Friday, July 29, 2011

Nintendo announced cut down the price of 3DS

The Empire Super Mario begins to falter. Or at least put a foot wrong. Nintendo has just announced that from Aug. 12 to reduce by nearly one third the price of its latest handheld console, the 3DS, just four months after its launch. Despite the screen 3d "glassless", which does not require the use of goggles, the ivy of the machine world's best selling video game just does not seem to have made inroads among consumers.

And this cut means that sales are so bad as to force a march back to Kyoto that sounds like blatant. That the price was the star we had written, like so many others. Yet, after the success of the DS with its 150 million pieces and that the Wii console that stands between the house with almost 90 million copies, it was a mistake so gross it was not easy to predict.

Instead, the United States as in Japan and Europe, people no longer seem willing to pay a similar amount for a console in your pocket. Especially considering the amount and quality of games available now everywhere, from social networks to smartphones to the tablet, at prices so low. 3DS overseas in April it had sold just 830,000 for a total of 3.6 million worldwide, according to the statement from Nintendo itself.

Well below the minimum target of four million deemed to achieve. But obviously things have gone since then only getting worse. So much so that the title of the multinational Zelda and Donkey Kong, which was trading in Tokyo earlier this year to nearly 25,000 yen, 14,000 yen is now at an altitude.

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