Monday, March 7, 2011

Geminid-DK, you have not seen a more realistic robot

The other day we were surprised, while appearing a bit of grime, with the Elf P1, a robot-human-shaped phone. For this new robot, called Geminid-DK, managed-how could it be otherwise, in Japan, generating even more amazement. Especially for the greater realism achieved. This is the third version of android designed by Hiroshi Ishiguro, professor at Osaka University and seems set for a new science fiction movie.

5 The future of Apple iPhone could be very different: with aluminum case

The world of technology does not stop the rumor mill. With the newly introduced iPad 2 at full speed, increase the looks (divination) on how it could be the next version of Apple's iPhone. And is that as revealed in a Taiwanese website citing sources close, the iPhone 5 could present a very different aspect.

Although the main feature that has transpired is that aluminum would have carcarsa. We all remember the section of the antenna when it left the current version of the popular Apple phone, or criticism to ease back and tarnish. It seems that from Cupertino are toiling in correcting this.

The Elysee and foreign affairs also affected by a computer intrusion

The Ministry of Economy and Finance was not the only target by hackers who managed to penetrate its computer system, according to Liberation, citing a source within the Ministry of Interior Affairs foreign, but also the Elysee have been victims of computer intrusions. Still according to Liberation, all jurisdictions relating to the preparation of the G8 and the G20, comprised 8 and 20 countries "industrialized", were targeted.

Telephony: a "social tariff mobile" to 10 euros by the return

The government signed Monday, March 7 with major telecom operators an agreement whereby they undertake to provide within six months a "social tariff mobile, accredited by the state, with 40 minutes of talk time and 40 SMS ten euros per month. Orange, SFR, Bouygues Telecom and Telecom operators virtual OMEA, Transatel, Coriolis Telecom, Auchan Telecom, NRJ Mobile, Call In Europe "have committed to propose in the next six months, a mobile offering that will be labeled by the government 'fare Social mobile ", said the ministry of industry.

Archos introduced its low-end tablets

True to its tradition of technology development company Archos introduced its new range of cheap tablet for the next ITA to be held in the city of Berlin. The company surprised us during the last CeBIT in where we know their Arnova 8, a humble 8-inch tablet with RK2818 Rockchip 1Ghz processor, the interesting thing is the price of 129 euros will be a truly economical offer.

On the other hand we also introduced the Archos 7ob an e-book reader 8-inch screen, word processor and 4 GB of storage with potential to increase with SD memory. As for this new tablet mysterious yet little is known, but speculation will feature the latest nVidia processors, the new Tegra 2, plus 3.0 HooneyComb integrate Android.

Hardkernel Odroid-A, the more powerful tablet Android Developer

A Korean company unknown to the public, Hardkernel, has partnered with Samsung to launch development teams based on the latest electronics giant. The first fruit of the relationship is a tablet dubbed Android Hardkernel's Odroid-A. The 10-inch tablet with a higher resolution than usual in cutting-edge models that have hit the market, talk of 1366 x 768 pixel resolution.

Xoom Motorola or Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, are in 1280 x 800 pixels. In the following video you can know better: The rear of the device is transparent, showing its powerful circuitry, comprising no less than twice the core of Samsung, the Exynos 4210. With ARM-based core Cortex-A9 and Mali GPU 400.

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Look at your screen to see what your future holds

Never short of striking device either by its design, usefulness or lack thereof, the new screen introduced in Japan is one of them. This is a display that dazzles us with its unique design, have you ever crossed your mind to have your own crystal ball? This is what gives us a group of Japanese scientists have developed a new Holoart Crystal Display, a new spherical screen like a crystal ball.

The new LED monitors Samsung 27-inch asymmetrical and are priceless

Many will remember the T27A950 T27A750 and two spectacular displays from Samsung we saw at CES 2011. The second called for specific attention for the very nice asymmetrical metal housing. Well, the Korean official has put a price on both models, at least in his country, which is where I first go on sale.

