Thursday, June 23, 2011

U.S. investigating whether Google is abusing its dominant position

The Federal Trade Commission U.S. prepares an investigation to establish whether the company has abused or not its dominant position on the web. The five members of the antitrust commission to prepare to send Google a formal request for information in the coming days, according to The Wall Street Journal.

It is possible that other companies received requests for information about their business relationship with Google. Although the state of research is embryonic, the opening of it is a leap over previous investigations launched by U.S. authorities on Google.

Updatye: Oracle's complaint against Google

The U.S. Patent Office, the United States Patent and Trademark Office has invalidated, on Tuesday, part of the patents relied on by Oracle in a major complaint against Google. Oracle, which publishes such Java after the acquisition of Sun Microsystems, accuses Google of deliberately violated several of its patents in the design of Android, the operating system for mobiles and tablets of the search engine, and is seeking billions of dollars in damages.

PopCap acquired by Electronic Arts?

PopCap, the famous American publisher of video games, is about to be redeemed. According to the specialized site TechCrunch, citing two unnamed sources, the transaction amount would be $ 1 billion , and Electronic Arts (EA) would be the purchaser. The day before, TechCrunch mentioned several other potential buyers, even evoking Zynga, a leading games on Facebook, and publisher in Asia.

Best buy is launching its music service in the cloud

Amazon, Google, Apple and now Best Buy. The U.S. computer store points to the phenomenon of music services in the cloud with Music Cloud, to store and enjoy streaming music library (no direct download) computer (PC and Mac), mobile and tablet. The registration is done by e-mail account. Then you have to install the application on your computer to transfer only the music stored in your iTunes library, ie songs that are stored outside the Apple player not on this program.

The bunga bunga lands on iPhone and iPad

The bunga bunga becomes a game. In the era of wi-fi and touch screen, the Prime Minister Berlusconi arrives on iPhone and iPad Supermario version. It's called Angry Bunga, and a downloadable application on the site and purchased the Apple I-Tunes the modest sum of 79 cents. The graphics are reminiscent of the famous Super Mario Bros from Nintendo, but this time no plumber in overalls, but the Italian prime minister in a double.

Harry Potter, 'e-book' for October

As of October, Harry Potter magic change-gothic environments of Hogwarts School for digital adventure: the boy wizard will move to the Internet to promote the sale of their adventures through eBooks. The Scottish author JK Rowling has filed in the Victoria and Albert the Pottermore portal through which to channel the digital adventure.

There will be a mere bookstore: Pottermore wants to be primarily a way to prolong the relationship between the series and readers. This will become a character themselves and have the opportunity to discover new material in which Rowling details the history and character of the characters and environments over 20 years and seven books have shaped the Potter phenomenon.

Netherlands imposed by law on the Net neutrality

The principle of Net Neutrality supporters win. The Congress of Deputies approved an amendment to the Netherlands of the telecommunications law which prevents Internet service providers block or to pay more for the use of certain services. The majority voted for an amendment to the support of the Minister of Economic Affairs, Maxime Verhagen. "This is not to prevent or charge more for access to certain services such as Skype or WhatsApp", told  a ministry spokesman.

If you have no Internet connection, the Chromebook not worth much of anything

This laptop presented tonight in London between fanfare, designed by Google, and manufactured by Samsung, is only justified if he contracted with a 3G internet connection. And Chromebook not come free.

Chromebook is a laptop attached to a browser. No desk. No hard drive. No programs. No slot for the DVD. Why, then someone is going to pay it? Because according Seokpil Kim, President of Samsung Europe Chromebook 5 series is quick, easy and secure.

Brazil, a new victim of the Lulzsec attacks

The wave of cyber attacks against companies and governments around the world already has a new victim: Brazil. In a statement issued today by Chairman, Brazil has managed to avoid an attempt at hacking a website and two other government websites. LulZsec group responsible for attacks on the U.S. Senate, the U.S. intelligence agency (CIA), Nintendo and Sony, has claimed the action and announced more "surprises" on your Twitter account. The attacks from "electronic robots" were detected in the early hours of Wednesday by the Data Processing Service (Serpro) and immediately aborted "The Serpro security system, where the three portals are staying, blocked all the actions of hackers, causing the bottleneck of the networks and let the pages inaccessible for about an hour.