Saturday, March 19, 2011

The red lantern lights up Internet

After almost more than a decade of denial, controversy and, above all, much lobbying, the international body governing Internet domain names (ICANN) meeting in Silicon Valley, just give the decisive approval to begin shipping the suffix. to identify the portals xxx porn. The adult entertainment industry may well have their own red light district on the network.

The way was cleared last summer, when ICANN in August gave its provisional approval to the request made by the ICM log signature. But until we have the final approval of its board of directors, no one wanted to claim victory. The triple X domain has already been rejected three times before since it was first proposed in 2000.

Creeper is 40 years old, the image of the week

Creeper is a name that you probably will not say anything to the vast majority of you. But it has met its 40 anniversary this week. What is Creeper? He is recognized as the first virus ever. It was developed as an experiment to get a small program that is replicated on multiple computers, although there was some evil in its implementation beyond the memory consumption and processing time.

Was developed for the TOPS-20 operating system that ran on PDP-10 computer manufactured by Digital Equipment Corporation and used primarily in university environments, known as Stanford or MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Creeper years is considered the first virus in history, although the 70 the name 'virus' was not yet as concrete as it is now.

Digital film, there is a manifest "Do not make me steal, do this"

"The Manifesto for the digital consumer" was published a few days on a site that has a really unusual name, "Do not make me steal, do not make me steal. Who joins the manifesto promises not to illegally download movies if there are legal alternatives that meet a set of characteristics. What? There are only five points, but are exactly what the entertainment industry, the music first, the film today, can not fully comprehend, items which would be most essential to combat online piracy, and in Western countries, too much of the piracy "natural." I am convinced the drafters of the manifesto: "We love the movies! And we would love to pay for these films we love.

The Toshiba tablet Honeycomb appears on Amazon

January ending Toshiba created a page to let us know the existence of a new tablet Android to appear in spring, and will come with the intention to improve the negative impressions created Toshiba Folio 100 in the market. The marketing of the tablet has to be closer than we expect, as has just appeared on Amazon, with a product page enabled her, in which case, we confirmed some of its features, and we see a good portion of images.

The Panasonic KX-TG8511 phone I removed the heavy Telephoning

Of DECT phones I think we all look the same: good coverage and range, you hear very well, and some other interesting feature on the agenda, the ideal is that we can manage it easily. The new Panasonic KX-TG8511 also frees you from that animal as dangerous or heavy harassing phone call. This feature blocking unwanted incoming calls is in fact his main and almost only attraction.

The design is not as accomplished as those of models such as Siemens, and the menus have gone too far in the design, although the manufacturer is excused by the broad customer profile you want to cover. But if we effectively get rid of the heavy, everything else is so forgiving. For this function we can use in the new Panasonic KX-TG8511 have to register before suspects those numbers in a "black list" using the 2-inch screen.

Samsung has unveiled a new wireless display

Samsung has been betting hard the display market and has launched a new range of TVs that deliver us from troublesome cables at home, is the new model SyncMaster C27A750, a wireless TV with Full HD quality. The SyncMaster C27A750 is an LED-backlit display that achieves a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels Full HD 27-inch, also incorporates HDMI, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0, ethernet connection, of course.

Internet filtering, already a reality in business

A ride on his personal mail, a discussion on MSN, a passage on Facebook, a YouTube video, a Flash game between two folders ... for many employees, it is relaxing as legitimate a cigarette or coffee break. At least they do not fall on an error message when they try to connect to these sites. If the proposed Internet filtering, such as the Loppsi 2, shall remove the shield associations liberties in cyberspace, which crippled the network access is already reality in many companies in France.

Video - Retro & Magic: Link's Awakening

The rules of the trust on the Internet

Last May, Daniel Kaplan, Francis and Henri Verdier Jutand signed an article which reported a number of "surprises" on our understandings of the mechanisms of digital trust today. It can hold at least three. First, the disjunction between, on one side, a ceaseless quest for security and legal and technical, the other, users who (in fact if not in the investigations) seem little Applicants: not only all online transactions are growing rapidly without interruption for over a decade, but some excess lead instead to safe adverse effects.

The botnet Rustock disabled

The number of spam e-mail messaging will he significantly reduced? As part of Operation "B107", Microsoft announced on Thursday, March 17, as one of the networks of infected computers' best known and most complex "had been disabled. The operation culminated with the intervention of U.S. authorities, who could take control of computer servers located in the State of Washington.

On Wednesday, the connection between servers and infected computers has been broken, according to the head of Microsoft. Computer networks robots (or "botnets" in English) consist of thousands of machines by a computer virus corrupted and controlled remotely. Typically, botnets are used to disseminate massive spam, these junk mail.

Screens with motion control

In the time it was Nintendo that gave free rein to bet on this technology when the Nintendo Wii console and Microsoft's recently Kinect Move and Sony PlayStation have made the whole motion control fashion. Like any fashion was to be expected that multiple copies or imitations begin to corner the market, this is the case with the new I-Voluce, a new screen that incorporates motion sensors.

The new I-Voluce points to the business and is clearly aimed at making business presentations much more attractive, maybe even show off style. Although verdaero point to consider is how popular it is making this technology. The I-Voluce incorporates a number of 3D sensors that are capable of recognizing people from the screen to a distance of 13 meters, a device that undoubtedly offers good opportunities for advertising if we project the long term.