Friday, June 10, 2011

Twitter, Apple's default network

Twitter continues to move up to be the most popular social networking world, you will have your film as facebook? The truth is that Apple has included the company's network of "140 characters" in its mobile operating system iOS 5. This new step, it means that Apple identified Twitter as the preferred network by default on your iPod Touch, and iPhone iPad.

On this innovation, the controller of the company, Scott Forstall, stated, "introducing Twitter iOS 5 truly believes the easiest way to share all that is happening in your world. Take a photo, and click tuit. " Moreover, during the World Developers Conference 2011, Scott added, "We have heard from many of our customers iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, like Twitter, so we want to further facilitate all our customers to use Twitter in the products n.

" From now on, users of Apple devices have application for Twitter, the social network continues to grow and, in the words of the experts, will allow you to "twitter" in a much faster and dynamic, congratulations !

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