Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Kingston HyperX presents Black T1

It is customary in the world of computer hardware development for high performance only and exclusively on the professional or industrial ", as in the case of the new Kingston HyperX RAM Black T1. Many of us may never see one in operation, since no one will need to use. Are trying to reach DDR3 RAM frequency of 1,600 MHz without risk.

To do the Kingston HyperX Black T1 incorporate aluminum heatsinks that let you work making a significant overclock on the edge without any inconveniences. They are sold in packs of 3 and 6 modules and their cost is really high. The pack of 3 modules with a total of 6 GB is for 75 euros, 12 euros for 137 GB and 24 GB to 273 euros.

Here is the iPad 2, Steve Jobs is on stage

It has a completely new design, is nine times faster, has two cameras, can be white or black. This is the new iPad 2, presented in San Francisco with a surprise: a very thin Steve Jobs appeared as if by magic on the stage of the Yerba Buena Center, crowded - as always during the introductions of new products - fans, journalists and bloggers, which have been mouth open.

After the shock announcement in mid-January, when Jobs announced its intention to take a break for health reasons (Jobs, remember, has undergone an operation for pancreatic cancer in 2004 and a liver transplant in 2009), She thought that this would be the first major Apple event without him.

LG Optimus is now available in online stores

The last tablet LG has introduced technology that features 3D and can be purchased through several online stores, without it has not yet come to our country now have an idea of the price that will arrive. Optimus LG tablet is a very interesting, not only has a 3D display and two cameras that recorded in 3D, but it also integrates the new nVidia Tegra processors 2.

As if this were not enough, the device has an internal memory of 32 GB and another camera with a resolution of 1.3 megapixels. At first we were given similar characteristics to think that the LG Optimus hit the market with a really high cost, however we have confirmed that it will be around 500 euros.

iPad 2, all about the new Apple iPad

New iPad 2. It's here. So we can call Apple tablet has just been unveiled and wearing many waiting more than a year. Not so for those who bought the first version because the iPad 2 and leaves it as something historical, but no news on the operating system is something we cripple the new iPad. The Apple iPad 2 retains the essence of the first model but adds features that were already needed in this tablet, including a new design that makes it thinner and more manageable in hand, the front camera (also opens the rear) and a new dual-core processor for Android tablets presented in the past MWC 2011 would not escape into the race for power.

HP introduces its new Pavilion laptop range

Spain will market the new portable HP Pavilion range, this is the HP Pavilion and HP Pavilion DV7 DV6. Both hold the line portable design used in HP Envy range, however they add new metal finishes that we believe will provide a very good looking. As the same technology we can not complain, have very good features like HP has accustomed us.

The HP Pavilion DV6 comes with 15.6-inch monitor and four speakers, the DV7 model has a 17.3-inch screen and speakers plus powered subwoofer features Beats. Both laptops have the cooling system of the company, HP CoolSense, Brightview technology, the latest Intel processors, graphics cards AMD Radeon 6000m (optional), Blu-Ray and HD with a capacity of up to 2 TB.

iPad 2 and more, follow the presentation with us

iPad 2 can be the star of Apple's presentation today, which will take place from 19:00 in Spain (times GMT). It is expected a renewal of the Apple tablet, but after last-minute rumors seem to be evolving a little more than a brand new gadget. A GS iPad? Started from and our live coverage, which you will find after the jump and will be activated within minutes before the start time of the event.

MEMO EeePad, we tested at CeBit 2011

After the last earful Asus those responsible for his performance in the last Mobile World Congress, we are happy to admit that its presentation at CeBIT 2011 has been the opposite. Apart from a booth the size of a village, Taiwan showed some interesting developments among which is the Asus EeePad MEMO, its latest tablet, which will hit stores around June.

