Friday, June 10, 2011

New Xbox portable wheel

Microsoft surprises with his back wheel for Kinect games. This time, the Xbox 360 Wireless Wheel Speed is ready to satisfy all that you seek in this device, besides being a new optimized version of above flyer, highlighting its ergonomic design. In terms of progress with respect to its predecessor, it assesses its connectivity, as it is possible to use it without connecting to anything.

On the other hand, repeats the successful formula of "vibration" that so has brought him critical acclaim, a function that gives the game a sense of realism rarely seen. A fairly inexpensive price, the Wheel Speed Wireless what you can buy around 40 euros. Yes, deberáis wait until October, which is expected to launch.

Although since Microsoft has announced that it is compatible with all Xbox, it is recommended that you check before using with what video games work, it is not compatible with everyone. What do you think?

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