Friday, July 1, 2011

Malware TDL4: criminals brushes army of zombie computers to

Trojan Downloader 3, TDL3 short, is one of the most notorious malware on the Web. The computer software attacks, bypass security barriers, removes competing malware and can be remotely controlled remotely via an encrypted commands. In this way can be called without the knowledge of computer owners construct botnets - armies of giant computers that will be used to send spam or for the infamous DDoS attacks on other servers.

New graphics for Gmail and Calendar

With the arrival of Google + (Plus), Google started to renew the graphics of its services, as you may have noticed the new theme has appeared in these dark days on the search engine, now taking shape ta for other services like Gmail and Calendar.

An Anonymous group creates its own 'wikileaks' to receive leaks

A group linked to Anonymous, Peoples Liberation Front, has launched two websites dedicated to collecting leaking of documents for publication. Modeled Wikileaks aims to localleaks information on the local and the collective hackerleaks hacker calls to provide information to the site the spoils of their raids.

According explain localleaks, the project began to take shape in January this year and talks between Peoples Liberation working together n the defense of Wikileaks. The site admits the direct inspiration of Wikileaks model and ensure that their priority is to collect sensitive information coming from local governments or officials themselves "safe and anonymous."

AMD Opteron Bulldozer, you can act on the TDP bios

AMD has revealed a new and important function called TDP Power Cap, which will be present on the Bulldozer CPU Opteron server, based on the architecture Valencia (8 cores) and Interlagos (16 cores), which will allow the bios to change the maximum TDP "thermal design power".

Apple, RIM and Microsoft seized patents by Nortel

Apple, Research in Motion (BlackBerry) and Microsoft are part of a consortium of six companies, with EMC Corp., Ericsson and Sony, which got their hands on the latest patents of the telecoms equipment maker Nortel. The acquisition represents $ 4.5 billion, after an auction that has ruled Google and Intel.

Telecommunications giant to the Internet bubble burst, Nortel filed for bankruptcy in January 2009 and has since liquidated most of its assets, raising about $ 3.2 billion. Nortel has just sold his latest portfolio of more than 6000 patents and patent applications related to Internet and wireless technologies, the most popular on the Internet technology mobile broadband which feature the latest models of smartphones 4G.

HP launches Tablet TouchPad with its own operating system

HP has launched its tablet U.S. equipped TouchPad WebO2 operating system, resulting from the purchase last year of Palm. An operating system that you plan to use in other devices manufacturer and license to third parties. In Spain "will come along this year," the company said. The tablet features multi-touch screen 9.7-inch capacitive keyboard.

Unlike the iPhone is compatible with Flash. For now, the app store offers about 300 degrees but can go to the applications for the mobile WebOS with a catalog of 7,000 titles. Equipped with a dual-core processor 1.2 GHz Qualcomm, weighs 726 grams, 20% more than the iPhone though its battery which provides longer life.

Microsoft releases the first service pack for Office 2010

After the launch of Office 360 Microsoft has released the first service pack for Office 2010, which goes to fix many bugs and adds something new especially in PowerPoint 2010, Outlook 2010 and OneNote 2010.