The MEMO EeePad plays in the same league as the HTC Flyer. This is a half tablet with 7-inch screen resolution 1024 x 600 pixels. The capacitive touch support, but Asus has integrated into housing a small specific stylus can be used instead of fingers. Technically, the MEMO EeePad stays in the middle echelons below the dual-core tablets.

iPad 2: second episode of the "battle of the shelves"

The U.S. group is expected to unveil Apple, Wednesday, March 2 in San Francisco, a new version of its touch pad, the iPad 2. The U.S. group, whose CEO, Steve Jobs, is on sick leave, wants to keep control on the sector. "The market shelves has become a battleground for a number of new entrants, manufacturers of PCs and mobile phones recognized, and some of their suppliers," explains the firm PRTM, in a recent study.

HP Pavilion dv7, dv6 and new G series in Spain

And we briefly and have confirmed their arrival in Spain. They are the new consumer notebook the HP brand, formed by the renewed Pavilion dv7 dv6 and, together with the new G series In addition to the update logic and graphics processors, the newest of the new HP Pavilion laptop design called MUSE, but includes many extra fields, like sound coming from the hand of Beats, TrueVision HD webcam, SimplePass and HP CoolSense.

Dreamworks acquires rights of two books on WikiLeaks

Dreamworks, the Hollywood studio of Steven Spielberg has bought the film rights to two insider books on WikiLeaks. It could not stay with a Hollywood film: the rights to the biography of Julian Assange are probably still available. Hamburg - The WikiLeaks history comes to the interest of director Steven Spielberg: How the industry blog deadline and the Guardian report, his studio Dreamworks, the film rights to two insider books purchased.

AMD on the Range: Llano beats Sandy Bridge

One of the platforms discussed in the last year is certainly Fusion from AMD, especially as regards the marketing of the new processors Llano. In these hours, he was presented a comparison between this platform and that of the counterparty with Intel processors Sandy Bridge, making us hope for a rescue by AMD.

The challenge was conducted using a APU Llano AMD quad-core 1.8 GHz (A8-3510MX 6620M HD graphics) and Sandy Bridge architecture with Intel Core i7 2630QM HD 3000 Graphics dela same frequency, but with more Hyper-Threading and the Turbo Boost, which if necessary bring the frequency to 2.9 GHz The rest of the installation consisted of 4 GB of DDR3 memory, 128 GB SSD C300 and a 14 inch monitor with a resolution of 1366 x 768, all managed by Professional 64-bit Windows 7.

MSI shows the Radeon HD 6990

MSI one of the major hardware manufacturers, showed at Cebit a Semple of the new Radeon HD 6990, Cayman dual-GPU solution from AMD, intended for high-end market. As you can see from the picture, the card is now ready to launch and stand in the MSI, it has some features Motro, connected via technology to Eyefinity 3 screens in surround configuration, where it was run at pre-alpha version of the game Dirt 3.

100A Windpad MSI, the MSI honeycomb tablet at the CeBit revving at a price promise

Although today is not just the day to talk about another tablet than the iPad 2, the tablet market with Android continues to grow. The latest addition is the MSI WindPad 100A, Honeycomb version of MSI Windpad 100W, which integrates Windows 7. The Windpad 100A is an 10.1-inch tablet, in fact, very little difference in the Samsung and Motorola models presented at the Mobile World Congress 2011.

Internet: A decree requires service providers to keep passwords

A decree published Tuesday, March 1 in the Official Journal requires hosts and Internet service providers to keep for one year a series of personal data of the user, as its confidential codes, and its web browsing. "The shelf life data (...) is one year," said the decree made under the Act of June 21, 2004 "Confidence in the Digital Economy".

This law provides that the police and gendarmerie may require such information "to prevent acts of terrorism (...)". "For each connecting their subscribers' web hosts and Internet service providers are required to" hold "wide range of information and very specific, according to the decree.

A patch for the DirecX 11 on Crysis 2?

The second story on Crysis does not seem to have no end, after the release of demo announced yesterday (2 Crysis demo available for PC), there's new rumors concerning a possible release of the game without DirecX 11 in the final version. The news comes from the Swedish site Sweclockers reporting the news following an interview with Nvidia about the presentation of a new video card to the GeForce 500, and says that the release of the game with only the DirectX 9 as the demo, and then DirecX move to 11 with a patch after launch, but without specifying the date of issue.

