Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Samsung, Sony and Panasonic agree on a 3D glasses standard

Samsung, Sony and Panasonic have agreed to launch in 2012 a model of universal 3D active glasses that can be used on any TV in those marks. It is a way to entice the consumer who has not entered into the supply of 3D TVs as expected. One problem, among others, has been precisely that of spectacles, to be purchased specifically for each model.

The agreement includes the manufacturer of 3D glasses and manufacturers Xpand work on common protocols that allow them and their brand 3D TVs are understood to remain compatible with systems already on the market this year. The standard should be available for manufacturers in September so they can sell the glasses next year.

Currently, these manufacturers use different SYSTEMS for connection between glasses and TV. Samsung has chosen to Bluetooth and the other two have chosen to infrared. In turn, the bet is already known from LG and Philips to boost 3D TV with technology that lets you view images in three dimensions with glasses and economic lighter than the active polarization used so far, because they carry batteries or switch the image to each eye.

They are the same glasses used in cinemas and the effect is very similar. Because the TV is somewhat cheaper, and above all the glasses, the two companies are confident that this passive technology helped popularize 3D. With the 3D passive emit two images simultaneously, one for the right eye in the even lines and one for the odd left.

The TV screen is polarized, so that with glasses are also polarized with an eye to the even lines and odd lines of the other eye. What makes the brain is to match the two images and create the illusion of three dimensions. The resulting 3D image is half the horizontal resolution, 540 lines instead of 1,080 lines that can deliver the active technology.

Another drawback is that televisions are related liabilities are farther away than assets, a minimum of five feet, to appreciate the 3D feel. What assets do 3D TV is to show a complete picture to the right eye and another for the left, two to four times the normal frequency of 50 hertz, and sends a signal to the glasses to clog either eye sequentially .

The timing is very accurate, otherwise it is a blink, there is a danger that in the passive technology.

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