Tuesday, May 24, 2011

3D Cinema LG turns any content in three dimensions

Last summer, taking the World Cup, reached the first TV market in three-dimensional technology. There were two types of screens: of which only reproduced with this technology the contents recorded and that any broadcast or film fit this bracket. Both had a downside: either there was little provision of 3D content or had to use, in the second case, known as active glasses, which cost around 60 euros, and lead batteries are heavy.

LG turns any movie or three dimensions or at least gives a sense of relief. Second only passive glasses are needed, such as those used in cinemas, which costs about 3 euros so lets have some glasses for each family member without a big investment and no need for battery charging. To get LG has changed part of the construction of their screens with a double layer that reduces emissions and creates flicker-dimensional feeling from most viewing angles.

The first of these television shows in Spain took place during the Formula 1 race on Sunday at Montmelo. These televisions include an interface to connect to the internet via wifi called Smart TV, which includes access to YouTube, Google Maps and Prisa media group as THE COUNTRY, AS or Infometeo.

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