Saab Iqon Meter also in your car Android

The next big space you have to invade the technology is the car. Yesterday Microsoft, and ford just arriving in Europe confirmed the Ford Sync system, and at the Geneva Motor will be able to see other entertainment and information system for hand car manufacturer Saab. In your case there is Windows and your bet by going directly from the hand of Android.

Saab system is called time Iqon and can be seen in PhoeniX Saab concept car. On the platform we have Iqon Saab multimedia content, web services, vehicle status information, navigation system and all information that will help us serve at the wheel or to entertain the passengers on the Saab.

The U.S. will test a DNA scanner "low cost"

Intel Atom N570, more of the same but with another name

The Intel Atom has had little development along its short history. Were launched in 2008 as a set of low-power microprocessors and focused for ultraportables and desktop games. They have not had competition so far, when AMD Fusion just arrived and is postulated as an interesting alternative. Although Intel does not seem so great news for its Atom beyond a new model, the Intel Atom N570 which is still more of the same.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds, the test on Xbox 360

Gamekult. com - It took more than a decade and the repeated requests of many fans, but Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is definitely there. Following the path traced by Tatsunoko Vs Capcom, this third episode is passed to a realization in 3D while remaining true to its Seniors dimensional gameplay, whose reputation is well established in the West.

Once again, fate would have it, two worlds collide in a happy chaos, but the battle is still as epic? A veritable institution in the United States, the Marvel Vs Capcom is based on a visual and sonic excess, a grip that allows beginners to more fun to jump the counter hits, and a cast of characters at once extensive and diverse.

Codemotion, day hi-tech alternative to the digital culture

ROME - Some people will remember the Javaday. For four years, the hi-tech day organized by the University Roma Tre was a very special event, unique in Italy for sophistication of content within the digital life of our times. Languages, technologies, programming. But everyday elements, applications for everyday life, employment opportunities.

Javaday has changed its name, is now Codemotion, combining the English words "code" and "emotion". An opportunity for all, with free admission, to cross the galaxy of digital life today and tomorrow, with a little 'nostalgia for the 80s. The program is a Codemotion marathon technology, with more than 65 operations in 7 distributed parallel programming sessions and a workshop focusing on "Mobile", the key issue for today's technology.

Ford Sync. First Impressions from CeBIT

As I overtook the Ford Sync system reaches the European market. The system will be installed first in the new Ford Focus, which will arrive in dealerships in the old continent in early 2012 as an extra at a price still to be defined for Europe. General Motors currently only has matched the bet MyLink platform that He was not even have a date for their arrival in Europe.

Ford Sync platform is the first that offers complete connectivity to the car. Back is the simple synchronization with the mobile. Ford's bid includes GPS navigation, telephone, internet connection using our own wireless network and entertainment, all controlled by voice commands and a handful of physical controls with an eye to distract as little as possible to the driver.

Monitor transparent, solar and Samsung high-definition

In our brief visit to the CeBIT 2011 we had the opportunity to discover one of the most unique lines of investigation of Samsung. What you see in the image, apart from a Teutonic conference hostess is a flat LCD monitor installed on the support of a crystal. What you see on the other side is nothing but a miniature model of a city.

The idea we have already seen in some small devices, but it is the first time that we reach 46 inches, with 1080p HD support and touch as well. Unfortunately, the nice lady who was with him told us that the media touch this window was not working anywhere and were trying to reset. Like the Central Station Monitor Samsung we saw at CES 2011, this transparent screen would be able to connect via WiFi to any laptop or netbook you get closer, allowing us to operate the equipment from the screen itself.

Google encourages the development of video games on the Game Developer Conference, and gives devices

There is a new movement by the search engine company, and the truth is that every time there is an event related to developers or professionals, there is a major holding its own merits, but also presents waiting any longer " the gift. " This week is taking place the Game Developer Conference, an event based in San Francisco, aimed at game developers, and I have no doubt that is the most important of the year.

