Friday, June 10, 2011

A student accuses Apple "He stole the application"

The new system of synchronization between iPhone wi-fi, iPad and iTunes by Apple could be just a rip-off. E 'contention Greg Hughes, a young British programmer, who developed and sells for more than a year, a software that has the same name and the same functions as the one just presented by Steve Jobs.

Hughes told the British site The Register that it brought its "Wi-Fi Sync" to Apple for sale on the iTunes Store in April last year. The Cupertino company had expressed interest in the project, but after a month of hesitation, he finally rejected the software citing unspecified security concerns.

In the email of rejection, says Hughes, Apple would still have expressed great appreciation for the project, so as to suggest the boy to send his resume. The application of Hughes is so good that, despite the refusal of iTunes, however, has found its way onto Cydia store, unofficial site dedicated to software for iPhone and iPad, becoming one of the best selling products.

In 13 months, from May 2010 to the present, Wi-Fi Sync has been downloaded over 50,000 times at a price of $ 9.99 per copy. A remarkable achievement, even from the economic point of view, for a guy in the third year of college. But the satisfaction of Hughes was dissolved on Monday when he saw on Apple's site appear to be a new feature of IOS that seems lifted directly from its app: "Obviously, I'm shocked," he says.

"The sale of that name and quell'icna more than a year, and Apple knew."

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