Monday, January 31, 2011

Meka Thermaltake G1, a mechanical keyboard to play

Meka Thermaltake G1. Under this curious name lies one of the few mechanical keyboards for gamers that exist in the market along with the best known Razer BlackWidow. The Meka G1 becomes part of the family Tt eSports, the range of Thermaltake products for gamers. Meka Thermaltake's G1 must also point out that it is mechanical, which includes several USB ports, headphone and microphone inputs and a small area to support the wrist.

Samsung has a "Phone Iron"

The Korean company Samsung has unveiled its new mobile B2710, a phone, almost all layers of resist. This new device was developed specifically for the industry for a device layers to withstand harsh conditions. As you can see the new Samsung B2710 neglects the aesthetic design in search of a ... Read more »

PRISA acquires the digital gaming magazine Meristation

Digital and Meristation PRISA, the online gaming magazine leader in Spanish-speaking world, have reached an agreement under which the said digital site will become part of PRISA. "This partnership opens a new era of high expectations of collaboration and success for both parties," said Kamal Bherwani, CEO of PRISA Digital.

PRISA in the news stands, "The agreement is part of the new strategy Digital PRISA oriented development and launch of new digital content, and demonstrates the commitment of PRISA" to become a multinational technology " . Online games are one of the strategic sectors for new business development in the digital realm.

The file eMule-Paradise returned to education

This was to be the great trial of downloading illegal earlier this year, but the trial of the site's creators eMule-Paradise, which offered links to download software emule, was cut short: the court recognized that Monday, January 31 a part of the procedure was invalid, and remanded the case to trial.

EMule-Paradise, a leading directory of links eMule French, attracted over 300,000 visitors per day at the height of his popularity. Created and maintained by a small team, the site had angered the rights holders, who were demanding substantial damages for 10 million euros in total, for the provision of more than 7000 films - a figure disputed by the defense.

Samsung launches new LED display line

The Korean company developer of technology products Samsung has introduced its new line of LED monitors from which we find new models SA300 and SA350, both capable of reducing energy consumption up to 50%. After last CES 2011 there are many who were impressed by the performance ... Read more »

Researchers: Google operating system overhauled Nokia

From fourth best in the world: Google's Android operating system dominates the smartphone market worldwide. Estimated 101 million smart phones, manufacturers have shipped worldwide in the fourth quarter of 2010 - one in three runs with Google software. Microsoft loses slightly below average, and Google growing Nokia wins by far.

Tired of reading the tweets? Bear Charatter will do it for you

It is a fact to read the tweets, messages sent via Twitter, it is not at all strenuous activity taking into account the limited number of characters the same, but the Japanese company Wiz technology developer does not think so and we has presented the new Charatter Bear .... Read more »

Huge fine for distributing spam on Facebook

A U.S. federal court has imposed a fine of 360.5 million dollars (265 million euros) to be responsible for distributed 7.2 million unsolicited commercial emails (spam) to members of Facebook. The network points out in his statement on the ruling is not the first time we have successfully responsible for spam before the courts.

In 2008 and 2009 were the judgments for the same reason against other companies worth 637 million euros and 519 million. Facebook had received the last year more than eight thousand spam complaints from members of the network and over four thousand chose to deactivate their account.

Al Jazeera and protests if television becomes militant

CAIRO - The web and social networks were crucial during the protests in Egypt. But a fundamental role also had the "old" television. If the Internet has helped organize the protest and communication among the protesters, especially in the more targeted policies, such as against Mubarak or the one that portatao the expulsion of Tunisian President Ben Ali, the TV, since the beginning of the revolts in North Africa , had an important role in linking the protests.

Design Error: Problem-Intel chips cost hundreds of millions of dollars

Cougar Point is to blame. Because it means one of the newest Intel chips, a piece of high-tech silicon that should be especially notebooks this year, a boost. But Cougar Point has a problem. He does not work as desired, can cause users long term problems and should be replaced. The Intel says himself and announces even help.

The problem: Cougar Point is in charge of Intel's new chip sets for the control of hard drives and DVD drives. In this case, however, have now been found Intel's developer, there may in time lead to difficulties. "In some cases, the power of Serial ATA (SATA) deteriorate over time and potentially degrade the performance of disk drives and DVD-like devices, or interfere with their operation," it said in a statement the group.

