Friday, June 10, 2011

A student accuses Apple "He stole the application"

The new system of synchronization between iPhone wi-fi, iPad and iTunes by Apple could be just a rip-off. E 'contention Greg Hughes, a young British programmer, who developed and sells for more than a year, a software that has the same name and the same functions as the one just presented by Steve Jobs.

Hughes told the British site The Register that it brought its "Wi-Fi Sync" to Apple for sale on the iTunes Store in April last year. The Cupertino company had expressed interest in the project, but after a month of hesitation, he finally rejected the software citing unspecified security concerns.

New Xbox portable wheel

Microsoft surprises with his back wheel for Kinect games. This time, the Xbox 360 Wireless Wheel Speed is ready to satisfy all that you seek in this device, besides being a new optimized version of above flyer, highlighting its ergonomic design. In terms of progress with respect to its predecessor, it assesses its connectivity, as it is possible to use it without connecting to anything.

On the other hand, repeats the successful formula of "vibration" that so has brought him critical acclaim, a function that gives the game a sense of realism rarely seen. A fairly inexpensive price, the Wheel Speed Wireless what you can buy around 40 euros. Yes, deberáis wait until October, which is expected to launch.

Duke Nukem Forever

Gerbox achieved after about 15 years that a new version of the game Duke Nukem arrives in stores today. This is Duke Nukem Forever. Despite the success of Duke Nukem 3D in 1996, 3D Realms study was unable to continue the task. Cancellations, production problems were delaying her return ... until today.

The creators of Duke Nukem Forever have been introduced in the late history of the title, and 2K Games has explained why in 15 years. "The search for the perfect game to keep up our" King "Duke Nukem unfortunately complicated the development and 3D Realms a few years ago had to close its doors and cancel the project, playing Europa Press.

Web Guerilla: Spanish police arrest "Anonymous" activist

They should have been involved in network attacks against governments and companies, so they are in custody: Spanish police have arrested three people allegedly under the flag of Anonymous cyber attacks planned and implemented. Spanish police said on Friday they had arrested three persons who are regarded as the leader of the Spanish Anonymous group.

A server in the home of one of the three arrested had been used for the coordination and execution of attacks on host governments of Egypt, Libya, Iran, Chile, Colombia and New Zealand as well as for attacks on two big Spanish banks and the Italian utility Enel. Those arrested had used complex security measures to conceal their identities.

Twitter, Apple's default network

Twitter continues to move up to be the most popular social networking world, you will have your film as facebook? The truth is that Apple has included the company's network of "140 characters" in its mobile operating system iOS 5. This new step, it means that Apple identified Twitter as the preferred network by default on your iPod Touch, and iPhone iPad.

On this innovation, the controller of the company, Scott Forstall, stated, "introducing Twitter iOS 5 truly believes the easiest way to share all that is happening in your world. Take a photo, and click tuit. " Moreover, during the World Developers Conference 2011, Scott added, "We have heard from many of our customers iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, like Twitter, so we want to further facilitate all our customers to use Twitter in the products n.

Robotics open source

The e-cast did not wait the current vogue of the Do It Yourself (DIY) to address robotics, which has always made them happy. Yet until recently, there was a clear separation between the often brilliant work of amateurs and those of professional robotics. One reason is perhaps the lack of open source systems to a high level of complexity allowing fans to learn from the experiences of their peers but also researchers.

Universal Music Deezer attack

Universal Music has decided to press charges against Deezer urgent proceedings before the Tribunal de Grande Instance de Paris for counterfeiting, says The Express, Friday, June 10 According to the information site, "Deezer continues to offer catalog label on its free service, so that the operating agreement has not been renewed since January.

Earlier this week, the site specializes Free electron already reported that Universal Music threatened to "withdraw in the coming days", his catalog of our free music site online. "Negro Pascal, president of Universal Music France, has informed the other members of the SNEP (Syndicat National de l'Edition Phonographic), there is a little more than a fortnight," said free electrons.

The media will soon open their prices on the Apple platform

with and Bloomberg - Apple will relax trade rules that are binding on the media that publish on its supports. A spokesman for the U.S. computer giant confirmed on Thursday the Dow Jones Newswires information Web site MacRumors. Apple will no longer require publishers of newspapers, magazines or news websites that provide content to its iPhone and iPod Touch iPad a subscription fee or less than that on other platforms.

The CEO of Activision Blizzard interested in a buyout of MySpace

The skipper of the world's # 1 Video Game Activision Blizzard, controlled by Vivendi, is part of a group of investors in talks with media group News Corp to buy back her Web site MySpace, says All Things Digital, Thursday, June 9 . News Corp. confirmed in February that he was looking for a new owner for the MySpace social network, that hardly raise, after repositioned as a rendezvous for lovers of cultural events.

Google is growing again in the online advertising

After AdMob last year, bought for $ 750 million, Google is continuing its series of acquisitions in the advertising industry: the search engine has spent $ 400 million (275 million euros) to acquire AdMeld a company specializing in the optimization of advertising campaigns. In May 2010, the U.S. competition watchdog, the Federal Trade Commission had authorized the repurchase of AdMob, whereas mobile advertising - the specialty of AdMob - was open enough, by the presence of Apple in particular, and Google is not a monopoly.