Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Google search is social

When the first pictures were leaked, many thought that "+1" would be the expected network of Google. However, it is a supplement that will now be gradually incorporating in the United States, according to Matt Cutts, head of the search will be worldwide in a matter of months. "+1" Is a button that appears at the bottom of each search result.

When a user finds that the results produced by Google is set to what you want, press "at the end of the line. So, when someone from your contacts will also look for something as important and you will do your contact person decided that it was interesting. When asking about how to protect the privacy of voters Cutts is argued, adding that "if someone does not want to see what they prefer, who do not vote.

Nokia E6-00, the first with Symbian ^ 3

Nokia continues to develop the third installment of its Symbian mobile operating system and as it moves ever further details are known of what will be the Nokia E6-00, the first phone that come with Symbian ^ 3. The new Nokia E6-00 is a smartphone Touch and Type, ie physical keyboard and touch screen, you will have excellent technical characteristics.

Although little is known yet about the phone we could confirm that a screen will reach a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels, the size is yet to be confirmed but will range between 2.5 and 2.8 inches. Interestingly the proportion of it will be 4:3, although the reason is unknown but we wonder what consequences will this mean for existing applications for Symbian.

Acer already has price Iconia Touchbook

Acer has announced the official prices of its new Acer Iconia Touchbook, the famous hybrid tablet notebook that incorporates a physical keyboard. We've talked about this gadget before, this is an excellent tablet technology very respectable and probably well above other devices. The new Acer Iconia Touchbook has two 14-inch displays, Intel Core i5, 4 GB of RAM, USB 3.0, HDMI connection and Wi-Fi.

Sigma Introduces New DP2x

The American firm Sigma has introduced its new high-definition digital camera, this is the new Sigma DP2x to hit stores mid-April. The new Sigma DP2x is an excellent piece of technology, has a photographic resolution of 14 megapixels and can capture video in high definition. It also has an interesting 2.5-inch LCD display and a 4.7MP sensor from Foveon APS-C (20.7mm x 13.8mm).

This is a very compact and lightweight camera with dimensions of 113.3 x 59.5 x 56.1mm and weighing only 280 grams. Although not everything that glitters is gold, as the company contrary to its tradition has launched this new product at a much higher cost than expected. This new "baby" will cost around 800 dollars, a cost that puts it far above the competition and can hardly compete with giants like Nikon or Olympus.

Smartphone and Google as money goes in your wallet

ROME - Imagine you no longer need cash, coins or checks for any transaction, the purchase of an appliance to the balance of an invoice until the payment of parking meter, but can handle every transaction, from the smallest to largest, with a flick of your smartphone. An idea that excites many and on which you are throwing with all his power one of the giants of the web: Google's new investment-oriented money management and payments through the NFC) Near Field Communication).

The privacy policy of Google to be externally audited for 20 years

The Federal Trade Commission and Google have agreed to sign a pact that is a comprehensive program of preservation of privacy would resolve claims against the launch last year of Google Buzz, the company's foray into social networks received persistent criticism of the Internet for the information shared by its members.

The agreement, which does not imply recognition of wrongdoing, including external monitoring of its privacy policy for the next 20 years. The pact was supported by the five members of the committee and must be approved after a public comment period. Google has acknowledged that the launch of Buzz did not cover the requirements that the company has in privacy issues.

Sony Vaio L, first impressions

We could not pass up the opportunity, even as a first contact, to get their hands on a Sony Vaio L. The new all in one of Japan's boast, as usual, good design, and feature an interesting array of entertainment-oriented components explicitly. There are two versions of the Vaio L, the first is the Sony Vaio L 21M1 or VPCL21M1E / B, equipped with Intel Core i5 and somewhat lower performance.

The second, which is what we have ever tried is the Sony Vaio L 21S1 or VPCL21S1E / B. Whatever the version, the new Vaio L incorporates an LED display with 24 inches diagonal and 1920 x 1080 resolution in 16:9. The screen is a display VAIO Plus technology identical to that of home multimedia notebooks.

Buzz: Google will be audited every two years on the protection of privacy

Google and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the regulator responsible for consumer protection, reached an amicable agreement as part of the investigation into the launch of Buzz. In February 2010, Google launched this new social network, built largely on its mail service Gmail. But very quickly, many users complained about the lack of control they had over their personal information in Buzz.

