Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Intel Atom N570, more of the same but with another name

The Intel Atom has had little development along its short history. Were launched in 2008 as a set of low-power microprocessors and focused for ultraportables and desktop games. They have not had competition so far, when AMD Fusion just arrived and is postulated as an interesting alternative. Although Intel does not seem so great news for its Atom beyond a new model, the Intel Atom N570 which is still more of the same.

Has a clock to 1.67 GHz dual core (4 threads per Hyperthreading), 1 MB L2 cache and a TDP of 8.7 watts. Includes integrated GPU works with DDR3 memory, supporting up to 2 GB on a single channel. This new model is nothing but a medley of the previous N550, with identical specifications except for a significantly higher clock of 1.67 GHz instead of 1.50 Same architecture (Pineview), same manufacturing process (45 nm) and a performance that will be something higher, but not at all be considered as representative.

Intel is resting on its laurels, at least in this sector. His latest Intel Core, those who once called Sandy Bridge, are a very good product with fantastic technical developments. Intel Atom remain virtually the same year after year with minor changes not involving virtually nothing in practice.

But, oh man! Intel's hegemony has changed a lot in three years, from being the only decent microprocessor if we wanted was an ultraportable to have the AMD Fusion knocking on your door and teaching you the Doberman with the word engraved on the strap APU spiked . Who will win? If Intel and AMD still seems the clear winner, of course, but I doubt that Intel does not already prepared the next generation of its Atom chips to present over 2011.

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