Thursday, June 9, 2011

Google releases Chrome 12

Google has released the new version of its Chrome browser coming to Release 12 for Windows, Linux and Mac This new version brings with it many new features, but fixes some vulnerabilities that plagued the previous version. As we mentioned in a previous news now "Safe Browsing" was also activated to monitor the download, so that threats from unsafe files are blocked before reaching the user's PC.

The other new inquiries concerning the abandonment of Google Gears plug-in that allowed the use of web-app in a more integrated with the operating system, even offline, deleting the cookies stored by Flash has been improved acceleration CSS 3D hardware, to speed up the rendering of content and video, which you can check through a test page, you can launch the web-app directly from the address bar, now the page for the synchronization settings is separated, c 'is a better support for screen reader technology (screen reader) and for Mac users and a new notice when you close the application with the keyboard shortcut Command-Q.

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