Thursday, August 18, 2011

The transport company in San Francisco again hacked

Another website AreaRapid Bay Transit (BART), the railway serving including the City of San Francisco, was the victim of a computer intrusion, Wednesday, Aug. 17. This time, hackers have uncovered data about 100 members of security forces employed by the company. The email addresses and passwords of people have been particularly exposed.

Bartpoa site. com also remains inaccessible on Thursday morning. If this new attack is not explicitly claimed by the group of hacktivists Anonymous, it comes just days after another piracy site BART. Thousands of personal data of users were then posted online. The FBI was in charge of the investigation.

IBM creates a chip that functions as the brain

IBM has developed a chip that mimics the human brain. This technology, which combines information technology with the communication process of neurons, might be useful to manage operations with less space and energy than that used by modern computers. The new generation of chips mimic the abilities of perception, action and cognition of the brain, acting dynamically and independently how it interacts with various electronic sensors.