Thursday, July 14, 2011

iPad competition: Amazon Android tablet will come in October

Now there is obviously a date: The delivery retailer Amazon is preparing to launch its own Android Tablets for the fall. Amazon is pushing for the tablet market. The rumor mill tells of this attack for some time, CEO Jeff Bezos himself had hinted several times - now says the usually well-informed "Wall Street Journal" from a start in the fall.

Video Games: traditional publishers attracted by social networks

Video games on social networks are attracting more and more 'traditional' publishers. The world number two industry, the American Electronic Arts (EA), has acquired the game publisher PopCap. EA will pay approximately $ 650 million in cash and $ 100 million in securities for the designer of puzzle game Bejeweled or Zuma and the strategy of plants against Zombies.

Windows 8 will run easily on existing PC

The news on the new operating system from Microsoft, are becoming more numerous and of rumors and denials, occasionally get some news from Microsoft that this time is felt by Tami Reller, corporate vice president of the Windows division, about the minimum New Windows 8.

Spotify entering the United States

Spotify has achieved its goal. Enter the United States. Swedish music service has spent months negotiating with record labels launch in that country. Finally he did it. This evening will give details of the premiere, but the American media that Spotify will anticipate and invitations to enter their U.S. site today and the full opening will occur soon. The service model will follow the already offered in other countries, including Spain. A free advertising and limited hearing and a payment, monthly subscription fees of five and ten dollars depending on the services you want.