Less spam, but more dangerous

Less spam, but more dangerous. Infome is the annual summary on the Kaspersky Email Security in 2010, "a year for the first time there has been a steady drop in the percentage of spam in email traffic," the report said. Within a year the amount of malicious attachments in emails has increased by 2.6. In 2010 the number of malicious messages reached 2.20% (previous year, 0.85%).

At the highest point of the attacks, in August, messages with malicious attachments accounted for 6.29% of email traffic. "It's possible they were just these massive attacks which caused the state security organs should pay more attention to the phenomenon of spam," says the report. The number of phishing messages in the mail was 0.35% of the total, 0.51% less than last year.

Acer Iconia Tab W500, tablet notebook that becomes

The Acer Iconia Tab W500, the most different from the tablets of Acer, also confirm their data, launch date and price in Spain. This hybrid portable tablet offers a 10.1-inch screen that can attach to a keyboard to provide full functionality. That comes with the operating system Windows 7 multi-purpose power that facet Iconia Acer Tab W500.

The Acer Iconia Tab W500 is based on the basis of its 10.1-inch screen with 1280 x 800 pixels resolution, multi-touch capacitive type LED, contrast of 1500:1 and brightness of 350 nits. Should be one of its strengths. To move the version of Windows 7 which includes uses an AMD processor, specifically the C-50 to 1 Ghz AMD Fusion, and AMD Radeon HD6250 graphics card.

Kingston HyperX Black T1, high-performance RAM

The vast majority of mortals will not need this, not even close. It is a product designed for the general public, even to the most advanced sector. Kingston HyperX Black T1 is like 990x Intel, NVidia GTX 580 or Asus Maximus Extreme IV. These products are designed for an audience that we could say that it seeks to achieve the most exclusive overclocking records.

Surely none of us will see these new T1 Black HyperX running, beyond some very practical demonstrations at fairs or presentations. Its main feature is to reach the 1,600 MHz without flinching and include black aluminum heatsinks to be overclocked to almost faint. Obviously, being pure and simple overclocking we are talking about optimizing for the Intel platform, specifically for the Core i7-900 on Intel X58, those to which recently arrived i7-990x to inject even force, if possible.

The new iPad was allegedly uncovered in China

It was hoped that a leak on the new iPad saw the light and so it proved. Alleged photos of the iPad 2 have appeared on the Chinese site Dgtle, although certainly not the iPad 2 we will see this afternoon, not very far off track. The images confirm what is expected of the new iPad, with a slight design change to make it thinner and stronger ways, same size screen and find it curious that the name iPad is maintained without any reference to a new model.

Brussels inquiry into a price agreement for digital books

The European Commission has conducted Tuesday, March 1, a search of publishers in several countries of the European Union on suspicion of price fixing digital books. "We do not name the publishers nor the country because we are only at the beginning of the investigation. We do not blame anybody and we have no proof," said Amelia Torres, spokeswoman the Competition Commissioner Joaquin Almunia.

The Walkman series of Sony Ericsson expects a Smartphone, "Android?

During last summer and talked about the possibility that Sony Ericsson was working on a new phone from the famous Walkman series, but something more "intelligent" than normal. Speak of what we now know as a Smartphone, but with enhanced multimedia capabilities. We do not have specifications, images or tracks of any kind, but if we take a look at the current range of the joint venture, we Smartphones Androids of all kinds: small, big, game-oriented, QWERTY keyboard, etc.

Blog - The electronic reading rejuvenates

Apple and Microsoft are discussed by the brand App Store

Apple and Microsoft's battle for the trademark use App Store by the company Steve Jobs. Microsoft raised in January to the authorities governing patents that Apple could not use this term because it is a generic concept that gives Apple a secondary use. Now is the response from Apple. It argues first that the company is that Microsoft itself uses generic terms to christen their products and recalls his use of "Windows", a word that has spent years identifying your operating system.

The cars are connected to Internet

Cars are also on the CeBIT fair. Jason Johnson, an engineer responsible for technology development for Ford in Europe, insisted that his revolution is similar to Ford's Henry, creator of the brand. "We do not make equipment for the privileged few but for all customers," he said. The equipment referred to is called SYNC and will be in 80% of its nuevs cars worldwide in 2012.

