Thursday, June 23, 2011

Harry Potter, 'e-book' for October

As of October, Harry Potter magic change-gothic environments of Hogwarts School for digital adventure: the boy wizard will move to the Internet to promote the sale of their adventures through eBooks. The Scottish author JK Rowling has filed in the Victoria and Albert the Pottermore portal through which to channel the digital adventure.

There will be a mere bookstore: Pottermore wants to be primarily a way to prolong the relationship between the series and readers. This will become a character themselves and have the opportunity to discover new material in which Rowling details the history and character of the characters and environments over 20 years and seven books have shaped the Potter phenomenon.

Rowling does so the combined effect of bringing to the reading to a young audience that it attracts more and more Internet surfing and less the act of devouring books use the lure of new work to attract more adult reader to whom input may seem less tempting become himself the digital character, and while keeping herself a certain relation to Potter without the slavery of having to write eighth delivery.

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