Vimeo debuts on iPhone

Early reviews on the Apple App Store are a mixture of criticism and praise, it is worth, but have been slow to take the plunge. Since the birth of the iPhone on your home screen is an icon like an old television. It is the gateway to YouTube. Now you can download the classic "V" from the corner of his long creative competitor, Vimeo, apparently another site to upload videos if it were not been able to become the hotspot for up short, experiments the latest in animation.

Digital Music: Sony Amazon threat of lawsuits

The day after the launch of its Cloud Drive, a system that allows users to store music online and listen anywhere, Amazon has incurred the wrath of the record label Sony. "We hope they will get a release agreement, but we examine all possible legal remedies," said a spokesman for Sony. With its music service, Amazon has overtaken other Web giants like Apple and Google, which plans to offer similar services.

Crysis 2: The DirectX 11 patch is disproved

In recent months there has been much talk of the game Crysis and especially spoke about the unpleasant news that Crytek would also exit the PC version without support for DirectX 11, news that has enraged fans of the series and especially those who play on PC . As we wrote in a previous news "A patch for the DirecX 11 on Crysis 2?", Rumors circulated on the net talking about a possible patch abbilitato that would support the new libraries, but Crytek by a moderator of the forum

AMD Catalyst Catalyst 11.3 and 11.4 Early Preview

AMD has released new Catalyst 3.11 WHQL drivers that are compatible with video cards from the Radeon HD 2000 onwards, this version implements the default enabling of runtime AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing (APP) OpenCL, which would enable applications properly written exploit the GPU to relieve CPU usage.

In addition to these drivers, AMD has also released the Catalyst 4.11 version Preview Early anticipating the features that will be implemented in the final version of Catalyst 4.11 drivers out for the end of next month. Here are the release notes for Catalyst 11.4: And here are the release notes for Catalyst 11.3: New Features: Seamless support GPU Compute Resolved Issues for the Windows 7 Operating SystemThis section Known Provides information on resolved issues in this release of the AMD Catalyst 3.11 software suite for Windows 7.

MySpace, a former star of the Web, in decline

Less than 10 million unique visitors a month according to figures from the firm Comscore, diving audience of MySpace (News Corporation) was breathtaking in February, from 73 to 63 million visitors. For two years, the site, bought $ 580 million in 2005 by Rupert Murdoch, has seen its audience and revenues crumble.

In February 2010, it recorded 95 million unique visitors, and has lost a third of his hearing in one year. The decline is also sensitive to the other sinews of war, social networking sites that is advertising. Several large advertisers surveyed by the Wall Street Journal explains no longer want to invest in major advertising campaigns on the site, largely because of uncertainty over its future.

Intel Atom Z670, Oak Trail thinking of tablets and smartphones

This week was important for Intel: firstly presented the new generation of SSD, and on the other side and know the Intel Atom Oak Trail, which have been officially presented with a new model: the Atom Z670. Z6XX Intel Atom is the Intel processor family designed to tablets and advanced smartphones, ie it is the direct competitor to ARM, NVidia Tegra and with Apple A4, A5 and company.

For now it is one the only model available, but hopefully in the future or get more. Intel Atom Z6XX falls within the new architecture Oak Trail, and his name was developing Lincroft. All models will follow a process of manufacturing at 45 nanometers and may use the typical features of a mobile, such as cameras, flash drives, telephone connections (GPRS/3G, nothing is known about 4G), WiFi, GPS and optional WiMAX .

Microsoft Windows starts sending 8 to manufacturers, "MetroUI based alternative interface?

Multitude of specialized forums are reporting that Windows products Windows 8 is coming to manufacturers to begin to test it on their computers. The name that is being distributed is "Windows Server vNext 8 and Pre-Release Program." Microsoft partners like HP and Dell are having access to it through Connect, the external system testing of the company's Redmond, obviously need an invitation code for download.

Wanted drummer, on Twitter

It was September 20, 1976 when Larry Mullen Junior put an ad on the bulletin board at her school in Dublin in search of musicians to form a group. They said three boys, was born shortly after the world's most famous band, U2. Look, forget moments like these. And forget even the smoky basement of London where the Sex Pistols were going to try.

