Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Samsung Dart

Today comes news of a new smartphone from Samsung. Perhaps seeking to lighten the repeated criticism over delays the company has had with Galaxy product line, especially tablet, now presents a new smartphone that is very reminiscent to the Galaxy S. As mentioned the new Samsung Dart is a sort of "miniature version" of Galaxy S.

Even shares many of its technical characteristics, including the processor and screen, and a design style .... The new Samsung Dart comes equipped with a 600 MHz processor, a QVGA type screen, 3 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, micro SD slot, etc.. Prices do not yet have information but do not have to wait too long and the new Samsung Dart will be put on sale tomorrow in the United States.

More details of Motorola Droid 3

As we approach the launch date in the U.S. Motorola reveals information about its new smartphone. Motorola is the Droid 3, a mobile that comes in search of wiping lovers QWERTY physical keyboard. Starting with the screens we have confirmed that the phone will display the type equipping a pentyl, a display model that offers excellent results in direct exposure to light alone, however, has presented some problems in previous models.

JBL OnBeat, a new concept of docks

At this point in technological gadgets accessories have generated their own market worldwide. Hundreds are items that go on sale in search of a piece of cake, because today we have to teach one to be very interesting for fans of Apple. This is the new JBL OnBeat, a dock that gives us full compatibility with operating systems "apple." Although the design does not add anything new to what is new is that we used for all line items iOS, something he has offered us no other accessory.

HP video shows the main functions of webOS 3

HP now seems ready lalla marketing of its new HP TouchPad, which should be July 1, this tablet is characterized by the presence of a proprietary operating system, called webOS at version 3, due to the imminent commercialization HP has decided to issue a video demonstration of the new operating system.

Political Blog Vertigo: Hetero-iD, lesbian fantasies

"Shame on you": Two bloggers reap the wrath of the Internet because they presented themselves as lesbian political activists. One critic wrote when Syrian regime, the other posted as "Paula Brooks" from the U.S. - they even flirted with each other via the web. Hamburg - Just days after an American had known that the alleged Syrian regime critic and lesbian blogger Amina Abdallah Arraf only a fictional character, was another alleged blogger was unmasked.

Richard Stallman: "The user must monitor the program, not the reverse"

Richard Stallman is one of the "fathers" of free software, programs whose source code is public and editable. Activist for a radical and comprehensive reform of copyright, he discusses the changing world of law, technology and computing. In some areas, free software that you are defending seems to have won the battle in the area of servers, for example, the share is overwhelming.

These victories are not permanent. The largest sector for people's freedom is the personal computer and mobile phone. I have no mobile phone: these objects are monitoring. It's inevitable, but I do not want Big Brother knows where I am. The software of these mini-computers should be free, but no model avoids proprietary software [or owner, that is to say non-free].

Hadopi: 17 platforms get the first labels PUR

The Hadopi awarded, Tuesday, June 14, its first labels to 17 platforms legal offers of cultural content on the Internet. PUR label for "Promotion of responsible use" will be affixed to these services. "The public is assured that the platforms that affix the label offer online content that respects the rights of creators," says the site clean.

fr. Among the platforms having been awarded the PUR, ten offer music (Beezik, Deezer, CD1D, Musicovery, My Surround, Universal Music Web, Orange MusicStore, Ecompil, Fnac, Qobuz). Three other offer video on demand (Videoavolonte, Allo videos mobile OffTV), three video games and software (Toomaï, DLgamer, Boonty) and one of the photographs (Fotolia).

Minor hacking of the site of the U.S. Senate

Lulzsec, the hacker group has reported in recent weeks by hacking into sites of Sony or the American television channel PBS, released documents showing that the group was able to partially penetrate the website of the U.S. Senate. Published documents are not particularly sensitive experiments, mostly of logs (operating history) of a site server.

"Is this an act of war, gentlemen?" pretends to question the group in a message accompanying the papers, referring to recent statements from NATO and U.S. military that a hacker could constitute an act of war, in which an armed response would be made. The Senate has decided to undertake an audit of all its security systems, but no confidential document was released by the pirates, who have apparently he could not fully penetrate the network of the Senate.

Nokia and Apple soldent their legal dispute

World number one mobile phone, Finnish Nokia, said, Tuesday, June 14, its U.S. rival Apple agreed to pay royalties to settle all their disputes over its use of several technologies patented by Nokia. "Apple and Nokia have agreed to drop all pending and adopted a license that covers each part of the other patents," said a spokesman for Apple.

"We're pleased that Apple is joining the growing number of people who adopt technologies Nokia ... This agreement demonstrates the value of Nokia's patent portfolio," responded the Finnish group's executive director, Stephen Elop said in a statement. Nokia also said that the agreement ending the proceedings, whose terms remain confidential, would enhance its earnings for the second quarter.