This technology consists of a touch screen built into the dashboard and understanding of voice commands that allow you to manage multimedia functions of the car, calls, messages or temperature. In addition to having maps and internet connection through a 3G or bluetooth external via phone, SYNC has two USB sockets and an SD card reader used to include new maps or make multimedia content but also to one of the great enigmas of the system: update.

Panasonic leaves his console project

Panasonic has decided not to have its own console. The company announced that it canceled its project, The Jungle, a handheld dedicated to online gaming. The company, according to Reuters, explained that the decision to cancel its development decision based on market conditions and its own strategic direction.

The console was aimed at online games through the browser as Battlestar Galactica Online. The output of Nintendo in three dimensions and the announcement of the Sony console NGP Panasonic seem to have advised not to raise a trade battle in this area. News of the project there were last year.

The tablet, what is the size you prefer?

Now we know that Samsung will not let any logical size of unfilled tablet, touch thinking aloud about what size tablet can be better or you give us your opinion. We speak of course of the tablets of new generation and not the old tabletPC keyboard. In this wave the Apple iPad was the one that marked the spot with 9.7 inches, the size that looked like it would impose but soon broke with the arrival of Galaxy and its 7-inch Tab more comfortable to wear.

Facebook wants to put an end to anonymity in the comments on the Web

"Improving the comments all over the Internet" is a less ambitious program for Facebook, announced on Tuesday by launching a new version of its platform for managing comments. Sites may wish to use the system rather than their own Facebook commenting tools. Customers will necessarily identify themselves before commenting on articles on partner sites such as Facebook this as an effort to civilize the debate on the Net.

New iPad 2, today is the day

The new iPad 2 and have the hours counted. Will today when presented by Apple in an event as usual you can follow us on Twitter and also on the cover of Tech Buzz News after seven p.m. Spanish time. To do this we will have the vision of kids who will be displaced Applesfera to London to watch the event from San Francisco to satellite and tell us first hand all about the iPad 2.

For months there has been talk of this new iPad 2, a possible USB port, front camera for video conferencing ... but finally it seems that everything will remain a minor. So patience because at about eight o'clock in the afternoon and will have all the features, prices and photos of the new iPad 2.

Enermax has maxrate

Enermax at Cebit in Hanover presented a new family of power supplies for PCs maxrate, intended for high-end market and which will point through 2011. The new power supplies are mainly dedicated to multi-GPU configurations, and Workstatio Server, which require a lot of power and goes to position itself above the families Modu87 + and Pro87 +.

The power supplies are available in denominations of 1200, 1350 and 1500 watts, all with 94% efficiency (80plus gold standard). In addition to these jewels of technology, Enermax has also presented a prototype called EXX900 will replace the existing power supplies in the near future, featuring 80 plus platinum certification.

Nvidia Tegra Zone, for showcasing the power of Tegra

This will be the year that confirm that Nvidia Tegra platform 2 is successfully fired or left the dining area. One way they have thought of creating the exhibit is called Tegra Nvidia Zone. This kind of store will feature content specifically optimized for this processor, both software and games, which will be the foundation of this service.

The Nvidia Tegra Zone is a content filter in the Android market, but if we are not duplicating functionality, Nvidia has also thought about it and affix the THD in applications or games specially designed for Tegra 2. This distinction certainly encourages developers to jump into the arms of the platform (and therefore of Android) with more conviction, and thus would enhance an area (the games) that arises as vital to the popularization of a operating system or another superphone or tablets this year.

Windows Tablet 8 in June?

Rumors about the next Microsoft operating system are becoming more insistent in recent days, a voice network in eight states that Windows could be ready to be shown to the public in Tablet version, but not to the final version, for the month of June, at Computex Taipei. With regard to this news there are still neither confirm nor deny the part of Microsoft, which the source would have chosen for some parts of the GUI, Metro UI already used on Windows Phone 7.