Thursday, July 14, 2011

Spotify entering the United States

Spotify has achieved its goal. Enter the United States. Swedish music service has spent months negotiating with record labels launch in that country. Finally he did it. This evening will give details of the premiere, but the American media that Spotify will anticipate and invitations to enter their U.S. site today and the full opening will occur soon. The service model will follow the already offered in other countries, including Spain. A free advertising and limited hearing and a payment, monthly subscription fees of five and ten dollars depending on the services you want.

Spotify's entry in the United States will allow more choices to consider. Facebook might be interested in a service integration in their social network, a move that both companies have been discussing. Spotify home to some 13 million titles and more than one million paying subscribers in the UK, France, Spain, Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands.

In May this year reduced the time to listen to free content, a change which was interpreted as forced by the record of negotiations with a view to its U.S. launch. In 2010 and fell free access to 20 hours per month and from May are 10 and one free issue can not be heard more than five times.

In the United States must not only compete with iTunes and music services in the cloud of Google, Amazon and Apple if not other similar services like Grooveshark, a web platform that lets you listen to some seven million free songs. In Spain, Spotify opened in April 2008. Since last year, its head in Spain, Lutz Emmerich, told this newspaper that her main goal was to enter the United States.

"To do well we have to adapt the platform, language, and above all have content. The United States and this country do hear anything. We have to get licenses, put the songs on the platform and then launch." They have already achieved.

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