And we expected that, for performance, the new Samsung screens would not be cheap. The Samsung T27A950 (27-inch model) will cost 890,000 Koreans Wons (542 euros, if the change is made hair), while the T27A750, whose design is asymmetrical, will cost 840,000 Won (536 euros al cambio). Currently there are no price for its 23-inch versions or release date in Spain, but is expected to be imminent.

Its new range Lenovo X

The technology development company Lenovo has introduced its new X Series range of notebooks that we offer very good features with a compact design. The new Lenovo ThinkPad X220 is a notebook with a 12.5-inch display achieves a maximum resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. Among the different settings you can choose an Intel Core i7-2620M 2.7 GHz, one of the most interesting of Intel.

We can also configure up to 8 GB of DDR3 RAM and hard drives up to 160 GB SSD. Regardless of setting the new Lenovo ThinkPad X220 has a 9-cell battery that gives us substantial autonomy up to 15 hours of use, reaching 23 hours with optional extra battery. No doubt this new Lenovo X Series makes it an excellent choice for those seeking a good potential in a compact, yet still know the price that will hit the market in Spain.

Here are the items Freerumble social network just for audio

ROME - Born on the Internet one of the first social network just for audio files. Freerumble baptized. com, along the lines of YouTube's most popular, targeted at the movies, but allows you to load audio files through which to tell stories and exchange voice in personal or professional. "The advantage, compared to social networks for video is more discretion and privacy," says the founder of the site Sonia Topazio.

Computer intrusion: before Bercy, the Canadian Department of Treasury

The similarities are disturbing: by Bercy, the Canadian Department of Finance and the Treasury Board, the body responsible for the management services of the federal state, had admitted being victims of piracy scale, mid-February. Beyond the target, the modus operandi of the two operations is also similar: taking control of a workstation through a virus-like "Trojan horse" that reveals passwords in the mail from the computer and then connect to other positions or departments.

Hacking the PS3: Sony can get the IP addresses of Internet users

Sony will be able to recover the IP addresses of American Internet users had logged since January 2009 on the site Hortz George Hacker, aka GeoHot. The U.S. subsidiary of electronics giant was granted on 1 March by a federal judge in San Francisco many rights in the legal conflict between the hacker, who managed to find the key for rotating n ' any program on the PlayStation 3, including pirated video games, a scourge against which the console has so far been spared.

Samsung "reflect" on the price of a second tablet after the departure of the iPad 2

Galaxy Tab Tablet 10 "Samsung has not yet reached the market, but its price has fallen. The mobile division vice president of the company has ensured that the 10-inch tablet should be sold more expensive than the current model of seven, "but let's think about it."

In the presentation last week, Apple announced the new iPad tablet model will have the same price as the previous model. In fact, after making the announcement, began selling units iPad is still stored with the average rebate of one hundred euros, while supplies last. Customers who bought an original price iPad from February 16 will also receive compensation of one hundred euros.

France: Hackers attacked the Ministry of Finance

150 computers will have been affected: The French Ministry of Finance has become the target of a hacker attack. It appears that the attackers were interested in documents relating to the G20 talks. Paris - France's Budget Minister Francois Baroin confirmed the attacks on a French radio station. "The military now takes care of it," said Baroin on Monday.

There is already a track, but to confirm the present, however, "impossible '. The magazine Paris Match reported that more than 150 computers have been infected with spyware. The sniffer program had successfully tapped documents. have the first reports of hacker attacks on the Economy and Finance are announced in early January.

Google disables remote malicious applications on Android

The American group Google has announced Saturday, March 5, turning off several malicious applications that were on the Android Market. Internet users reported last week that programs available on the online store for mobile terminals to the mark contained a Trojan horse capable of obtaining the personal data of users.

In total, some fifty applications have been withdrawn, according to the press. According to Google, these malicious applications are affected phones featuring the Android version 2.2.1 or earlier. There would have been between "50 000 200 000 downloads", these applications in total, according to the website dedicated Android Police.