The music changes to her face and its market. It is now clear, there is no music without internet and without social networks. Bitter resignation or new, unique way to stay alive? Twitterband is just one example of ongoing change. The band was formed by bringing together a group of strangers who have played and recorded their first song without ever meeting.

Amazon to Launch "the tablet that everyone expects of him?

E-books, video on demand content, music player in the cloud and even her own store for Android applications. There is much to sharpen the mental instrument to realize that Amazon plans to launch a tablet with which to start on the market. The store has been so far the clearest signal. Yesterday, the incessant rumor operated by the registration of a number of domains among which one: ScratchPad.

Google Maps in the sights of Beijing

A year after a major conflict between Beijing and Google is the tool for mapping the search engine, Google Maps, which could be outlawed in China. Since May, services like Google Maps or Google Street View are subject to government authorization to operate in China, but Google, which has until March 31 to file a license application, has not yet done so, reports the Chinese press.

According to the official Xinhua agency, which does not specifically name Google mapping services online since 2008 have committed more than 1,000 violations of the law, including the release of confidential information and errors in the Boundary the country. Errors that were not always to the disadvantage of the People's Republic of China last year, the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh, claimed by Beijing, had seen all place names in Mandarin move suddenly.

The Lack D continues in the hands of new standard M-3DI

When it seemed that the marks relating to the three dimensions pulled all the rope in the same direction and helped the consumer, the game is over. Panasonic and Xpand have chosen new playmates and go to another park, so far removed from him that seemed likely to use all the friends gathered in the CEA group to entertain consumers in three dimensions.

M-3DI is a new standard that led the Japanese and the company Xpand, and supported by companies such as ViewSonic, Epson Funai or have announced that start in the world of 3D systems assets for the purpose of TVs, projectors, 3D computer equipment and any compatible ... with which they pose clear.

The music seeks its place in the tablets

Internet, videos and magazines have adapted quickly in the tablets. In this new digital home device that is not your site is the music. It is true that it seems difficult to give an importance beyond can listen to while using the tablet but the record companies do not give up (would be foolish to do so given the success they have applications in the tablets) and are already testing ways to give more value to launch of a disk to also want to have in, say, an iPad.

Nintendo Wii euphoria over a 3D

June will be a big month for Nintendo, and the renovation of its home console is on the roadmap speculation. If you thought the 3D world have opened their three-dimensional DS soon jump into the room, next to the TV, you were wrong. At the moment, and against what they think other manufacturers, Reggie Fils-Aime, head honcho of Nintendo's American division, said they still do not think a 3D desktop console.

Special gadgets and energy: How to save electricity in your computer

Formerly it was said that the computer just consuming electricity. Lie. Assuming that an oven has an output of around 3,000 watts, a powerful computer can easily reach 300 watts, approximately one-tenth. Is it too little? Note that usually turn the oven on time, but many computers are the clock running.

If you're wondering what to do to spend less energy on your computer then you're in luck: Here's the most important aspects to achieve and get to reduce your energy bill. If you also do special event to our other energy saving then you are guaranteed success. In computers traditionally used power (W, W) and not kWh (kilowatt hour) as the unit of measurement of what you might spend a computer.

Nokia E6-00, Touch Type with Symbian and ^ 3 in detail

We have been following in his sporadic appearances on network terminal is the first Nokia with Symbian OS ^ 3 in having dual control system and data input, which the Finns called Touch & Type. I think the images make clear what are the characteristics that make the Nokia E6-00, the QWERTY keyboard below the screen, BlackBerry-style indoors or Finnish, some E-series terminals The novelty is that the screen is touch, do not yet know when is resistive or capacitive, or the same size (between 2.5 and 2.8 inches), but its resolution: 640 x 480 pixels (VGA), a detail that it seems strange since it is much higher than the Nokia phones have much larger screens.

Firefox 4 comes to mobile

The program of the fox, which is actually a red panda, released Version 4 for Apple computers, Windows and Linux just a week ago. Since then it has surpassed 42 million downloads. Now launches mobile phone version, currently only for Android and Maemo operating system version of Nokia's most advanced.

For computers appeared in over 40 languages. In the mobile content with 10. In both cases, the Mozilla Foundation's program is free. Although the show's creators wanted to offer a version for iPhone and iPad has not been possible. "I think Apple is because they consider us competitive in this area, why not allow us to upload to the app store," laments Pascal Chevrel, head of the browser in Europe.