Tuesday, August 9, 2011

China claims to have suffered half-million ofcyberattacks in 2010

China says it has been nearly half a million cyber attacks in 2010. According to their data, half of them came from overseas. The national computer emergency, says, says The Guardian, that 14.7% of attacks came from the United States and 8% in India. The report comes after China was indicated as the main suspect in a sustained cyber-espionage operation for five years and affecting more than 70 institutions and governments.

Samsung, Sony and Panasonic agree on a 3D glasses standard

Samsung, Sony and Panasonic have agreed to launch in 2012 a model of universal 3D active glasses that can be used on any TV in those marks. It is a way to entice the consumer who has not entered into the supply of 3D TVs as expected. One problem, among others, has been precisely that of spectacles, to be purchased specifically for each model.

The agreement includes the manufacturer of 3D glasses and manufacturers Xpand work on common protocols that allow them and their brand 3D TVs are understood to remain compatible with systems already on the market this year. The standard should be available for manufacturers in September so they can sell the glasses next year.

New tablet ... by Pierre Cardin

The signing of haute couture and perfume Pierre Cardin also wants to be on the runways technology. Now has launched a tablet in the UK. The pocket-lint titled wondering if the design is above the substance because the tablet does not carry the latest in accu software. Surprised that the operating system chosen is the Android 2.2 (Froy) when Google itself has newer versions of its mobile operating system.

Riots in London: BlackBerry-maker wants to help the police

Rioters have agreed to meet in London with Blackberry messages? It wants to find the British police. Smart phones are widespread among young people of the brand. Now the producer promised his help - but the chat messages are encrypted. London - If something happens somewhere in the world of the format of the current rioting in London, it usually does not take long to know until someone thinks: This movement was created on Facebook or Twitter.

The fall of the Nasdaq may delay the IPO of companies in the high tech sector

7% in one day, Monday, less than 11% since the beginning of the year, like all other indices of major stock exchanges, the Nasdaq, which brings together the main values of the technology sector, is experiencing a dramatic decline, reinforced in recent days. U.S. large caps such as Apple, Google and Microsoft were battered on Monday.

At the close, the action of the company has lost $ 20 apple, down 5.46%. The title of Google loses 5.7%. But the greatest losses are recorded by Oracle, specializing in the management of databases that is declining by more than 8%. Ironically, while the fall in markets has been precipitated by the deterioration of the U.S.