Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Saab Iqon Meter also in your car Android

The next big space you have to invade the technology is the car. Yesterday Microsoft, and ford just arriving in Europe confirmed the Ford Sync system, and at the Geneva Motor will be able to see other entertainment and information system for hand car manufacturer Saab. In your case there is Windows and your bet by going directly from the hand of Android.

Saab system is called time Iqon and can be seen in PhoeniX Saab concept car. On the platform we have Iqon Saab multimedia content, web services, vehicle status information, navigation system and all information that will help us serve at the wheel or to entertain the passengers on the Saab.

Most data come directly from the car or the Internet via a modem built into the vehicle. To control the prototype system uses an 8-inch touch screen. Because applications will be the basis for the future system, Saab wants developers catch your API and create services and utilities for their cars using all the data you put in your hand Saab from the GPS signal to the position of the sun in each time, which could create an application that mirrors darken automatically when the system detects that could be punished with a glare.

Vía | Electronista.

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