Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It 's all the fault of Pisapia

These days the Web in Italy is leading an interesting novelty in political communication. This is not a true innovation in language online, but a catchy adaptation of running a campaign on the Internet. And here is the main element of novelty, however, is not the only one. We enter into the matter. We are in Milan, where the comparison between Giuliano Pisapia and the outgoing mayor Letizia Moratti is a tight.

At stake is not only the management of the city but also keeping the general government Berlusconi IV. The center, in a decided disadvantage, as it has decided to recall votes? Giving time to time to the candidate of the center of the 'extremist' (Moratti), the "crazy" (Bossi), but also the able converter religious group, as we have not seen since the Middle Ages: "With Pisapia Milan will be a Islamic city "(Berlusconi).

And of course there are the more colorful statements such as that of Mario Borghezio (Lega Nord): "There is no doubt that the Islamic fundamentalists, in the first Al Qaeda and the al-Zawahiri, would be very happy if the league were to lose in Milan and became Pisapia Mayor. " Even the support of Al Qaeda in Giuliano Pisapia! But how the people reacted to the network? In a way nothing short of hilarious.

Facebook has opened up a page titled It's all the fault of Pisapia in which his supporters are competing to see who shoots the biggest along the lines of a blockbuster that some time ago turned on the actor Chuck Norris American. Some examples? "Pisapia manages the collection in Naples", "Pisapia is so common that a child bit into it," Pisapia ruled Sodom and Gomorrah, now wants Milan "," If you're not careful, Pisapia guttalax puts you in the ice, "" Pisapia steals your car that you had spotted "," While God was trying to make us in His image and likeness, Pisapia distracted him, "Pisapia makes old ladies cross the intersection in the middle and then runs away and leaves them alone," " Gaddafi is hiding at the home of Pisapia.

" Read the lines of people, one after the other, is a hoot. To date, nearly 50,000 "people who like this" and grow by the minute. Another way of saying vows. It is the first time that supporters react to provocations of political opponents of fierce irony burying their preferred candidate.

The exaltation of negativity Pisapia has the opposite effect: diminishing the criticisms made to it. Besides, among the true ones and false ones is sometimes difficult to distinguish. Some years ago Berlusconi's campaign posters also were targeted. Remember the "workers' president" or "less taxes for everyone? But not by his own supporters.

And here the difference becomes substantial. Unfortunately, all this has a bitter aftertaste that becomes the main flavor of this election campaign: the economic and social solutions to the degeneration of the country, evident in the last annual report Istat, no trace. And it is obviously the leader for some years that the bill mainly asks about all this.

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