Friday, June 10, 2011

Google is growing again in the online advertising

After AdMob last year, bought for $ 750 million, Google is continuing its series of acquisitions in the advertising industry: the search engine has spent $ 400 million (275 million euros) to acquire AdMeld a company specializing in the optimization of advertising campaigns. In May 2010, the U.S. competition watchdog, the Federal Trade Commission had authorized the repurchase of AdMob, whereas mobile advertising - the specialty of AdMob - was open enough, by the presence of Apple in particular, and Google is not a monopoly.

Regarding the market for online advertising, however, Google is already a very large majority in the field of personalized advertising and has developed its activities in advertising "display", that is to say Banners and tiles for websites. For Google, AdMeld is one of the few parts of the advertising market where the search was until this bit: The company operates as an intermediary and wholesaler for publishers, which it offers service packages on multiple platforms platforms.

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