Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Panasonic Toughbook range is renewed

Panasonic has announced late on a number of new additions to its Toughbook range of business notebooks, the significant new passes for the new laptop family, the Toughbook CF-53. As usual, the Toughbook CF-53 is aimed at users who must use their laptop to work in hostile environments such as open space, factories or other industrial sites in danger.

For this, the new Toughbook CF-53 meets military-grade U.S. Army MIL-STD withstand drops of up to 76 inches high by coated components and its magnesium case. Besides its antireflective screen is to be used outdoors with sunlight without any problems. It also has very good technology, the new CF-53 is powered by an Intel Core i5-2520M vPro chipset features the new Intel Q67 Express, USB 3.0 and 14-inch screen.

Microsoft is done with Skype

What a few days ago it was a rumor has become a reality, Microsoft has done with Skype. According to the official press release of Redmond have paid a total of 8,500 million dollars for the company and VoIP calls as the company has big plans for this application. Skype is one of the largest providers of Internet phone calls via VoIP technology the world has in its accounts with millions of users worldwide to compete with major programs like Google Talk VoIP, Fring or Facetime.

Asus Eee PC 1015PX is already on sale in North America

Asus has officially launched for sale the new Eee PC netbook in the United States at a price of laughter, the new Asus Eee PC 1015PX is available in the Americas a little over $ 300. The device has excellent technology, especially if we take into account its low cost. The new Eee PC 1015PX is powered by an Intel Atom N570 dual core with a frequency of 1.66 GHz and features a 10.1-inch screen with 1024 x 600.

Google launches online music service

The U.S. internet group Google has launched Tuesday, May 10, a service offering music online, available initially only on invitation and who can "download a music collection to listen everywhere." Called simply "Music", the system works like Amazon's Cloud Drive, which launched in late March a service for storing video and music online that allows users to create online collections of music or videos, which it can access from any computer, telephone or multimedia shelf.

Frederic Mitterrand: "Hadopi was a challenge, it became a tangible reality"

He came "that support" and "specify how Hadopi is an essential element": after a visit to the Paris headquarters of the High Authority for the dissemination of works and the protection of rights on the Internet (Hadopi), the Minister of culture, Frederic Mitterrand, held to dispel any ambiguity about the future of Internet Piracy.

In late April, Nicolas Sarkozy had indeed recognized "errors" in the act and was willing to consider a "Hadopi 3" to make adjustments, especially if the "digital actors" put in place a system to "reward precisely "the creators. These statements, made in conjunction with the establishment of the National Council of Digital, had raised questions about the future of the High Authority.

Google launches its "Music" and the movie comes on Android

SAN FRANCISCO - At the end came. After countless rumors, delays, speculation, assumptions, Google has its "Music Service". But that's not what you expected, and perhaps even what he had in mind the Mountain View giant: the decisions of the recording industry or what's left of it in this sense, have been decisive.

But music is not the only front on which Big G moves: there is also a cinema, with the new opportunities for rental on Android, and ecosystem expansion continues in this platform with 400 thousand activations of new devices every day , a leader in the smartphone market. According to market analysis, this year the "store" applications for the robot green Google may exceed the number of titles to Apple.

MySMS, application to save messages

The craze for instant messaging on mobile phones has resulted in wide dissemination of WhatsApp, an application that uses the data connection to send mobile messages to advanced. They are not SMS but what they seem. MySMS works very much like this only makes the dispatch compatible smartphones, they have to have the application installed, or traditional SMS.

Both the Android version of iPhone is free. The difference is the price of SMS. The user can choose to send them through the phone operator that has contracted or a fee of 8 cents per message. The bonds are purchased through PayPal or by credit card and keep the fare to anywhere in the world.

Driver Catalyst 5.11 released!

AMD has released well before the new Catalyst driver arrived at version 11.5, but this time bring with them new wheels especially with regard to performance. It was also released a hotfix 11.5a to better support the game Brink. The release of this new version is dictated by the resolution of a few bugs that plagued the Catalyst 4.11 with some games, and various improvements to the function HydraGrid HydraVision in charge of managing multiple screens mode Eyefinity.

YouTube Movies: 2 € a film!

YouTube Movies is a service that allows the viewing of streaming video offered by YouTube that due to the philosophy adopted by the network that for some years now belongs to Google, we can not make movies for free has opted to offer a very low price. YouTube Movies these days has been renewed, adding to the catalog as well Inception 3000 film, The King's speech and many other new releases.

Imminent launch of Google Music

Tomorrow may be the day that Google launched its music store service. The company will step in imitation of what was done by Amazon and under the same formula. That is, offer subscribers the possibility of it to store your music on their servers and hear from various devices. Google Music has not yet reached agreements with all major record companies to trade their work digitally and therefore poses this kind of service that does not mean that the company offers its own copies of songs.

