Friday, July 29, 2011

Nintendo announced cut down the price of 3DS

The Empire Super Mario begins to falter. Or at least put a foot wrong. Nintendo has just announced that from Aug. 12 to reduce by nearly one third the price of its latest handheld console, the 3DS, just four months after its launch. Despite the screen 3d "glassless", which does not require the use of goggles, the ivy of the machine world's best selling video game just does not seem to have made inroads among consumers.

Google to open a paid service to speed up web pages

Google today introduced a new service, but this time they have to pay. This is Page Speed Service and promises to optimize the customer site to your query is made faster, giving an acceleration between 25 and 60% higher than the other sites. As explained in the corporate blog, you must join the site to an address in Google, from which to rewrite the code of the content for faster viewing and then be displayed to visitors of the site from the servers of the company.

Google launches hotel search engine

As usual, Google has launched a new product without prior notice and with operating exclusively in the USA. Hotel Finder Hotel is the search engine Google. The novelty with respect to searches is the sum of common factors. First, it includes the price directly from the results suggested. The browser, which works more accurately from the mobile phone, take the client's position, which can draw on the map in which area you prefer to find accommodation, recommendations sum social acquaintances and to set a price range.

Strong yen, earthquake and piracy: Sony revises forecast downward

The giant Japanese consumer electronics Sony revised its earnings forecast significantly down on Thursday in the publication of its quarterly results. The company, which announced $ 140 million loss this quarter, reduced by over 20% of its earnings forecast for the year. Sony is suffering from a combination of difficulties that led him to revise its forecast just two months after the publication of the latter.