Facebook: over 20 million users in France

The social network Facebook, which boasts more than 500 million registered in Tech News Buzz, has surpassed 20 million users 'active' monthly in France. "We're over in France over 20 million active users, that is to say, account holders who made at least one action - accepting friend comment - last 30 days," said Monday, January 31 Damien Vincent, France Commercial Director of Facebook to Agence France Presse.

Nvidia GTX 590 in February

The launch of a NVidia GTX 590 is imminent, or at least so say the guys Nordichardware. Characteristics, expected by many: dual core, huge size and very high performance. The cores will be two GF110, the same model used in the NVidia GTX 580 that resulted in the most powerful graphics card mononuclear today.

In the NVidia GTX 590 will come underclocked to minimize both energy consumption (which still could be facing a 300-watt TDP) and operating temperatures. Despite this performance will bring the 590 will be considerably higher, perhaps around 20-30% above the original 580. And you can imagine that NVidia GTX 590 card is not for any user.

Smartphones: the Android platform that Google dethrone Nokia

Android, the operating system for mobile phones in the U.S. Google has dethroned the fourth quarter of the system of Finnish Nokia, Symbian, the smartphone segment, according to research firm Canalys, published Monday, January 31. The market share of Android phones to equip these multifunction flew in a year from 8.7% to 32.5% or 32.9 million phones last quarter, according to the study, from first compared with that of Nokia.

Peter Sunde: "The current structure of the Internet is dangerous"

While the trial of the site manager eMule-Paradise, suspected of allowing illegal downloading of seven thousand movies on peer-to-peer eMule in 2005 and 2006, opens Monday, January 31 in Paris, Peter Sunde, founder of The Pirate Bay gives an overview of P2P. Limewire service had to close at the end of 2010.

After his trial initiated by the Recording Industry Association of America, Napster has been bought by Bestbuy, and is now a legal music service. Kazaa has followed the same path. The model of sharing P2P services can be sustained? I think if you embarrass the big industries, they will eventually fight you and try to get by using their considerable financial resources.

A fine of $ 360 million for spamming Facebook

A federal court sentenced a Facebook user accused of spam to pay 360.5 million dollars (265 million euros) in damages to the social network, Facebook reported Thursday, January 27 on its official blog. This person had obtained IDs at least one hundred and sixteen thousand network users and sent more than 7.2 million spam, Sophos says the company specializes in computer security.

Some spam redirected users to malicious sites, the complaint also says Facebook, repeated on the Sophos blog. The directors of the social network have also received complaints from users eight thousand victims of this spam campaign, and over four thousand five hundred of them have chosen to deactivate their account.

Toshiba Dynabook Qosmio T750

Online Censorship in the network: China censors the term "Egypt"

Who in popular Chinese online news services to the term "Egypt" is looking for, receives an error message since Saturday. Affected comparable with Twitter micro-blogging platforms provider of Sina and Sohu, where individuals maintain their own news streams, videos and sources can include. The search for the word "Egypt" conducted in an attempt to Reuters to any sites, while the search for a politically stable Finland, for example, Sohu found more than 1,700 hits.

Facebook offers offers discounts from the mobile

Facebook sites (in English, Places) was the first step in making Facebook a physical service. It became the best way to move the action of real-world network. In places, people could open the application and state that was at that time and at that site. Out automatically in the profile and their friends could go to the meeting.

From today, still in evidence (or 'beta' as they say in the computer world) Facebook has enabled offers (which is how they have translated the English word 'deals'). The first companies that have chosen this way to promote their establishments are El Corte Ingles, BBVA, Starbucks, Sol Meliá, FC Barcelona and Clinique.

Samsung increased its range of LED displays

We know that many of you are waiting for news of interesting displays that Samsung showed at CES 2011, as the TA-950, but we fear that there will have to wait. South Korea announced today the release of other models in its series LED display. It concerns the Samsung Samsung SA300 and SA350, monitors able to save up to 50% of their electricity consumption.

The Samsung SA300 arrive in diagonal of 18.5 to 24 inches, while the SA350 will make between 21.5 and 27 inches. In both families, the resolution reaches 1080 from the 21.5 inches. The response time is 2 milliseconds and reaches the 5,000,000 dynamic contrast: 1. In connection, it comes to VGA and DVI, although we assume that also include HDMI.

