Saturday, March 5, 2011

Archos tablets could launch two new advanced IFA 2011

On stage at the CeBIT trade fair which ends today, the manufacturer Archos has announced through a spokesman for the French manufacturer, that the immediate future in the market for their tablets follow the same path. That is, at very competitive prices to get a bite in the increasingly tough market.

But by the end of summer, with a view to the next edition of the IFA 2011 and raised two new models of tablets that would be the higher end of the house. Of course, as indicated, will continue to maintain pricing philosophy not too expensive and would not exceed 300 euros. Little else is known about it, but it seems that could be a 7 and a 10 inch.

Hard life for the troll

"As Plato said, if the mythical ring of invisibility really exist and allow the wearer to disappear, surely the owner would become a thief, because it would certainly not be discovered." This is a reflection of Julie Zhuo, product design manager at Facebook, published last November in The New York Times.

Zhuo, online discussions, which it intends to use this idea to explain how to remain anonymous in these discussions often lead to exacerbated tones, accusations over the top, vulgarity. The question, in the network is old (at the time of BBS, the boards of mail that existed before the Web was developed the so-called Godwin's Law: "As an online discussion that gets longer, the probability of a comparison on the Nazis or Hitler approaches 1, at which point the discussion is on the verge of extinction ").

Microsoft Against Internet Explorer 6

Microsoft has declared war on the old Internet Explorer 6 browser, which still owns 12% of worldwide use and it has gone live with a site called ie6countdown. com which will be updated once a month where you get a statistical use of this ancient browser. Breaking down this 12% as shown on the site using IE6 is still very much in China, Japan, India and Arabia, and then diluted in the rest of the world and wants to go down this 12% to 1% in order to be regarded IE6 browser to a low priority.

Asus is working on a 3D tablet, a notebook Meegan, and discusses Apple

Asus has informed some of its future plans, we know very well go through the media is dropping pills that claim to do, what they are working, and even find a way to show support to others to be positioned with either system operational. Perhaps the most important announcement is that of a 3D tablet core processor, the dates it looks promising to use the Project Kal-El of Nvidia, also known as Tegra 3.

PlayStation Move the PC will

Through a press release issued cominucado through the official website of the Japanese giant Sony has announced that a first cousin called Sony PlayStation Move Move arrive for computers, something similar to what happened with Kinect Microsoft. The project is part of a larger company initiative called Move Japan.

I, which aims to foster development of applications that apply the full potential of the PlayStation Eye, PlayStation 3 (PS3) and PlayStation Move. To use is necessary to have the aforementioned trio of devices, however we will save the Development Kit PlayStation 3 making it more affordable.

Digital publishing in Italy: prices and too many dealers out of business

"Is it possible that the latest book by Umberto Eco in the electronic version costs slightly less than paper? And then actually has a price even higher, because at least 10% off any bookseller me would you? This is the "stomach ache" of publishers who think that way to stop this phenomenon eBook. Without realizing that in doing so do nothing but fuel the piracy.

"And 'this is the first question put into the pot by Antonio Tombolini, creator of Simplicissimus, and STEALTH ®, an eBook distribution platform, and organizer of the first edition of Ebook Lab Italy, a three-day event dedicated entirely to publishing digital Italy, which closes today in Rimini.

Apple negotiated with the record label unlimited downloads

Apple has acknowledged it is negotiating with the four major labels: Universal, Sony, Warner and EMI, so that iTunes customers can download songs purchased as many times as they want. According to three sources that Bloomberg does not cite because they are private conversations, the service changes would be effective this summer.

For the time being in negotiations to allow users to download as many times as they like the songs they've bought once and for all equipment related to your iTunes account. However, this movement could be a first step in Apple's strategy to stand up to online music services increasingly popular Pandora Spotify in the U.S.