Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pirates have had access to data bank Citigroup

Citigroup reported, Thursday, June 9, a computer attack against its networks, allowing hackers to access data on hundreds of thousands of cardholders. "We contact customers whose information has been affected. Citi has implemented improved procedures to prevent such events from happening again," said the email spokesman Sean Kevelighan.

According to Citigroup, access to such data for about 1% of its clients, 200 000 people. The Financial Times wrote that the attack was discovered in May during a routine monitoring networks. The hackers had access to customer names, account numbers and contacts, including e-mail, said the bank.

NO DETAILS ON THE PROCEDURE Other information, such as dates of birth, Social Security numbers and expiration dates and PINs of bank cards have not been compromised, however, assured Citigroup. "For security reasons, we do not give other details," says the bank, which says not to know how hackers broke into the databases.

Several major companies have recently had to acknowledge flaws in their security. This is particularly the case of Japanese electronics giant Sony, whose PlayStation Network online service has been disabled in mid-April. At the end of May, the defense group Lockheed Martin also announced that it had been a "significant" attacks against its computer system.

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