Tuesday, May 24, 2011

WindPad 110w MSI and bookable

The official website of MSI technology manufacturer in the United States has begun the process of booking for the new tablet that will end this year with Windows 7, it is the new MSI WindPad 110w, a gadget that could cause a sensation among lovers Microsoft. The new WindPad 110w MSI is a touchscreen tablet of 10.1 inches and a maximum resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels which has an excellent AMD C-50 and 2 GB of DDR3 RAM.

Brussels wants to fight "at source" Internet piracy

The European Commission wants to adapt copyright to the growth of the Internet and new technologies, tackle online piracy of cultural works "at source", according to a plan of action, aspects of which concern the industries concerned. "My intention, as regards the eradication of hacking sites, is to act more directly to the source, that is to say to and from the providers' (ISP), said , Tuesday, May 24, the Internal Market Commissioner, Michel Barnier, during the presentation of its plan of action for the coming years in terms of intellectual property.

14 year old boy recruited by Microsoft to have cracked MW2

Herald. ie online version of the famous Irish newspaper, published a report concerning a close collaboration with Microsoft to fourteen, who cracked the game Infinity Wards "Modern Warfare 2. The young boy from what he says is responsible for the daily alarm sent to millions of users after a hack for Modern Warfare 2.

Microsoft says the news through his spokesman Paul Rellis, general manager of Microsoft Ireland, has revealed that the collaboration with the boy and help him to improve his skills to use in legal activities.

3D Cinema LG turns any content in three dimensions

Last summer, taking the World Cup, reached the first TV market in three-dimensional technology. There were two types of screens: of which only reproduced with this technology the contents recorded and that any broadcast or film fit this bracket. Both had a downside: either there was little provision of 3D content or had to use, in the second case, known as active glasses, which cost around 60 euros, and lead batteries are heavy.

e-G8: the concerns of civil society

"Do no harm", or French, "First, do no harm": the American academic and journalist Jeff Jarvis, one of the few civil society representatives participating in panel discussions of e-G8, arrested Nicolas Sarkozy asked him to take the oath of Hippocrates to the Internet. For two days, 1,500 guests, mostly from the world of Web companies have been invited to participate in a series of debates on "Internet issue", in the words of Maurice Levy (Publicis), the organizer event desired by the President of the Republic.

Tweetdeck bought by Twitter to $ 40 million

The site Twitter has acquired micromessages TweetDeck, a management services of the most popular accounts for more than 40 million dollars (28.4 million), said, Tuesday, May 24, the American media. The tool TweetDeck enables users to manage the flow of various social networks: Twitter, Facebook, but also the site of geolocation Foursquare.

The television information continuously CNN quoted sources close to the case that the acquisition will be via Twitter bid denominated in cash and stock. The agreement has not yet been officially announced, but ensures that CNN was signed Monday. CNN says no official comment could be obtained from the two companies.

At the start in Paris on the first "eG8" Dialogue between governments and the web "

PARIS - "I will not try to control the Internet, but rather open a fruitful dialogue between governments and stakeholders of the Internet". Nicolas Sarkozy inaugurated this morning the summit eG8 "in front of over a thousand global players on the web together in a large marquee set up in the Tuileries Gardens, between Place de la Concorde and the Louvre.

The President stressed the need for a new global governance of the Net "There is an extraordinary contradiction in saying that the Internet eliminates borders - said - but then continue to act as if the rules could be only national." Sarkozy has also responded to those who accuse him of wanting to harness the Net France is the country that has introduced two laws against online piracy and copyright protection is at the forefront.

It 's all the fault of Pisapia

These days the Web in Italy is leading an interesting novelty in political communication. This is not a true innovation in language online, but a catchy adaptation of running a campaign on the Internet. And here is the main element of novelty, however, is not the only one. We enter into the matter. We are in Milan, where the comparison between Giuliano Pisapia and the outgoing mayor Letizia Moratti is a tight.

Nicolas Sarkozy called Web companies 'responsibility'

Internet is "a third globalization" but can not get rid of international rules and minimum: it is essentially the message that Nicolas Sarkozy has sent Tuesday, May 24, participants of the e-G8. As a prelude to the G8 in Deauville, the summit meeting in Paris for two days, 1,500 people, most from the new technology companies.

For President of the Republic, the advent of the Internet was a revolution comparable to the industrial revolution. "You have changed Tech News Buzz as well as Columbus and Galileo, Newton and Edison. This is irretrievably overall total revolution", launched Nicolas Sarkozy at the opening of the forum.

Sarkozy warns on dangers of Internet

After moving the Post Office wants to make a bid for Internet access

The Post is preparing to launch an offer Internet access in 2012, said Tuesday, May 24 The Tribune. The day before, the company announced it was becoming mobile operator branded Post Mobile and had presented its products. The business daily quoted the CEO of the merged entity, Thierry Zemmour, that the Internet offers so-called "quadruple play" will "for 2012." The paper says such a logical step given the competition in this market and the need to include fixed telephony in an offer.