Monday, March 7, 2011

5 The future of Apple iPhone could be very different: with aluminum case

The world of technology does not stop the rumor mill. With the newly introduced iPad 2 at full speed, increase the looks (divination) on how it could be the next version of Apple's iPhone. And is that as revealed in a Taiwanese website citing sources close, the iPhone 5 could present a very different aspect.

Although the main feature that has transpired is that aluminum would have carcarsa. We all remember the section of the antenna when it left the current version of the popular Apple phone, or criticism to ease back and tarnish. It seems that from Cupertino are toiling in correcting this.

It is to be learned from the mistakes to remain a reference. Thus, the new iPhone 5 would be redesigned with a new aluminum case, the most curious, the Apple logo would house an antenna. Something that takes strength after meeting a few weeks ago the patent for it. This will get a phone lighter and more resistant, as well as solving the problem of coverage for the position of the antenna.

But like everything, is still part of the rumors. We'll see what is there in all this (is it vanish as the new small version?), But also discussed a possible 4-inch screen. Yes, it seems logical that the A5 will be the core chip that would house, as has just imposed the iPad 2. And as already proposed, the camera could be Sony.

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