Friday, July 1, 2011

An Anonymous group creates its own 'wikileaks' to receive leaks

A group linked to Anonymous, Peoples Liberation Front, has launched two websites dedicated to collecting leaking of documents for publication. Modeled Wikileaks aims to localleaks information on the local and the collective hackerleaks hacker calls to provide information to the site the spoils of their raids.

According explain localleaks, the project began to take shape in January this year and talks between Peoples Liberation working together n the defense of Wikileaks. The site admits the direct inspiration of Wikileaks model and ensure that their priority is to collect sensitive information coming from local governments or officials themselves "safe and anonymous."
Upon receipt of the material will be analyzed first traces of the sender does not appear to ensure their anonymity and then will seek to give the information maximum exposure to achieve a profound political impact.

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