Thursday, June 9, 2011

Two new HTC smartphones

Between tablets and some gadgets crazy ideas were missed during the last Computex 2011, this is the case of new smartphones that HTC intends to launch later this year. The famous technology manufacturer has announced that two mobiles in its range of smartphones are under development, it is the new HTC HTC Eternity and Omega.

Although not yet released much information as we know some of their characteristics. Starting with the importance, as we have confirmed that both models are equipped with a powerful dual-core processor at 1.5 GHz, it appears that these processors will be the next standard in the high range.

Sony DSLR A35

Sony has not made these days a new camera belonging to a new range Alfa A semi-professional camera, this is the new Sony DSLR A35 arriving to replace the A33 and certainly intends to stay. The new Alpha DSLR A35 is a camera of 16.2 megapixel photos and has a digital display for ease of making them, like the previous model.

The interesting thing about this new model goes through the video, the new camera captures video at full resolution (16.2 MP) to 5.5 fps or 8.4-megapixel to 7 fps. The only bad thing about this camera is its high cost, no doubt frustrated the hopes of many, we get the new Sony Alpha DSLR A35 for $ 599 or $ 699 with 18-55mm lens.

Hacker Attack: affected hundreds of thousands of Citigroup customers of data leakage

According to Citi affects about one percent of the bank card customers in the U.S. that are now being informed of the incident. Other information, such as the security code or expiration date of the cards were not broken, therefore. With a heightened security system, such data leaks are prevented in the future, said Citi.

Whether there had been suspicious account activity, the bank would not immediately confirm the newspaper aloud. The Journal also reported on customers who have complained that they had their cards at the weekend in vain want to use. Citi said to want to inform all affected customers. For the first time, according to newspaper had to give a bank data theft on a large scale.

Google releases Chrome 12

Google has released the new version of its Chrome browser coming to Release 12 for Windows, Linux and Mac This new version brings with it many new features, but fixes some vulnerabilities that plagued the previous version. As we mentioned in a previous news now "Safe Browsing" was also activated to monitor the download, so that threats from unsafe files are blocked before reaching the user's PC.

Copyright: attention fragile!

Special Envoy to Brussels - platinum white hair, coat of many colors, Javed Akhtar (seven generations of poets and musicians behind him) came to Mumbai to trace its fight against the film industry Bollywood musical in which he is one of the most famous songwriters. In the big glass cube of the Square, the Palace of Brussels conference, he thanked Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees founding member for his intervention with the Indian government to be recognized that the rights of songwriters in the former British colony .

Nintendo action collapses the Tokyo Stock Exchange

The action of the video game giant Nintendo, collapsed at the Tokyo Stock Exchange since the introduction of its new home console, Wii U. The title of Nintendo's tomb, Thursday, June 9, its lowest closing level in over five years. It was worth only 16,160 yen (138 euro) at the end of the session, after dropping 10% in two days.

It was not listed as low in close since January 2006. Investors are very skeptical about the success of the future group home console, Wii U, presented Tuesday at the E3 video game show in Los Angeles. They believe that this new machine will be hard to offset falling revenues suffered in recent years by Nintendo, whose products competed hard.

Nokia director of technology at the outset

The director of the technology department of world number one mobile phone, the Nokia of Finland, is about to start, amid disagreements over the group's strategy, according to the Finnish daily Helsingin Sanomat on Thursday. "Two independent sources estimate that Mr. Green will miss the remainder of the year and he should not resume his duties within Nokia," said the newspaper.

Nokia has confirmed that Richard Green had taken a leave for personal reasons and declined to disclose the date of his return and give further details. A spokesman said Henry Tirri, head of Nokia Research Center, has been acting as chief technology officer. According to sources in the Helsingin Sanomat, Mr.

"When the law gets caught on the Web"

The controversy has developed on false premises. But it has one merit: that of allowing a debate. What are the facts? Seized by a television channel, the High Council of Audiovisual (CSA) said that to refer viewers to a social network named a form of surreptitious advertising. His analysis was imposed by a 1992 decree regulating advertising on television.

If the CSA had taken a contrary position, any other social network had obtained the conviction by the State Council. This is indisputable. Many people of good faith have been misled by hasty assertions of some who had not bothered to read what the CSA had written, or by some other ironic about in search of sarcasm.

"Kill me hired" Hadopi made his promotion on TV

The website indicates Numerama this Thursday to have obtained copies of three commercials to be broadcast from June 13 on television. This communication campaign with 3 million points to a message - "Creating tomorrow today defends" - which punctuates each of the three spots.

Social dinner with strangers, the guests will choose the network

The technology menu is a mix of Facebook, LinkedIn, MeetUp and Groupon. That's true, however, can vary between a sushi, a chicken curry, un'impepata of mussels or a double-decker hamburger. Everything starts from the net and then left, to the point that one of the few rules of the game is "off the smartphone, logout all." This is how the 'social dining', lunches or dinners organized at the computer with the aim of expanding their social networks.

Pirates have had access to data bank Citigroup

Citigroup reported, Thursday, June 9, a computer attack against its networks, allowing hackers to access data on hundreds of thousands of cardholders. "We contact customers whose information has been affected. Citi has implemented improved procedures to prevent such events from happening again," said the email spokesman Sean Kevelighan.

According to Citigroup, access to such data for about 1% of its clients, 200 000 people. The Financial Times wrote that the attack was discovered in May during a routine monitoring networks. The hackers had access to customer names, account numbers and contacts, including e-mail, said the bank.