Tuesday, August 9, 2011

China claims to have suffered half-million ofcyberattacks in 2010

China says it has been nearly half a million cyber attacks in 2010. According to their data, half of them came from overseas. The national computer emergency, says, says The Guardian, that 14.7% of attacks came from the United States and 8% in India. The report comes after China was indicated as the main suspect in a sustained cyber-espionage operation for five years and affecting more than 70 institutions and governments.

Following the disclosure of that report from McAfee, which identified its authors, China said it was irresponsible to link your government with the cyber-espionage. The Internet security consultant McAfee released a study that claims to have evidence that, for five years, a series of cyber spies infiltrated the servers and networks of international institutions ranging from the U.S. government to the International Olympic Committee and companies military. McAfee did not specifically name the hand that is behind those dark attacks, but the kind of espionage, which affected 72 institutions in Europe, North America and Asia, suspicions turned to project China. Among the infiltrators are traditional rivals of the country, the governments of U.S., Taiwan, Japan and South Korea, various Olympic committees in the context of the Beijing Games in 2008, and the group of nations in Southeast Asia UN.

The amount of stolen data reaches billions of kilobytes. "If a fraction of them is used for business competition or to negotiate with opponents," said Dmitri Alperovitch, vice president of threat research from McAfee, "this subtraction means a massive economic threat, not just industries or individual companies, but countries whole".

China also looked after detecting an attack on the mail system that allowed Google hacking at various U.S. companies. At that time, China also denied being responsible.

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