Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tweetdeck bought by Twitter to $ 40 million

The site Twitter has acquired micromessages TweetDeck, a management services of the most popular accounts for more than 40 million dollars (28.4 million), said, Tuesday, May 24, the American media. The tool TweetDeck enables users to manage the flow of various social networks: Twitter, Facebook, but also the site of geolocation Foursquare.

The television information continuously CNN quoted sources close to the case that the acquisition will be via Twitter bid denominated in cash and stock. The agreement has not yet been officially announced, but ensures that CNN was signed Monday. CNN says no official comment could be obtained from the two companies.

The Wall Street Journal had reported in April that negotiations were underway for the acquisition. The announcement comes as more and more companies like √úberMedia, offer programs to access Twitter, whether on the web or on mobile devices. According Sysomos firm, which analyzed 25 million tweets in March, 58% of posts are from official applications, and 42% of non-official.

TweetDeck represents 13.1% of applications unofficial behind Ubersocial (16.4%).

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