Document - The second barometer Hadopi

Brussels approves the fourth mobile phone license

The European Commission approved on Tuesday, the award in France for a fourth mobile license broadband (3G) for Internet access provider Free [whose founder Xavier Niel is a shareholder group's Tech Buzz News ], rejecting complaints from competitors who accused him of having received illegal state aid.

"The Commission dismissed the complaints of three mobile telephone operators currently active on the French market," she said in a statement. "The process of awarding in 2009 of a fourth 3G mobile license in France did not involve state aid under EU rules," said the Commission, as guardian of competition in Europe .

The blitz against bin Laden in a video game

The war on terrorism is playing at home. Jihad is carried out by Al Qaeda and other groups on the Internet, as well as a strictly operational, and the group became a network that uses plenty of the Net and after the killing of Osama bin Laden is the risk that fragmentation of decision-making produces a multiplication of the attacks with the help of the Internet, so why not prepare for and understand a bit 'more with interactive video games? It's just been released "Osama 2011", the episode 107esimo Kuma War II, a video game on the blitz that led to the killing of bin Laden that is played as a team to prove his fighting skills on real events, in an environment that faithfully reproduces the situation and the means.

Microsoft close the purchase of Skype by $ 8.5 billion Deal

Microsoft is close to buying the online telephone service Skype calls for $ 8.5 billion. I refer to sources close to the operation. With this figure the Redmond company would smooth the 686 million dollars in debt of the telephone group, which closed last fiscal year with a net loss of $ 7 million, despite the 860 million turnover.

The difficulties in generating cash were among the reasons that led Yahoo to give up the stock market. The capitalization of the company after the placement had been estimated at one billion dollars, a figure significantly lower than that put into the pot from the U.S. software maker. Skype was founded in 2003 and was bought by eBay two years later.

Google and Microsoft burns Fb $ 8 billion for Skype

Microsoft is close to the purchase of the online phone service Skype. It 'as reported by the Wall Street Journal citing people familiar with both companies, according to which the announcement of the transaction, the largest in the history of Redmond, it may arrive earlier. To get your hands on Skype, Microsoft would pay about $ 8 billion, plus another 500 million to assume the debts of the company.

Microsoft is poised to buy Skype

The computer giant Microsoft is close to a deal to buy the leading Internet telephony Skype for more than 7 billion dollars (4.9 billion euros), said Monday the Wall Street Journal on its website . The agreement could be announced as early as Tuesday, according to sources familiar with the matter cited by the daily écononomique.

Negotiations were continuing Monday night, and an agreement was still likely to fall into the water, the sources warned. SOLD BY EBAY IN 2009 If the amount of over $ 7 billion were true, it would be one of the largest acquisitions in the history of Microsoft, explained the Wall Street Journal.

So the thieves sell the privacy of our secrets

OUR digital life is in danger. And for sale. I have said and written many, we were forewarned tens if not hundreds of times: our data, those that rely on online services, of whatever kind, are not safe. And there are those who are interested to get their hands on to sell to the highest bidder. This was amply demonstrated in the case of the Playstation Network.

What happened? On April 20 Sony has suddenly "turned off" its network, that connects tens of millions of users fifty-seven countries around the world to our servers to play online, watch movies, listen to music, downloading entertainment and information. He did it because he has discovered an intrusion on the server in a data center in San Diego, California.

Icera is nVidia

In another important strategic step chipmaker, nVidia processors and microcontrollers has officially announced through its Twitter account has taken the manufacturer Icera. For those who do not know this is a company dedicated to the design and manufacture of 3G devices, especially modems. The news has reignited the rumor suggests that nVidia plans to manufacture their own gadget in "some sort of" near future.

Successfully attacked a channel which coordinates Anonymous activities

Surprise. The group Anonymous, who has starred in some of the denial of service attacks more striking in recent months, a victim of a pirate of its own community. Suspicions fall on an IRC channel operator in which supporters of the group coordinate their actions. Attacked servers and IP addresses posted hundreds of Internet surfers connected to it.

In a statement, members of Anonymous grouped into AnonOps have indicated that this channel has been assaulted and their data compromised. It seems that this is a civil war within the community. The author would be sympathetic to the group and former operator of the channel that launched the attack by the botnet and starring Anything above what the group considers a "coup d'etat organized."

iPad 2 swept Asia

Apple's success is already a well-worn theme, everyone wants their "iSomething" and no doubt is the maker of fashion. Yet what happened in China has surprised the whole tech community. At the official launch of the tablet in that country iPad 2 stock sold out in just four hours of sale, without a doubt a record.

It is a pity no specific numbers are available in sales as Apple still has not disclosed so far, something that undoubtedly will in turn, sell the stock for release in four hours is something that no doubt Steve Jobs and his family must be proud. Despite the lack of data no doubt that the achievement is remarkable, thousands of people in the Apple Store clusters in various cities of China like Shanghai, Sanlitun Xidan Joy or to purchase your iPad 2.