Mozilla has an App Store for all!

Mozilla has introduced the first version of an App Store, which will challenge and Aple to Google, but with the characteristic of being open and therefore the Web App that will contain will be installed by any browser or mobile device, in fact all Web App need to be developed using standard HTML 5, CSS, Javascript.

The work of Mizilla seems to have a solution for applications that usually only work on a browse or a mobile device accessible to others without having to renounce their favorite Web Application that does not even require the user to switch from one platform to ' other without losing something.

Lenovo ThinkPad X220: 12.5 inch IPS panel and Intel Core i7

Lenovo wants to put all the eggs in one basket with the renewal of their laptops in the series X, we speak specifically Lenovo ThinkPad X220 model, a device that gets in its small size the best technologies. In a curious 12.5 inches, also used in the Lenovo IdeaPad U260, have specifications that I'm sure many will appreciate, especially with the use of an IPS panel in a portable small size (optional) with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels .

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8-core Intel chips to fall, the hardware world has gone mad

Funny how in recent years is trying to find the parallelization, at least as far as hardware is concerned. The era of microprocessors mononucleosis and may be considered the past, and we have entered an era in which there seems no end. Models 2, 4 and 6 cores are already on the market, in some cases with hyperthreading.

And 8-core chips soon. As much as the face of the autumn months, ie from the end of September. Intel will launch for whom the platform Sandy Bridge EP (sometimes also called Sandy Bridge E) high performance, which shall be one step above the current Sandy Bridge. We have already discussed some of the EP and future Intel Z68, which will use the new platform.

Fourth day off of the Internet in Libya

Access zero or near zero: since Friday morning, internet access in Libya, as well as access to sites hosted in the country is cut, show measurements of Google and specialized companies. Since the beginning of the political crisis, the Libyan authorities had seemed hesitant about the procedure for access to the network, imposing intermittent power outages and limited in time.

The tactic has changed since Thursday night: the cut is now generally and without interruption for four days. General but not complete: as noted by the specialist company Renesys, the cut is not complete: "The Libyan Internet is still active, although the bulk of traffic is blocked. [...] We have identify a handful of IP (Internet Protocol) which still inside the country.

Samsung Galaxy Pro, the QWERTY keyboard Android terminal missing

We knew of its development since June of last year, Samsung would have on the market an Android handset with QWERTY keyboard, just the layout you have the BlackBerry, and some of its models in the range Windows Mobile. Today we woke up to the first pictures of it, and its final name: Samsung Galaxy Pro, we had previously known under the name Samsung Galaxy Q.

We'll know in a video: The terminal is being presented at an event in Singapore called Samsung Sea Forum, and for now is all we can say about it. Specs as they arrive we will be updating the news. For now we see a physical keyboard with four rows, with no flash camera, touch screen, and the accompanying TouchWiz interface back to the Google operating system.

GeeksPhone Zero, the Spanish commitment to terminal Gingerbread

Geeksphone returns to the scene, the developer of the first Android handset Spanish, shares with us the first specification and images of his second project, the GeeksPhone Zero. A terminal that is altogether more interesting and mature than it was the GeeksPhone One, I mean, their specifications are mid-range as discussed below, but has a number of highlights, starting with its price: It will not enter family fight Galaxy S or Desire, people bet GeeksPhone mid-range specifications in which at least have not forgotten to choose a capacitive screen, with 3.2 inch HVGA resolution (480 × 320 pixels).

Bercy victim of a vast computer piracy

It would be the largest virus attack ever waged against the French state. According to information released Monday, March 7 on the website of the magazine Paris-Match, and confirmed in the morning by Bercy, the Ministry of Economy and Finance has been the subject of an unprecedented piracy. According to a source familiar with the matter "quoted by the magazine, the Treasury would have been the main target of hackers between December and this weekend.