Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hi-tech innovation and Italy do not live here most backward of Barbados and Oman

ROME - The World Economic Forum (WEF) ball Technology and Innovation in Italy and suppresses the government's policies. The report card is merciless in the latest report (435 pages) an independent international organization. It is the tenth year that the WEF Global Information Technology Report is a public and every time it getting worse for Italy in the ranking that analyzes 138 countries worldwide.

The "Kinect" computer is already on sale in Japan

Asus as announced the company has launched in Japan the new Xtion Pro, his shiny motion control system similar to Microsoft Xbox 360 but for computers. Xtion Pro is known as the "Kinect PC" as it applies the same technology that uses the remote for Xbox 360, talk PrimeSense system that records the body dynamics using a dual camera system.

Unlike Kinect, Xtion Pro does its own software but it comes together with a software development kit (SDK) to encourage new applications programming aimed at this system. The bill was introduced earlier this year during the 2011 CES show, but nobody knows which date to come to Europe, if it does.