manufacturer LG Electronics. Dutch courts had indeed ordered consoles seized since the end of February are made by Sony, which will resume distribution in the European market. LG has launched in early February of litigation against Sony for infringement of several patents for disc playback bluray player, whose PlayStation 3 is equipped.

Loppsi 2: Wise validate blocking child pornography sites

The Constitutional Council censored, Thursday, March 10, thirteen provisions of the Internal Security Act (Loppsi 2) voted Feb. 8 to the Government's initiative to strengthen law enforcement's arsenal against crime and criminality. Among the main passages Retoque text, which has 142 provisions is the possibility of extending the minimum sentences for minors, so far reserved only for repeat offenders, a regulation that was "contrary to constitutional requirements of juvenile criminal justice" depending on the institution.

Facebook says goodbye to FBML, its language "home"

"Pages" of Facebook, dedicated to businesses and individuals, are revamped. First visually, with a design that sembable profiles of individuals (who had been amended in December), but also at the heart of the code, with the disappearance of 11 March FBML language, created by and for Facebook, the advantage of the iFrame, which allows the use of the Web standard languages \u200b\u200bsuch as HTML, CSS or JavaScript.

Sony PlayStation on Tegra Nvidia Suite 2, paving the way to their tablets

The lucky users Nvidia Tegra hardware devices have reason to be happy in regard to recreational land, as it has been officially PlayStation Suite support on these devices. Some users browsing the application Tegra Zone Xoom compatible devices such as Motorola, have discovered the announcement of the arrival of the games that are developing in Suite PlayStation platform.

Sony Ericsson Xperia seems Play is not restricted, but we must bear in mind that the games will be developed for the Sony machine, so it does not exploit the superior graphics power Tegra 2, but seen from another angle, enlarge the catalog with good games is also a welcome idea. PlayStation Suite recall that has cross-platform development tools, but destined for Android devices, as we explained in the presentation.

The U.S. Senate is looking into accusations against Google

The U.S. Senate committee responsible for issues of abuse of dominant position consideration during the next session of Parliament the charges of obstructing competition against Google, said the Wisconsin Senator Herb Kohl, who publishes on its website the program committee for the next parliamentary session.

"In recent years, the dominance of Google, the largest search engine in the world, has increased the search results. In this perspective, we examine the accusations of online commerce sites that say they are unfairly poorly referenced and are facing difficulties in buying advertising, "details the agenda of the committee.

Sony is working on 3G cameras connected to the cloud

Someone has to take the first step, not surprise me that Sony was responsible in giving, I mean to market a camera with 3G connectivity, which part of its operation and storage is related to the cloud. The sound of the camera 3G (for now no 3D) expands the network with ease it makes sense, and because the source is reliable.

Unfortunately no details, but we understand that we are talking of a Cyber-shot, or perhaps a NEX, but I doubt that goal this possibility in a Alpha series camera. The idea of \u200b\u200bhaving less dependent connectivity such as 3G, is not to make phone calls, but the transmission of content.

Japan: a tool to search for missing persons

Japanese telephone networks are saturated or disturbed, the Internet takes over to help locate persons whose whereabouts are unknown in Japan following the earthquake that struck the country. Besides social networking, Japan Person Finder, a tool introduced by Google, allows users to report their situation and those of people they are.

This database is accessible to families and friends without news of their relatives, who can do a search using the name of the missing person. The site is available in Japanese and English. At the time of this writing, 1,200 people are reported, but the figure is increasing at a rate of 200 additional people every five minutes.

HP denies it will sell its PC division to a brief statement

Unsurprisingly, the rumors that we share yesterday on the sale of HP's PC division has had an impact, which is not expected was that the American company to answer, as it has done. HP has led directly to the environment arising Taiwanese information, Commercial Times, saying they have behaved irresponsibly.

Then the original statement: It is common in HP releases, but ends with a copyright, is necessary in a press release?, Which invites us to think that things can change without notice: We give validity to Commercial Times, that although it sounds to us unknown, a DigiTimes source (for us reliably) used frequently.

Facebook adds a tool to alert of harassment

Facebook users who feel subjected to harassment may not only alert the moderators of the network, but from now on, to their trusted friends. The service allows you to indicate which friends are considered appropriate to give notice to Facebook in case of being attacked. These friends, who play an intermediary role with those who annoy the user, may or may not, within Facebook.

This means that they can tell through a button for it or by sending an email. This move comes shortly after the White House launched a campaign to raise awareness of the importance in the schools this sort of abuse. In fact, the changes will be added gradually in the user profiles have been shown during a conference on anti bullying "promoted by Barack and Michelle Obama.

A false security tool for Android installs virus

Google turns to look at China from where comes the latest threat of infection to the operating system has been developed for mobile, Android. 58 After detecting malicious programs offered applications from the Android Market, which had been downloaded at 260,000 phones, used the Android Market Secutiry Tool to block and clean applications infectious malware phones.

Symantec has located an application of Chinese origin, which mimics the Android security tools and offers download to clean the phone. It is actually a Trojan that contains a virus which apparently allows giving instructions for sending SMS. Google has warned customers that they must use Android accredited sites for these purposes.

Philips Air Fryer, the fryer or smell, or stain, or fattening

Attend presentations from brands such as Philips and entering very unusual times in universes that are related to high technology, but hardly seem the product of a screenwriter's wet dream of home shopping at dawn. Inter-connected TVs, audio systems and wireless headsets latest generation Philips event surprised us with a live demonstration of the Philips Air Fryer, an appliance that cooks food in a manner much like would be fried, but changing the oil / air.