Samsung B2710, a phone that resists all

As we reported in Tech News Buzzmóvil, Orange has become the latest Samsung phone SUV, the B2710. As you can see nothing but take a look over your design, the Samsung B2710 is not one of those big-screen smartphones, but a terminal dedicated to those employees or users who know the phone, above all, will suffer in the day.

It is therefore able to resist water, dirt, drops and extreme temperatures. The Samsung B2710 has a two-inch TFT screen in which what matters is its resistance to scratches and water and dust. We can even soak it in water up to one meter deep for 30 minutes. The operating temperature range, this model can withstand environments icy terrain up to 20 degrees below zero or stifling summer days with 60 degrees.

Blog - Global Game Jam: 48 hours to create

Pakistan plans to block the connection of the foreign service BlackBerry

More trouble for Blackberry and its customers. The Pakistani authorities have ordered local ISPs to block access to BlackBerry services connection used by embassies and international organizations. The measure, for now, does not apply to citizens. Pakistan opposed in 2005 at the entrance of BlackBerry in the country, particularly in the corporate messaging service that runs with strong encryption.

Samsung integrates the streaming service Lovefilm in the UK. In Spain, the family well, thank you

Samsung just integrate the streaming service and rental cineLovefilm in Blu-Ray and connected TVs that sells in the United Kingdom. Lovefilm, for those who do not know, is one of the few European alternative to Netflix. It is a service that combines streaming viewing traditional rent movies and video games by mail.

Lovefilm has several subscription fees vary depending on the amount of content that we consume. For example, for a flat monthly fee of 9.99 pounds (only 12 euros) you can see online catalog of more than 5,000 classic films between quality and premieres of recent years. The display can be done online from your computer or from compatible video devices that now have the Samsung catalog.

The European Commission doubts about the effectiveness of blocking websites

The European Commission has doubts about the effectiveness of blocking websites. Not only because of technical difficulties but because of the high economic cost. A scenario that also does not preclude an illegal supply is still available on the web, harming the legal operators and brands. This conclusion is in the public consultation launched by the EU executive about the game online.

The document, leaked by the site Linx Public Affairs, says in his introduction: "While blocking access to national unlicensed operators may be justified, has shown that is technically costly today" and therefore , a "lawless offer but significant residual remains accessible." Later he adds: "the effectiveness of a locking system depends on a list of items to block predefined date and also the softwareadecuado.

Linux distributions pose a common shop applications

The main companies Linux distributions (Red Hat, Canonical, Debian, Novell ..) met in Germany to create a system that unifies the installation and distribution of applications for this open operating system. The aim is to create a common interface to improve the implementation of them, according Phoronix quoted by Slashdot, where there is a lively open debate on the scope of the agreement.

The project is called AppInstall. Linux is an operating system that has different distributions and as Android mobile operating system Linux-based Google, suffers from a fragmentation resulting from various developments. Hence the attempt to open a platform to provide common access. The project should lead to an application store, AppStream,

Superphone, we resign ourselves to having to load more times

Last week I proposed, following the imminent arrival of superphone in the MWC, an interesting discussion about whether we are prepared to assume the power that is expected to reach the new terminal thanks to the dual core might affect the autonomy of smartphones , which admittedly has gotten a hold rather well in the past two years.

The xatakeros have spoken and after two thousand responses, we can say that clearly winning the option of resignation at having to recharge the phone more times than they do now. Nearly 900 xatakeros (45%) assume that at the expense of not giving more power and screen size are likely (though not agree with boundless joy) to make your next load superphone more often.

Google and U.S. prosecutors negotiated a deal on Street View

Prosecutors in Connecticut (USA) led an investigation last year, which joined a quarantine of prosecutors from other states, data on the Street View cars had collected from private wireless networks in their journey for cities to develop the said street photography. Now, the new prosecutor of Connecticut has announced that it has reached a deal with Google to negotiate a penalty for this reason that states would save the expense of initiating a lawsuit.

In Egypt, the circumvention of the blackout of the Web is organized

Four days without internet since the almost total blockage imposed on the night of Thursday to Friday by Egyptian authorities, the defenders of freedom of expression have organized to try to provide alternatives to the Egyptians, so they can receive and disseminate information. The first and simplest of parades was ...

a little jump backward technology. Service Providers (ISP) from Egypt were forced to block connections to broadband, fixed telephone lines but still work. So nothing prevents access to the Internet at low speeds, via a 56K modem. The connection is weak, but works: several foreign ISPs, including NDF in France have therefore established a number of Egyptian Internet connection.

