Tuesday, February 1, 2011

U.S. blocks Tarjetaroja.org

The U.S. authorities have closed the tarjetaroja domain. org for linking to content that did not have the copyright. Tarjetaroja other domains, like. com, still standing does not depend on the U.S. authorities. The site is one of the most popular football matches on the internet. From the early hours of Tuesday morning, on the cover of tarjetaroja.

org are three arms of U.S. government agencies and a notice which states, in English, the site is down for "reproduce or distribute copyrighted material without permission of the owners of copyright." All ORG domain names are those of PIR (Public Interest Registry) in the U.S. since January 2003.

However, tarjetaroja. com, run by VeriSign, still pointing to the right place. This administrative decision is in conflict with the Spanish court rulings. Last May the hearing of Madrid dismissed the Audiovisual Export calling Tarjetaroja closing. com for violation of intellectual property.

In the order, the judge ensured that the site was a "broker" because its leaders "do not hold public communication of works protected by Intellectual Property Law (LPI)). The judge recalled that provide links to watch football is not illegal. In November last year, the U.S. Senate approved a bill to combat piracy and counterfeiting.

The main measure is the closure of sites that allow downloads of content protected by the deregistration of its website. The standard adopted by 19 votes to none against, had the support of the majors and the Chamber of Commerce of that country. For Electronic Frontier, the standard means of Internet censorship and can damage the credibility of the United States as ultimate responsibility for Internet domain system.

The law must be passed by the full Senate and get to the Congress.

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