Sunday, July 31, 2011

Google TV and Logitech lose money

The joint venture between Logitech and Google Google TV does not give good results. The manufacturer of encoder Revue Logitech has dropped the selling price of $ 249 to 99 which represents a cost of $ 34 million on the results of the group. Encoder sales were "slightly negative" between April and June this year, according to Logitech.

The returns have been higher than a sales "very modest" in his own words. Logitech expects the improvements to Google TV, the incorporation of the Android application store, encourage supply. Logitech believes that the buyer perceived a notable difference between the price too much product and the value he gave to it.

The lower prices for "override this misunderstanding." However, the manufacturer claims that his "enthusiasm" for the product remains high. Google TV was announced last year as a new platform that will change the way people watch television for his proposal to move the Internet to the TV screen.

Google TV, based on the Android mobile operating system, was presented as the place where "the TV is with the Web and the Web is to television." Google joined the project to Intel, Sony and Logitech. Initially Sony TVs were what we were equipped with this offer, the paper was to provide an encoder Logitech to allow other brands of TVs using Google TV.

One of the difficulties the project has been the reluctance of broadcasters to join its bid. The Google search engine does not only offer TV grid programs of each station but also access to video content they offer on their websites. Google TV system is designed to read any video available on the Internet, from YouTube clips to full episodes of conventional series.

One of the fears of the stations is that your offer appears mixed with a mountain of content that does not exclude the possibility of pirated videos. The big TV companies believe that Google does not offer a clear business model and are afraid to see cannibalized their content.

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