Flinkin, a social network to share links espaola

A couple of enterprising locals in December read rumors that could disappear Delicious, hosting and sharing site for blogs, and decided to launch a social network that specializes in this, Flinkin. "It turned out that Delicious is not closed, but we had already launched the site," says one of its creators.

The fact that the law in the courts Sinde progress has significance to Flinkin was not the day of his birth. "We were not born as an alternative against the law Sinde. Our goal is that Internet users can share links, your use each of this possibility is your responsibility," says David Roche, a telecommunications engineer who along with Marc Taulé specialist web design company have Beweb.

# Egypt "banned Chinese social networks

China wants to avoid contagion from the Egyptian dispute over the Web. Since Saturday, January 29, authorities have asked the Internet portals or sites micromessagerie, Chinese equivalent of Twitter, not to show the result of the keyword "Egypt." If this launches a Chinese Internet research on sites such as Sina and Sohu, the following message appears: "The laws in force, the results of your search can not be divulged." Blocking remains effective Monday.

By the copyright complaint against web All AGCOM

Italy is coming to an automated system and directed to seize foreign sites of any kind: from Wikileaks to foreign newspapers online, from blogs to videos. E 'contention that a campaign will start this afternoon, signed by many associations and sent in the form of an open letter to Parliament. In the viewfinder there is a AGCOM (Authority for Communications) Copyright and now in public consultation.

Facebook Flickr eat ground

Flickr, the great portal dedicated to sharing photos, you have serious competition from social networks that can do the same and, more particularly, that of Facebook. Although Flickr is very popular, the number of unique visitors (in December) in the United States had fallen by 16% in one year, leaving the figure at 21.3 million, according to comScore, while the area to share photos of Facebook grew 92% to 123.9 million users.

Julian Assange promised a "flood of secret documents"

"She went out cautiously from the doorway before disappearing into a battered red car." The scene, described by The Guardian, takes place in London, and this mystery woman is none other than Julian Assange. The co-founder of Wikileaks had disguised himself to escape the agents of the intelligence that he thought the tracks.

Mr. Assange is currently the subject of a criminal investigation into the leak of reports and despatches. He is also pursued by the Swedish courts for cases of sexual abuse against two young women, and is currently in the United Kingdom on parole. British justice should decide the 7 and 8 February on the request for extradition of Stockholm.

iPad 2, returns to his alleged specifications

We could not start another week without betting technology that will bring the iPad 2 under the arm. The rumors come this time of the Ming-Chi Kuo analyst who has detailed the key aspects of the new iPad 2. In the future second generation of Apple tablets are two fronts that more discussions are leading: the display and processor.

The first case, after the illusion that the new screen was a retinal display with pixels that fall in the amount he could incorporate, we have been already more sensible values and away from the illusions of fancy. IPad future screen 2 may improve the resolution, but with values not far from the present, and yes it was focused on reducing its thickness to make the thinnest tablet.

Blog - The ogre Amazon with feet of clay

Amazon is an e-tailer and Christmas sales that the merchant builds have not been made as Kindle and e-books, despite their success. Far from it.

Z-Drive OCZ R3, storage for your computer faster

The third version of the Z-Drive OCZ comes to evolve to its predecessor. Z-Drive OCZ R3 reaches the market little changed, while maintaining its status as brutally fast storage. Because, of course, the Z-Drive R3 is based on the PCI-Express link directly to this board and reach figures of about 1,000 MB / s in both reading and writing, which comes to about ten times more than traditional hard disk , and about four times more potent the SSD market.

The weekend at the 1354 games were born

For many, the youth are lost. For others, it is only fast stimuli. Pedro Gonzalez, director of the Master in videogame design at the Complutense University, has managed to touch the appropriate key to motivate their students. During the weekend lived a GameJam (http://www. Globalgamejam. Org /), a challenge is to create a game in 48 hours.

The MediaLab Prado was the place chosen to live together, discuss and give shape to ideas. The open call allowed the registration of students in other courses, such as the video game design degree ESNE the school, attached to the University Camilo José Cela, or true fan, as Jose Manuel Alcaraz, who, like the legendary Super Mario in their day to day is dedicated to the plumbing.